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Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming Pro GPU $1287 + $128.70 GST + ~$50 Customs Charges + Delivery (NZ) @ Mighty Ape


lowest ive seen in a while.
disclaimer: may not be MSRP so spare us that comment please. :)
Important: Orders for this product ship from our New Zealand warehouse and orders for Australia or other countries may be liable for additional taxes, customs fees and duties. These fees are not included in the advertised price and are estimated in the checkout. Customers purchasing within New Zealand are not affected.

This card is Hash Rate limited.

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  • +6

    compared to the 1399 3070 this is a killer deal!

    • +40

      but still, wait if you can.

      • I don't have any hope for these GPUs to reduce prices with this new crypto bloom. At least until or close to 40 series release.

        • The 3070 Ti cards are LHR though - I would expect demand to lessen a bit surely?

          • +3

            @drakarn_123: NBMiner app can get 70% of ETH hashpower back on LHR cards, so it will probably go up now for mining. Not to mention LHR does nothing for other coins miners mine, those profits still high & comparable to ETH mining. Face it, NVIDIA just pulled a stunt while they ship ETH mining cards out the backdoor and tell gamers how great they are for stopping mining…. OK..

          • @drakarn_123: It's okay, they have mostly cracked LHR now. You can achieve 68% of the performance at stable mining with it so it should hold its resale value. Hopefully they can improve this further.

            • @Agret: All this nbminer eth noise is really a non event. 3070ti with latest nbminer @ 69% settings - 50mhs, 172w, +1050mem eg not good for eth mining still. 6700 xt will get you 46-48mhs at significantly less power draw. 3070ti or any LHR cards with RVN/Autolykos is still the way to go

        • Crypto run will most likely extend another 6-12 months, although I don't think it will have as big as an impact on gpu's as it did previously. I'm happy with my 2070 super but now I need hdmi 2.1 for my displays…

    • +1

      Except its a Palit, and it's probably a grey import, and it's Mighty Ape (everything I've ordered from them they haven't actually had stock for).

  • +1

    Would there be 10% GST? Anyone ordered from mighty ape before for over 1000?

  • +41

    You have to add GST plus customs. Total about $185. So total cost would be around $1460. So yea, no deal

    • -6

      This is mightyape.com.au not .co.nz so it already has the GST & customs added. It's sent via AusPost.

      • +6

        Mate it literally says on the site in the description that if you are purchasing from Australia will be liable to additional taxes & custom fees which have not been included in the advertised price. Op has included this description in this post too.

        • +3

          My bad, I didn't scroll that far down the page. Yeah, not very good once you add that onto the price.

    • You can use this to calculate the total import duties + gst. GPUs are actually duty free but there may be other customs charges.

  • +7

    Bad news.. I heard they unlocked 70 % minning capabilities from these lhr models so might get hicked again?

    • +4

      Yup, another program has 75% unlocked and Bitcoin price has risen again. People will be holding until 2023 if they want below MSRP

      • +2

        Hahahaha, fxxk NVIDIA

      • People will be holding until 2023 if they want below MSRP

        at least.. I dont see the point in holding… get it while you can

        • The hint is in this very website's name…not many of us would consider paying scalper prices as a bargain. I refuse to buy a xx60 card for more than $500 so I will be waiting for a very long time and that's fine. There haven't been any good games in a long time anyway.

          • @FracturedArse: Theres people been waiting since last November… The PC will be obsolete by the time th cards drop like that. ;)

            • @pharkurnell: People could’ve purchased a 1080Ti, 2060, 2070, 2080, 5700XT, 2060S, 2070S, 2080S, 1660 Super/Ti for a bargain over all these years and still play modern titles on reasonable graphic settings with good performance. Assuming they’ve been on Ozbargain since 2017, how many gpu bargains have gone by? You’re basically telling an ozbargainer to buy high and sell low. Stop playing modern titles for a year and get a much better and cheaper pc in a years time.

              • @Yve: I must have missed where i said to sell. I'll have another look…
                Nope.. cant see it

                Not everyone buys cards to sell… infact I've never sold one, they are usually too old by the time I update.

    • the power consumption is still high tho

      • +4

        Yes but mining is very profitable at the moment to the point that it's a non issue for the time being.

        For instance it's still profitable, very profitable, to mine with RX470s.

      • +1

        You need to undervolt the card. You can run it stable for ETH mining when undervolting and overclocked at 68% of the full hashrate.

        • Yes but the argument is that you would be undervolting the card to that point anyway to get the full hashrate.

    • Wow that's interesting. Any idea how this works?

  • +17

    I wrote this in a a previous post for a card from Gorilla Gaming in NZ and I will repeat it here.

    Please stop posting deals for 1k+ cards from New Zealand. GST and customs taxes will always rule them out.

    • +1


    • But what if someone is desperate enough to consider it a deal?

    • -15

      just ignore these posts mate. someone may find it interesting,

      • +22

        The post I previously commented on was also deleted so it seems even the mods don't deem it a deal even for the desperate? Why wouldn't someone just one of the PNY cards from PLE for $1450? Genuinely curious if there is a reason why otherwise the pricing of this post is just misleading

        • -16

          lol. you dont give up do ya

          • +18

            @samsal46: He makes a good point, why would you import one for New Zealand when you get a local one for same price/cheaper?

        • I fired up my new PNY 3070ti from PLE last night and it's a beast! Solid 240 fps in BFV on ultra settings and 90 with ultra ray trace. Couldn't be happier

  • +6

    Wow this is not OZB worth…still bloody crazy prices

  • I wonder what is this custom charge???

    • +1

      You have to lodge an import declaration.

      Costs around $40 if you lodge it yourself.

      $80 or even higher if a customs broker handles it for you.

      • daylight robbery : )

  • +1

    I got this card earlier this year. No complaints.

  • +1

    Have the RTX 3070 Gamin Pro from PALIT and can confirm that it is excellent in terms of performance, cooling and noise. Definitely recommend the brand.

  • +1

    I remember when Palit was a budget brand.

    • Did that ever change? I'd never trust them, there's a reason they're always cheapest.

      • +3

        Palit with their subsidiaries probably sell the most graphics cards in the world. They have cheap models like any other brand, but all their higher end models are reviewed and seen as top tier. They just don't sell many cards in Oceania.

  • +5


  • +1

    Bout the same price but Aussie stock I believe


    Maybe not as good of quality?

  • +1

    The same people that salivate at shitting on Apple deals are the ones celebrating a reduction in price from 300% RRP to 295% RRP for GPU's. It's amazing watching this site flip flop, pure entertainment from my end.

      • +1

        I'm not a 'fan', just appreciate products from all providers. Have a gaming PC but MBP for work.

    • Most of the Apple deals are just posting the regular price on the education store though. It's cheaper than retail but you can just go on the education store yourself and shop around.

  • This one from NZ with GST keeps getting posted every few days.

  • Who provides warranty for this stuff?

    • You have to send it back to NZ get it repaired and then send it back to Auz

      • Wow, not worth the hassle IMO.

  • +4

    Remember the days when you could argue that building a PC was worth your money for gaming instead of buying a console?

    I miss those days.

      • +2

        Not everybody wants to mine. Some of us just want to play.

  • +4

    no deal when you can buy in Aus for $1379


    • Thermals aren't that great I heard

  • -1
    • -1

      No. $1328>$1287

  • If the vram was just a bit more sure, I wonder what price the quadro a6000 etc will be, it's under 799 USD, and has ECC but more modern features, clearly it's not for gaming but will surely be a deterant from miners and gamers given less demand.

  • +1

    Easy hold

  • +1

    Might grab a cheap 6600xt to get me through……..to 2027 when prices are RRP

    • i have bought two. but they are sellling out fast.

  • Until it’s below msrp - pass.

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