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Colorful iGame RTX 3070 Ti Advanced OC 8GB GPU $1379 + Delivery @ Evatech


Not sure how this compares to other brands but seem cheaper than the Palit RTX 3070 Ti

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    $44 delivery for Brisbane :(

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      That's unfortunate! Our shipping costs are set on a per post code basis. I just did a quick test with an inner city Brisbane post code and we have a $16 satchel shipping option.

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      Its hand delivered by angels.

  • Bruhh spend a bit more n get the Vulcan. U will thank me later….


    • As in the Vulcan's fans are way better/this one runs hot?

      • I would be surprised if this one ran hot, seeing as it takes up a FULL 3 SLOTS.

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          10% heatsink 90% shroud

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            @Doge420: 90% shroud is a brutal insult ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            Aka fiveskin

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            @Doge420: It's mostly (in our experience at least) not a deficiency with the cooling solution as much as it is how the boost clocks and fan speed curves are set 'out-of-the-box'.

            It's always a balance between thermals, noise and performance and on this particular model Colorful just chose a different weighting compared to some of the competition. There definitely isn't a deficiency in terms of the heatsink and fans on this card, the exact same cooling solution works wonders on the 3080 Advanced OC that gets great reviews. Colorful just optimized for aggressive clock speeds and quieter lower fan RPMs, resulting in hotter operating temperatures. If you prefer a different balance you can hop in to afterburner or your OC software of choice and tweak it to your needs.

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              @evatech: Vulcan has a nice screen. Agreed with evatech, absolutely nothing wrong with cooler on this. Fwiw i had a 3080 vulcan, hands down best packaging and most premium feeling card id ever used.. now using an evga 3070 ti which felt like a no frills card in comparison. But i like rgb :D

          • @Doge420: I have this model 3080 and it has very impressive thermals, so say what you like, but it's not 90% shroud.

            It's also 2.4 slots, and definitely not a full 3 slots.

            I highly recommend it despite the no-name brand, IF you can fit it in your case, it is ENORMOUS.

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              @Shwayne: Colorful might be considered a no-name brand in western markets, but it is not a no-name brand in eastern/chinese markets. that market size alone could be as much as a few western markets combined in size…

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                @Doomedgrind: I think in terms of raw units sold globally, Colorful is consistently 2nd or 3rd from the data we've seen, outselling MSI, Gigabyte & Asus.

                Number 1 & 2 are also conglomerates that own multiple brands like PC Partner Group (Zotac, Sapphire, Manli & Inno3D) or Palit that owns not only ships cards under the Palit brand name but also Gainward & Galax/KFA2. So in terms of a single brand Colorful might even be #1.

                It's true that the vast majority of that volume currently comes from non English speaking regions, mostly throughout Asia at the moment but there's a concerted effort to break out in to western markets underway we're happy to say we're doing our part for the AU market.

                More competition is ultimately a good thing for the consumer in the long run, even if you're a Asus / Giga or MSI loyalist, the mere presence of Colorful cards in the AU market at competitive prices will help keep the cards you ultimately purchase at more reasonable prices!

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                  @evatech: Well that explains the spelling mistake in the name.

      • It is a higher level model like tuf vs strix. Even has a lcd screen and better resale value.

        I mean if it was like way more exp i would just get the advance but its only $90 more..

        It was in stock this morning. gone now

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    Looks like there’s more and more LHR in stock now, means no one is buying at this price and miners don’t want them. That means the price should go down soon?

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        I posted this elsewhere but in short, even at 70%, 3070 ti for eth mining is still hot garbage and overall worse than a 6700xt. Like 50mhs at 170w. No good.
        This card is great for RVN/Autolykos etc however..

    • Well the 3070Ti is prettymuch the worst card of the 3xxx generation. The fact it works should get it sales though!

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        Had to google GAGF… that might be a tad more 'agro' than we are going for here.

        You have no idea how many phone calls we get on a daily basis asking about LHR and if X or Y model GPU is in stock. It's a full time job… even with that pretty clear messaging on our website.

  • Looking to pick up a 3070TI for a chugging 1070TI (1440P at high FPS) and this looks about my price point - are Colourful decent?

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      They're fine, Chinese company that isn't widely available but I've never heard anything particular bad about their cards

      https://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/colorful_igame_rtx_307... - found this review, temps and noise are inline with what should be expected so IMO looks a decent buy.

      • Cheers heaps for that, very helpful

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          Colorful are brilliant.. they are one of the biggest gfx card manufacturers around, just not so in Australia. The 3080 colorful i received was the most premium feeling card id ever had (product felt really solid, excellent packing, accessories etc)

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      Ive had both a 1080 and 1080ti colorful and they have been perfect.

      • I've also been using a Colorful iGame 1080 for 5 years now, fan has gone bad but lasted long. Only need 10$ to replace it.

  • Im waiting for a price around $1200.

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    3070ti at 3080 pricing, feels dirty. 3070ti is the worst card nvidia launched this generation - a lot and loud 3070 thats only got 8gb of ram.

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      Wow, where are the 3080s for $1400? I'll upgrade my 3070 at that price!

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          HODORing until 2026 for my next upgrade haha

          • @Fooah: Not sure why my original comment got downvoted?

            Maybe I need to be more literal. If 3080s are selling for $1400 I can sell my stock 3070 second hand and get a free upgrade….

        • 4XXX coming in 2022……

      • Plenty of them around last November. Just have to wait for the market to stabilise still, everything is currently way overpriced from the semiconductor shortage and the mining boom. Prices are slowly starting to come back down.

        • No, I get that. I've been watching prices since before 3xxx series cards. But if you want a card right now this deal is(was?) fine.

    • Yeah the 8gb of vram on what is really pushing to be a solid 4k gpu is a massive let down. I'm either going for an amd if prices drop enough, or waiting for the 40xx cards.

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    Good price, despite lots saying “hold” these aren’t going down in price until the 40xx series release

    Had the same comments on my post for a 3070TI and the prices haven’t gone down since then

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      I agree. This is probably among the first of reasonable prices in the times we're in. Had I not just bought a white 6700 XT for $1129, I'd have bought this. I'm happy to spend for the aesthetics though.

  • This isnt new. Didnt they had this price for a while?

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      Didnt they had this price for a while?

      No. It was $1,449 previously. Price dropped at some point in the past week I believe.

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        it was $1349 this morning, must have went up after some bulk buys from miners

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    Can't really expect to pay $1400 for and card that will have the same limited ram issues as my current rx 580. Why bother upgrading to a card with the same EOL date. Hopefully 4x series will have more ram without needing overpowered PSU.

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    This is a good price but it also makes me quite happy that I got my eVGA FTW3 model for $1399 from Budget PC when they were on special a couple of months ago. All the numpties saying "HOLD", can keep holding. The rest of us can just buy what's available and enjoy a great 1440p/4k gaming experience now.

    • ha - I remember I got ripped into on Ozbargain for suggesting something similar back in Nov last year.

      9 months later still happy with my purchase and if anything, could sell it for profit.

      edit: hey you commented on the same thread. Sweet sweet validation https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587425

      • Oh mate I ordered one of those and got super shitty at Scorptec for still not shipping it after a couple of weeks - if only I "HODL"ed back then!

      • Same here, I remember when the 3080 FTW3 was posted on launch night as a 'deal' for $1259 and was horrendously negged and was told to hold

        Jokes on them, had mine for almost a year now while the same people are still saying to hold

        • +1


        • You literally just got lucky. No one was to know it was going to double in price

          • @nnolan: Just had to keep your eye on Ethereum prices, everyone knew it would double when was rocketing around December

  • Do you guys offer any other shipping methods? Like australia post? I've just had far too many bad experience with these couriers.

  • Anyone think a higher percentage of the aftermarket gpu designs this season look reaaaally ugly 👀 just me? smth smth quality went down cause of the rush to get them out

    • How many minutes per day do people sit and look at video cards?

    • I guess aesthetics should be the last thing to consider when buying a graphics card.

  • I placed the order already, the price looks decent, I really need to upgrade my 1070 to achieve a 240 refresh rate. I think for normal 3070ti, the price will be around 1000 to 1200 for this version of GPU, this is a different time. Unless the silicon shortage is no longer a big problem, I don't think the price will back to normal in a short period.

  • Is there a way to filter for only products in stock while browsing your site?

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    Argh I was literally looking last night and there was no stock. Oh well, that’ll teach me to work hard….

  • The 3070 Tiny Improvement (Ti) model at the heart warming cost of $500 more than the rrp of a 3070. Noice.

  • What a joke, Just keep holding….

    People power

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