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Sorbent Toilet Tissue Rolls, White, 32 Count $12.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
Thick sheets for more protection
Soft sheets for more gentle comfort
Made in Australia from sustainably sourced materials
Strong in use but breaks down easily in water
32 Rolls of Toilet Tissue per purchase

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Eh. This is 21c per 100 sheets. Aldi is 18c per 100 sheets all year.

    Edit: Aldi isn’t close for everyone but if you can go to one, it’s a better deal for sure

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      But amazon quality is better and they will deliver in a big cardboard box you can use to make a toy go-cart

      • I don’t understand the negs. Just stated a fact since we like bargains etc. shrug

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          I guess most people think their arses appreciate the difference for 3c/100

        • Ozbadgain neggers are sheep

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            @grasstown: Sheep with arses that prefer soft sorbent over sandpaper.

            Each to their own…

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          Perhaps it's because your user name is Soan papdi?

          Btw I use the confidence brand at Aldi and agree it's better value than sorbent

          • @docians: "Perhaps it's because your user name is Soan papdi?"

            LOL! I didn't even notice it - but that's an almighty subliminal message and a big bum steer!

        • why do you care about negs? Look at the terrible decision made on populous. Just a reminder that George W Bush got voted in as president TWICE, the most watched videos on YouTube are BabyShark & Desposito and most people on here seem to love posts about PS5s for retail price.

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            @kiriakoz: Always Wondered what the purpose of negs. Soan papdi stated his opinion which certainly didn't deserve the 12 negs

            Atleast I couldn't find anything that was worthy of 12 ppl negging

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        Amazon delivering in plastic mailing like bags. I felt terrible when they put the dunny paper in a large cardboard box.

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  • Got this from the last deal and it's..OK. It's not as good/soft as Sorbent from supermarkets and the perforations aren't great so sometimes you get one longer sheet.

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      Really? They produce a different line of Sorbent Seconds just for Amazon?

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        Nah. Same product in theory goes to all customers. Could be a bad batch. Quality can vary from reel to reel

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        Maybe it's the ones John West reject

      • Yeah I dunno, I was surprised too, it felt like it was rolls of rejects seeing as they had lots of bad (or missing) perforations and it's definitely not as soft as what we usually get. Could definitely have been a bad batch. I know for past deals on Quilton people have said the stuff they get from Amazon is different so assumed it might be the same for Sorbent.

        • I've ordered dozens of the Quilton 3 ply and Gold, and have never perceived a difference from Woolies issue.

        • I had one 12 pack of q that seemed super rough. For q that is. They gave me $5 back

    • Wow that's bad. I've Always found sorbent to feel a bit flimsy already and not as soft as the other brand

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    Thank goodness, I was down to my last 80 rolls.

  • Sorbent are no longer good anymore, too easily tear. I bought a 42 roll pack at Drakes Supermarket a couple of months ago for $10 and they are simply no good, now will only buy Quilton even though I haven't seen it gone below $0.38 cents per roll for a long time.

    • Twice a month at Amazon…

    • yes tears way too easily, alway end up poking a hole with my finger 😭, i have to be super extra careful

      • The plot - if not the paper - thickens…

        Fool me once - shame on you. Poke my finger in my butthole 3,624 times - shame on me…

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    DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND. My finger went through the paper and up my bum hole. Yes I twin folded 4 sheets, I am not an animal.

  • thanks mate!