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Bose Sleepbuds II $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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Cheapest from Amazon.com.au for a while according to camelcamelcamel.


About this item
Tiny, comfortable earbuds Designed specifically for sleep, truly wireless Sleepbuds work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing and noise-masking sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night
User-tested sleep technology—In a Bose-sponsored sleep study, Bose sleep technology was clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster
Simple app Sleepbuds play only original content from the Bose Sleep app; Access the Sound Library’s more than 50 specially curated sounds, download your favorites to the earbuds, control the volume, and access features like a personal alarm
Relaxation content Calm a racing mind or transport yourself to relaxing surroundings with content that includes tonal environments and sounds from nature and beyond
Noise masking technology Bose engineered sleep sounds are optimized to work together with the noise blocking design of the earbuds to cover up unwanted nighttime disturbances
Secure, comfortable fit—Proprietary eartips are made from soft silicone for a comfortable fit all night—even if you toss and turn or sleep on your side. 3 sizes are included
All-night battery—Up to 10 hours per charge—enough for a full night of restful sleep

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  • +24

    Official Bose store provides a 90-night-risk-free trial. I think it is necessary to evaluate if the sleepbuds are useful for having better sleeping.

    • Doesn't Amazon offer 30 days return on this?

      • amazon may only cover it if it is unused?

        • I think you're right. I'd rather spend $80 more but have the peace of mind. Cheers.

          • +26

            @hexapling: Buy them from Bose. Return them after 89 days. Buy them from Amazon.

            • +9

              @shiny1: You sir/madam are a true ozbargainer

            • @shiny1: Genius!

            • @shiny1: I don't get it, why would you return to Bose only to repurchase from Amazon?

              • @diamond: Read above

                Bose gives you a 90 day trial where you can use it

                Bose is more expensive than Amazon

                So buy from Bose

                If you like it

                Return it and buy from amazon

                • @YLD1: Ah I get it now, it's more expensive from Bose. Thanks

            • @shiny1: Could just buy them from Bose, then claim the difference in price with Amazon with price protection.

        • I doubt that. Bought a portable amp/DAC last month on Amazon and had a full refund after using it for 5 days.

        • Incorrect.

        • that would equate to the most useless return rules ever.

    • +1

      FYI I managed to get the Bose online store to provide a 15% off discount in lieu of a price match a couple of weeks ago (over WhatsApp), which brought them to $322 shipped. Extra money is it worth it for the peace of mind of the trial.

  • +8

    Note these don't play your own music. Which is a shame actually - I'd love a low-bluetooth-bandwidth earbuds with long battery life at the expense of music fidelity. Would be amazing for podcasts

    • But you are not suppose to listen to music while asleep.

      • +5

        Where your peer reviewed article?

      • Please educate me :)

      • +8

        What's is your definition of "suppose to"

        Medically speaking the effects of music on PSQI is significant and well researched (and peer reviewed).

        Depression: https://trialsjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13...
        Sleep quality: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.0169...
        Subjective/Objective Sleep Quality: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6591240/

        The evidence suggests music is a positive influence on quality of sleep.

        Where did you discover that you are "not suppose" to listen to music while asleep?

        • +1

          ye you are right. But I read something like this before. Hence why I think I should let my ears rest at night after a long day of wearing earphones at work.

          • @kekw: Your article is about volumes above 70 dB - a lawn mower is 85dB. You want to provide context of that when discussing the "not suppose" to listen to music while asleep. You are correct; if you have your headphones set > 85dB or even above 70dB during the night AND listening to loud music (not speaking volume here; but loudness - remember there is a difference between loudness and volume) you could potentially damage your hearing.

            That said; if you are listening to something at the volume of a lawnmower during the night; it's not a good idea.

            • +2

              @MorriJ: What happens if I can’t sleep without the lawn mower running atop my nightstand?

    • +3

      This is such a common comment across the board. This isn't what they're for. I bought the first gen ones for my wife and she loved them, it actually blocks out my snoring, haha.

      • +2

        I think this matters to people because they might want earbuds comfortable lying in bed but not just for sleep.

    • +1

      My understanding of the technology indicates this will probably be possible in a device sitting "in your ear" (eg. somwhat suitable for sleeping on sides, similar to this) within the next 12 months. Obviously 8 hours battery is the goal which isnt particularly easy at the moment.
      Bluetooth LE LC3 based streaming is coming, and show allow for a similar sound quality to current devices, on much less power.
      Might be a bit longer, not sure how much the chips draw exactly, but we are getting closer.

      As someone with kids who struggles not to be woken at every movment in the night, i wear a single normal earbud and stream boring podcasts much of the night.
      Helps me get back to sleep when i dont actually have to get up to the kids, which is most wake ups by this point. Also sometimes stops me from waking from some random single cries in the night.

      Cant wait!

      • +1

        They are available. https://au.kokoon.io

        There are also sleep masks with inbuilt ble headphone speakers, designed for side sleeping and lasts 10 hours. About $40 on amazon. Benefit of the sleep mask is you can wear ear plugs to attenuate ambient noise by up to 32db. None of the ear phone offerings can do that without ANC.

        • Thanks for the link, interesting work around with the current tech. Will investigate further to see if it suits me.

          Still want a Sleepbud sized Galaxy buds though :P

      • +1

        What's your recommendation for the MOST boring podcast?

        • +1

          Sleep with me.
          That guy could put a meth head to sleep…

  • +9

    Bought one thanks OP, hopefully my partner can sleep through my snoring now.

    • +6

      Yeah - thats why my wife has a pair as well :-)

  • +2

    Weren't the last version such a failure that Bose pulled them from the market?

    • +17

      Yeah - they had battery troubles (charging) with some of them. They pulled them from the market but did right by their customers by refunding everyones purchase at the RRP price. I bought my first ones on a special so I actually made money when Bose refunded at the RRP price. I actually never had the battery charging issue myself BTW.

      these are V2 where they say they have fixed the charging issues. I've had my V2's now for about 6 months I think and no problems.

    • +6

      I can actually attest to this. My first gen pair was plagued with problems - the charging case was fidgety, sometimes it doesn’t charge, the case lost battery capacity very quickly, and even the connectivity was an issue (it often fails to find one or both of my sleepbuds).

      Bose offered to replace them with gen II’s. I must mention that their quality control process on these sleepbuds are still extremely poor. I’ve actually had to send two pairs of gen II’s back because they were literally dead on arrival. Straight out of the box, it Doesn’t charge, doesn’t work whatsoever, doesn’t even turn on - and it actually is quite a common problem in the forums. Third pair is my current pair and it works perfectly and has solved most of the issues with the gen I’s.


      • Wow that’s seriously shonky 👎

    • +4

      I've replaced the V1 four times. Bose customer service is fantastic.

      My last V1 was replaced with the V2, which I've owned for ten months. No problems whatsoever.

      Sleepbuds are life-changing if you share a bed, or sleep in a noisy environment.

  • +5

    I have a pair of these (and the Xiaomi ones - Zenbuds) and they are great for blocking traffic noise / partners snorting / etc. But yes no custom music - only the tracks that Bose supply. But then again I actually wear them and dont play any music - the ability to block noise passively is that good (way way better than normal earplugs). Occasionally I will play some noise masking sounds through them but thats only when there is a rave happening down the road.

    TL:DR if you are having trouble sleeping because of noise - grab them

    • +12

      Partners Snorting

      What a Party!!!!!!!!!!!

      • +6

        living the dream, multiple partners and coke parties

    • +1

      How do the bose ones compare to the zenbuds?

    • +4

      Are they really comfortable though?
      I sleep on my sides on a firm pillow, so my ears are always squashed.
      I'd imagine these would get in the way of my squashed ears and would be uncomfortable - do you have any insights in this scenario?

      • +6

        Unfortunately they are not comfortable as a side sleeper

        Tried them myself. Lasted 5 days before returning

        Tbf it did not help me with sleeping.

      • +4

        Yep, side sleepers beware, I've done a lot of reading on these and a lot of side sleepers seem to find them uncomfortable. It's a dealbreaker for me.

        I don't expect any company will fully solve this problem until battery miniaturisation technology has advanced to the point where the entire ear bud fits inside the ear with no bulky protrusions.

        • +2

          Zenbuds are tiny and perfect for side sleeping. Unfortunately their software isn't the best.

    • How much passive attenuation do they provide? Ear plugs can do up to 32db. Highly doubtful these provide anything similar.

  • +5

    In a Bose-sponsored sleep study, Bose sleep technology was clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster

    This translates to 2.7 minutes. And interestingly

    Total sleep time was lower on average when using Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

    Although they leave out any discussion on objective sleep quality (only discussed perceived), im sure the raw data exists somewhere.

    • Glad to see that science isn’t dead, and people like you still care about the evidence. This is why I’m a member of this forum, because of smart people like you. Thanks

  • +1

    I have both Zenbuds(amazfit) and Bose Sleepbuds.

    Pros for Zenbuds: cheap(half the price); more music in the database; lighter.
    Pros for Bose: free 90-day trial if buying from official bose store; more comfortable(shark fin).

  • +2

    Those really helped me :) in a recent tinnitus spike :(

    • +1

      I was literally just complaining about it - I haven't been exposed to any loud noises then usual this seems odd for me.

      Is that a thing?

      • My comment was confusing. I had a tinnitus spike and couldn't sleep. I bought the Sleepbuds and they helped me sleep.

      • +1

        I was literally just complaining about it - I haven't been exposed to any loud noises then usual this seems odd for me.
        Is that a thing?

        From what I know, tinnitus is a symptom, and the causes can be so different and misunderstood that is hard to say anything helpful :( …but yes, you don't need to have been exposed to loud noises to suffer from tinnitus.

    • +4

      … or the roof could fall on you while you're sleeping and crush you to death?

  • Are they comfortable? I like sleeping on my side sometimes and wonder how they go after a while? Also do they last the whole night?

    • +1

      I found them comfortable enough, better than expected. I also sleep on my side. Sometimes I felt just a little soreness in some very specific points in the ear. Not every night. Yes, they last the whole night. ~11PM to ~7PM for me.

      • +12

        that's a long sleep~~~~~

        • :D ~11PM to ~7AM

        • +2

          salzo is a koala :D

      • +3

        You sleep good. I've read your diary, Diary of a Wombat. Kids enjoy the book, much thanks.

    • +1

      Most people use the smallest sized ear inserts to put the buds in and find them comfortable. If you have a hard pillow and side sleep it is likely they will be uncomfortable.

  • Looking at the image, damn, what an expensive coffee tamper.

  • +1

    My mum has severe insomnia and I did some research before I bought her the quieton ones.
    Doesn’t play music but active noise canceling. Allowed her to sleep in peace.

    • She should try weed (or CBD oil) if she hasn’t.

      • +1

        Yea nah thnx tho

    • +1

      some headphones allowed her to sleep? noise cancelling has nothing to do with insomnia, it may work temporarily as placebo.

      as a former sufferer she sould seek a sleep study/ therapy or at the very least medication. sleep deprivation takes years of your life and cognition

  • Question: If the fire alarm or something goes off.. will you hear it ?

    • It depends how loud you have them, the app will caution you about having them too loud for this reason. I don't have them very loud and I hear alarms and big noises that aren't the same as the sound I am playing in my buds. The only thing I don't hear is my phone vibrating, so I have put a setting on my buds that if my phone rings my buds make a different sound to alert me that my phone is ringing.

    • No but you'd feel it…

    • https://www.bose.com.au/en_au/products/headphones/noise_mask...

      How do Sleepbuds™ II affect my ability to hear smoke alarms, a child crying, intruders etc.?

      Sleepbuds™ II are designed to mask unwanted night-time noise and disturbances. Because of this, they can affect your ability to hear other sounds, such as alarms, warning systems, people or pets.

      To balance the levels of noise masking and awareness desired, you can set an appropriate volume level for your needs within the Bose Sleep app. The volume should be high enough to mask disturbing noises, but not so high that you can’t confidently be awoken by the sounds you want to hear. If you are still concerned about your ability to hear sounds while wearing Sleepbuds™ II, you may want to take alternative measures, such as relying on a partner, wearing only one earbud or scheduling the masking sound timer.

  • This or a white noise machine?

    • Try it, see if you mind having something in your ear while you sleep. It’s really as small and light as it gets, but it’s definitely still noticeable.

      • I want to use them to drain out noise from the train horn ect?

    • +1

      These would usually be more effective than a white noise generator, because these are actually inserted partially into the ear (similar to ear plugs) and so provide some passive noise reduction through that alone, in addition to the masking sounds being played.

      So it depends on your use case. For more extreme noise scenarios, the Bose Sleepbuds would probably be more effective. In other situations like noisy street sounds, a white noise generator would be enough. I'd suggest trying the white noise generator first — something like a Lectrofan, usually on sale for around $60-80.

      • Thanks, appreciate the advice.

    • I have both, so I can provide insight.

      The noise buds I use for when I know it'll be particularly noisy, for example my town house complex had a ton of construction next to us recently. When I had to sleep in the day for work, I used these as it's more "direct" into your ears.

      I also have a lectrofan white noise machine. This is actually my preferred device to use and runs during the night. It's excellent at blocking road noise, train noise, drunks walking home etc. Takes a few nights to find a sound and volume that suits you best, but it's fantastic.

  • Can I use these while running?

    • +3

      They don’t play your custom music, just a bunch of background sounds. But I suppose you could - they fit pretty snug.

  • +2

    I use and swear by these. Getting the best (least disturbed) sleep these days. Only issue is they are initially ever-so-slightly noticeable if you are a side-sleeper, but it's a fleeting issue that pays off in dividends.

  • These are great. I have the first gen ones which recently had the battery problem. Did a warranty claim the other day and they're sending me the second gen ones as a replacement. I had two replacements in the last 2.5 years but I hear they've fixed the problem with the battery causing the recall.

    I also have the zenbuds but they don't last all night like these.

  • +1

    Ive had both V1 and V2. What i find the most annoying with the V2, is the case is constantly needing to ping a signal to find the earbuds. Even if you have the buds in the case.

    So if you dont charge the case within 3 days the battery dies. Compared to the V1 which would last a week.

  • +2

    Had v1. Tried for about a week, but didn't help much. Returned it to bose for a full refund. Much prefer the white noise machine that I have now.

  • +2

    I bought V1 on Amazon, but return it due to very small electric sound. I return it after using two weeks and replace with another one, same issue, so I finally refund it. But i will tried this one to see whether it still has this issue.

    • +3

      “You’re just hearing things that aren’t there”

      -that was Bose’s official response to the literally hundreds of users who posted the same feedback - a very high pitched electrical whine/sound.
      But constantly Bose reps on their forums played dead bat, and claimed it must just be them hearing things, a one off faulty device etc. I believe they did eventually acknowledge it and said it would be fixed in the next iteration.

      The exact same reports are now appearing on there for these Bose IIs, and when asked why they didn’t address the issue, Bose claim it was never an issue.

      How do I know all this? I was also one of those who could detect the oscillating electrical squeales on all 3 pairs I tried/replaced. And while faint, once your hear them, you’re never going to be able to ignore it again.

      • +1

        Thanks very much for your information, I will have a test and update the result.

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