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Cerberus for Android - FREE until Feb 29 - Recover Your Phone if It Is Lost or Stolen


This is well worth the normal price, but irresistible for free.

See it in action at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WkJ8j...

To quote from the post - "100,000 users, thank you all! Let's celebrate!"
Direct link to the promo entry - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFR4VHN...

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  • Cool nice post! This looks like a nice app…Signed up for the promo but got no confirmation? Must be a manual process of confirming entry to the promotion.

    • All licenses will be activated on March 1.

      It looks like they're just loading them onto a spreadsheet.

  • Nice find.

  • This app is awesome, bought it for $4 and still don't mind they are giving it away for free. :)

  • Nice, thanks OP!

  • App? where's the download link? Confused

  • so just had a play with it, seems theres quite a bit of lag between sending a command via browser to it actually happening. Am i doing something wrong?

    • That's what it shows on video - the guy seems flustered when flash on camera fails to activate for seconds.

    • +2 votes

      thanks for the negs guys, but I had milocker running which seemed to interfere with the locking command.

      pretty cool app, was surprised at the take photo command.

      • Don't know what was up with the negs - you had a problem, and now we know more because you found an issue with another app. Sounds helpful, so no reason to neg just because they had a different experience.

  • Is it true that a most of the functions and commands of this app won't be useful if wifi or 3g internet isn't connected. In the event your mobile gets lost or stolen it won't be able to locate it or send commands to it as your mobile most likely won't have a internet connection so most security apps are useless in my opinion.

    • Why wouldn't your phone have an internet connection if it's lost or stolen? My only concern is, will you be able to issue commands if the thief turns your phone off. I doubt it.

    • All Android (smart phone) requires an active internet connection. Take that away and it might as well be a $20 feature phone that only makes call. Who would want to steal that?

    • You can also send the commands via SMS

  • "Celebrate 100,000 Cerberus users!

    Enter your Cerberus username and email address to get a free license."

    I don't have a Cerberus username?

    • ignore this

      • No, its the registered username when you downloaded the app. If you put in a random user name, you will get nothing. Took me a while to figure it out.

        • Hey Bruce, you seem to know heaps about this stuff (Whirlpool). Have you figured out how to hook up multiple devices?

        • Give me time.

        • Don't you just download the app to each device, using the same user name & email. They will all then show up on the Cerberus Dashboard on your PC etc. You simply select the device to monitor. I am liking this a lot!

        • ^ This is correct.

    • install the trial app to create username

      • Thank you. So download the trial app from the market then go to this website and put in that username and email?

        What if I've already put the email in, I hope it doesn't reject it second time around :(

        • You really need more than 1 email address when on the net, so use another address to register. Then apply for the free licence again under that username & email. You can change the email after you receive the license (under account on the Dashboard).

  • Nice one…but if someone hack into this program, does it mean all your (criminal) detail are exposed?

  • +1 vote

    Many many thanks to the op. This one is friggin' awesome.


    Does the program run hidden with no application icon…

    Like when you first start cyanogenmod and google market is missing until you turn on wifi.

    Otherwise if they know it's installed. bleh, they can just uninstall it after they have put in a random sim card with data disabled.

    It will still be in the applications installed list, but a noob will miss this.

    It still looks good nevertheless. O_o.

  • +10 votes

    Android lost has had all these features since 1.5 years ago… Can be found here: http://www.androidlost.com/

    And it's completely FREE. And it's also controlled via Web browser (if it gets stolen), and you login via you Google Account.

    So if you have a Gmail account like me, then your set.

  • Oh btw, Let's celebrate 100,000 users?

    Android lost has had upto 500,000..

    100,000 - 500,000

  • i'm waiting for my android phone delivery next week…
    is there anyway to create an account without an android phone? LOL

    • maybe you can install the android SDK and run emulate android and run the market and download them app through android on your computer. It's a lot of work to safe 3 euros. But hey this is OzBargain. P.S. not sure if you can access android market via the SDK, but I thought you could.

    • You could get a (very) trusted friend to make the account for you, or borrow someones phone to install the app and create the account, then uninstall.

  • Really having fun with this. Will set off the alarm with message, which takes a photo, to fool friends. Thanks OP!!

  • Looks good! I'm curious as to why Cerbrus wanted root access just now though.. anyone else with a rooted phone have cerbrus request root access? It was after I set the settings for "SIM checker configuration".

    Anyone have any comment on Cerbrus in terms of battery usage? Because I was unsure about the root request from superuser, I granted it but did not keep "Remember" ticked. It seems to be asking for it quite regularly.. which makes me think it's constantly doing something in the background.

    • my phones not rooted and im using it atm

    • From Cerberus FAQ:

      Remote screenshot capture is a root-only feature.

      I noticed it requesting root for the SIM functions too. I'm not too worried.

  • +3 votes

    mass effect?

  • Registration done but how soon will we find out if we've been given the free license?

  • avast security also pretty good too, and it's free forever..dilemma..

  • Thanks a lot

  • For those who like quick links:

    Nice find! Thank you OP! Seems like a very full featured app. Much more then the likes of Lookout (my current security app). They've even created a flashable version into the ROM! You could have some real fun with a thief!

  • Is this meant to work on ASUS TF101 tablets or any others?

    It identifies one here as TF101, but some commands don't seem to work…
    I never get the location on the map (orig map image remains on-screen)

    It can take photos & eMail them, so something's working, but some commands need tablet to be rooted.

    • How to root a tablet? And are there risks to doing that?

    What's the Skypename of their Support by Skype? (Our Skype is working but no Cerberus chat or call is initiated when we ask for Supp via Skype… How's that supposed to work?

    PS Talk account's eMail address must match your Cerberus acc't eMail adr.

    • Most works on my Tablet, but it needs to be on WiFi or 3G. I could not get it to lock/unlock despite setting access to do that on the tablet. Won't screencapture unless rooted. But did take photos, clicking flash lights up screen so 'theif' can be seen at night, alarm sounds, message displays, video works, and tracks location. A lot of fun.

      • How to root a device (here, a tablet)?

        Are there any -risks- in doing that?


        • Rooting will void your warranty. It's different for every device, so just do a bit of a Google. I had my Wildfire S rooted in ~30 minutes a few weeks ago.

      • @brucefromaustralia: I couldn't get the lock to work either. Apparently you have to have a password set up first. For the Wifi + 3G issue, I also have 'PhoneLocator' installed, so I can just txt a code to my phone.

  • I cannot comment on Cerberus having never seen it.

    However I can recommend Prey Anti-Theft (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.prey) and Locate My Droid (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.locatemy).

    Both programs are free. Prey is also open source and can be used on your laptop too.

  • Got to love all the idiots putting their email address into the post …

  • Sigh. Wasn't paying attention and typed in my username, and then my password into the email address field. Then I facepalmed myself and did it properly.

    Thanks OP, this is great.

  • Will give it ago, thanks

  • +2 votes

    Call me paranoid, but you're allowing an unknown company to track your phone, remote your device, take photos of you & possibly wipe it?

    • Do we even know whether the google docs link has indeed been setup and is owned by Cerberus?

  • Great way for someone to collect everyones Cerberus account and password info, wipe their phone etc.

    EDIT: it's not collecting password so that's better.

    The promo link to a google docs form could be created by anyone. Appears legit if you follow from the Google+ page but just beware of social engineering aspects of this post.

  • I cant wait till somone steals my phone

  • Wow. The alarm is LOUD.

  • My phone runs Android 2.1

    So no cake for me :(

  • Awesome app, thanks heaps OP!

  • what happens if your trial period has expired.
    can you still get the promotion?

  • What happens if they simply turn your phone off. Am I screwed over? or does Cerberus still track it down? :)

  • What's the normal price?

    Also, does it require multiple licenses for multiple devices? Or one license can track multiple devices?

    • Answering my own questions: usually price is €2.99, one account can track up to 5 devices.

  • Wasnt going to get this but then watched the video and mindblown! Downloaded it and its great will tell everyone I know.