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PNY CS3040 M.2 NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB $300 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear / PC Case Gear eBay


good price for the pcie 4 5000 series.
dont know the quality of these but, will wait for the comments
ps5 compatible

also available on PCCG ebay store, if anyone has a gift card to redeem.

Capacity 2TB
Part Number M280CS3040-2TB-RB
Form Factor M.2
Interface PCIe Gen4 x4
Max Sequential Read Speed 5,600 MB/s
Max Sequential Write Speed 4,300 MB/s
NAND Components 3D Flash Memory

Update: expired on website. eBay link updated

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  • Bought one even I dont have a PS5 now, in hope to get one from the Ebgames Oct drop.

  • How do these compare to to others 2tb like Samsung 860 evo.
    Wanting to get a second drive for my legion

    • +3

      it's around 10 times faster than Samsung 860 evo, and much faster than Samsung 980.
      slower than Samsung 980 pro, but 2tb Samsung 980 pro is around $600

      • +2

        Yes but we are talking in seconds. So no one normal is going to even notice. Good if you are putting into ps5.

        • Yup 100%

  • would this suit my B350-F Gaming Motherboard as upgraded main drive?

    • +2

      It'd revert to gen3 speeds, but still fast and relatively good value. You could carry it forward for the next upgrade of your comp to gen4 and it'd just get faster.

  • Save 200 to upgrade PS5 storage. There is the compatible video above solve many guys concerns.
    Thanks OP!

  • I used the eBay plus sign-up off to get a 40 dollar voucher and activated the CommBank 20$ cashback for eBay plus. It kinda paid for the shipping…

    • +4

      Well done, you're a classic ozbargainer

  • Hopefully the Startrack driver doesn't give this away to randoms when delivering 😉

  • +3

    I appreciate your posts Sam, thanks for finding these deals for all of us here :)

  • wonder if it will effect a ryzen laptop with M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe slot in negative way or if it's even worth it

    • +1

      it's cheaper than gen3 and you can keep it when you do upgrade.
      So it depends on if you need a 2tb m2 SSD

  • +1

    Yeah, 2tb minimum these days for PC builds. Otherwise i just run out of space too quickly. good deal

    • +1

      Yeah warzone probably end up taking 1 TB. And the much anticipated battlefield should be around the same.

  • It is hard and dangerous to remove the heat sink on this one? My MOBO comes with a coverall armor, can't fit anything with heat sink

    • Doesn't come with a heat sink, you'll need to fit one yourself. (And ideally one that's designed for double-sided heat sinks.)

      • Oh, Okay. Does it really necessary to have a sink? considering metal armor on MOBO having half side covered

  • Thanks OP, grabbed two. One for my PC, and one for the PS5 from the last eb-games deal.

  • +2

    Got one, thanks. Really didn't need to spend more money this week as I just pre-ordered the Fold 3 but couldn't pass this one up. I would've liked a little more headroom in the read speeds from this drive for the PS5 but I figure if there are issues down the line with performance then I can always throw this into my PC which supports gen4 NVMe cards. The lengthy rated lifetime hours is what tipped me over as well. Does anyone have any recommended heatsinks? I was thinking of grabbing this double sided one from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/Fityle-Performance-Heatsink-Coolin.... It appears to fit within the PS5 heatsink size requirements (8mm above SSD)

    • That heat sink looks pretty good. I need one too for the ps5. Might grab one as well.

    • Good find on the heatsink. I just picked one up, can't really go wrong for 11 bucks.

      • Yeah I ordered one too. The only downside is that delivery isn't until 1st September. I guess by then, the PS5 firmware for expansion storage should be available to the public (I'm on the beta already with my US PSN account).

        • Here’s hoping it’s not far off! I was shopping my US account would get an invite, registered as soon as they opened, but sadly no luck so far.

    • +1

      Does one peel the stickers off the m2 stick before putting the heat sink on or doesn’t matter?

      • I also would love to know this, as it says warranty void if removed.

  • How would I check if my Ryzen 9 laptop is compatible with a dual sided SSD like this one?

  • +1

    If you think about it.. pny likely made 30,000$ sales tonight.

    • +1


      • Yea.

        • Should start charging 5% for these posts 🤣

  • The real question, does it come with a mounting screw?

    This ruins me every time.

    • +4

      nope.. because the screw is inside the PS5.

  • +1

    Check tbw warranty numbers, I've had their SD cards and were crap and failed pretty quick

  • Price gone back up to $499

    • Yea I changed the link to the eBay one

    • Ooh, glad I impulse bought.

      That's the PS5 set for this generation :P

  • Just added it to my cart on eBay for $300, price went up to $499 in my cart. :(

  • (profanity) me i just bought $300 worth of gift cards for ebay on shop back and i put the last code in and the price went up by $200 wtf do i do

    • Same.

      • +2

        tried to save $16 dollers and now i'm down 300…

        • +2

          Haha I'm sure many of us can relate to this all too well. This bargain lifestyle can be expensive sometimes.

          • +1

            @WhippnNae: I guess it was bound to happen at some point. in totally unrelated news would anyone like to buy 2x $100 ebay gift cards.

    • Balls. Just about to order too!

    • If it makes you feel any better, I too bought gift cards from ShopBack and after I placed the order, I realised eBay used the wrong address on my account. eBay's UI has no way of modifying the address after the sale and I spoke to an eBay staff member who said nothing can be done.

      • Maybe message seller directly.

        • Messaged them directly. Their solution was to cancel the order and leave me in the cold. No $300 SSD for me :(

  • Was just clicking check out and noticed it went from $300>$499 Damn, Luckily got one from PCCG earlier with some other stuff. My only question now is maybe this is a pricing error?

    • They said it was on sale

      • It was. Get the eBay one. Hurry before they increase it too

        • It's gone back up to $499.

          I knew getting 2 was a good idea, should have done a Broden and gotten 20 instead

  • It was specifically mentioned on pccg website that this SSD was on sale normally $499, anyone took screenshot of this sucker? Let's hope PCCG honours it but how's their track record in the past in similar situation?

    • I saw that as well

    • Yeah the site itself had it listed as a sale, had 'Normally $499' or something to that effect written in the description.

      Seems like a legit flash promo and not an error.

      Can actually still see that written on the ebay listing also (even though the price has been put back up)

    • Bought 1 last night and it's posted this morning.

  • Can anyone recommend a specific heatsink for this?

    • Havent tried on this exact ssd but the Archgon black m.2 2280 heatsink worked perfectly on my last ssd

  • Nnnooooo, just missed it by the looks of it :(

    • +3

      A good ozbargainer always check OB every 10 minutes. Especially on a weekend.

      • I literally always do, but decided to have a couple hours of no phone time and this is how fate rewards me for that.

        • We’ve all been there my friend. Coming to ozbargain and finding you’ve just missed a deal you would have jumped on is part of the pain of living the ozbargain life.

    • +6

      I know right? The audacity to sell a super fast, high capacity ssd for half the price that other sellers have it at.

      • Ending things early. They still have stock. They just noticed people were interested and decided to stop. That's a dick move.

        • They didn't have to do it at all?

        • The deal was active for about 3 hours. I am not sure how many PCCG sold through their Web site, but on feeBay, it was around 98?

          It's common for these SSD deals that some people miss out. Hopefully, better deals will come.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: The deal was active for well over 24 hours… Just wasn't posted on here when it went on sale

            • @Megahowler: Good point… first purchase on feeBay was: 14 Aug 2021 at 10:43:48. So indeed over 24 hours.

    • +1

      Are you serious bro?

  • Back to $499

  • Just a question should we need the heatsink if extend on the PS5?

    • +1

      Definitely. There are some heatsinks on Amazon and eBay.

    • +1

      Probably best you do. The high transfer speeds make it get really hot. The PS5 has room for a heatsink. If you don't include one, it may reach much slower speeds (they slow down if they get hot) and affect functionality of the PS5.

    • +2

      Yep definitely. Have a watch of this video and some of his others https://youtu.be/T7GjaMhQYio shows how much hotter it gets in his Ps5 without a heatsink and how much it affects read speeds. Also then risk shortening the ssd life and affecting the console itself with the extra heat.

      • +1

        Very interesting, thanks for sharing

  • any good deals on sata ssd 1 or 2tb which might be cheaper?

  • +1

    My order just got shipped.

  • Mine just shipped. Awesome service from PCCG. Now just need the ps5 update to be released for everyone.

  • +2

    Thanks, OP. Shipped!

    Next step, heat sink shopping and wait for the update for PS5!

  • +1

    Just got shipped, thanks OP. Also got the heatsink recommended by folks but that one is estimated to arrive in September, lol.

    • If you want to get heatsink earlier, then you need to pay more and get one from one of the other sellers. There are also cheaper ones from AliExpress, but they will take longer. Ordered a couple from AliExpress last week, haven't checked whether they have been sent out yet.

      It's not that the PS5 firmware is out of beta or most of us have loads of PS5 games. Also, with more PS5 first party games being delayed, there is really no need to rush.

      P.S. At the time of writing this message, it is not shipped yet. Only the label has been generated, It's possible pickup from StarTrack or Auspost has been arranged for later today (but even that is not certain at this stage).

  • +1

    Drive just arrived. Damn that was quick! Just need the heatsink to arrive from China now and the PS5 update to come out.

  • Damn no shipment confirmation for me just yet, you guys are lucky.

    • +1

      Mine arrived today also :O

      Wasn't expecting it that fast. Ordered from their ebay site if that makes any difference.

      Now just twiddling the thumbs waiting for the PS5 expansion update to go public

    • +1

      Mine arrived today… installed it in my PC, did a fresh Win 11 preview install.. everything working smooth. What a bargain for 2TB PCIE 4.0!!!!

  • Drive (And other upgrades) shipped looks like PCCG honored the price, Stoked.

    • They never intended to not honour it. They mentioned it is on sale and the original price is 499.

      • Just seemed like a large percentage off for a regular day.

        • +2

          Hence the craziness of the deal. They must have made a business of 40,000$ at least in a matter of hours.

          • +2

            @samsal46: Yup, good timing and opportunity to cash in on the PS5 expansion coming soon.

            I imagine some of us were going to wait for a faster R/W speed drive too, but the difference seems to be negligible after watching comparison videos and the price was too good to pass up.

            • +2

              @Stoibs: Yep I was literally about to order a WD SN850 1TB for my PS5 for $259 as it’s regarded as just about the best atm, then this popped up and did a quick double check that it was supported. Confirmed it was then it was a no brainer. For $40 more I got twice the storage and the read speeds so far from YouTube tests show very little difference. Maybe in future it will make slightly more difference but regardless we are above the min spec and now have a heap of storage. So at worst it might load the tiniest bit slower than other drives but not likely to be noticeable.

              • -2

                @dwhes: Nice mines arriving today also!

                How would I find out whether a heat sink is needed for a X570 motherboard?

                • @G Wok: Might want to check your motherboard. I have a Asus ROG Strix X570-E which has a fan/heat sink covering the m.2 slot.So no need i think.

                  • @bubber: Thanks - i've already got an M2 1TB in there, there's meant to be 2x M2 slots but just not sure how to go about fitting a double SSD in without an extra heat sink.

                    Last time I messed around with HD were mostly mechanical 3.5" ones. These M2/NMVE SSD's are quite new to and doesn't quite seem like a one size fits all.

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