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Bosch 10kg Front Load Washer $893.70 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


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Bosch 10kg Front Load Washer from The Good Guys - $893.70

If you need something larger than the recent 8kg washing machine offers, this is the cheapest I have seen the new 10kg units from Bosch. It is not a German made model, but it is almost half the price. Postage was $55 for me in northern NSW, but you can pick up in store for free (as long as COVID rules allow it in your area)

Use the code AUG1015 to drop the price from $993.00 to $893.70

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  • Can’t recommend the Bosch autodose versions enough. I reckon I saved the price difference in twelve months, clothes aren’t oversoaped.

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      Is the feature you are referring to part of this washing machine?

      • No, I think that’s the Series 8 models. A little bit more expensive than this. I think I paid around $1440 a couple of weeks ago for a series 8 from appliances online. Happy with it so far, also the series 8 heat pump dryer.

        • same. love the washing machine. Still getting used to a heat pump dryer. vented dryers are cheap and simple, if power hungry.

    • You reckon better autodose ?

    • Finally got a washing machine of my own and I've got the Series 8 with auto dose. Super helpful and no over soaping like you said. Worth the extra price

  • Good price. $993 at Good Guys Commercial.

  • Does this one have I-dose function?

  • I couldn’t justify the extra $400 for idose when I was looking for Bosch

    • you use a lot less detergent. A lot less.

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        Couldn't you just manually use less detergent?

        I started halving the recommended amount (as recommended by detergent maker).. clothes seem clean.

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          Same here

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          I never put the recommended amount..I would say I use around a quarter of what's written on the back. Mother doesn't use the recommended amount either and it looks like a soap bomb has gone off in hers.

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            @Hahuh: Too much detergent ironically makes the machine dirty and clothes dirtier. Also can damage the machine due to build up.

            Maybe suggest to your mother to clean her machine by using an empty hot cycle with nothing but vinegar (and to use less detergent).

            • @JimB: I have a Bosch Serie 8 with auto dosing and prewash cycle (not all Bosch have prewash!). In addition to many, many functions, it tells you when to run a cleaning cycle. This machine is superb!

            • @JimB: I do all the maintenance for her and told her numerous times why it's bad. It's just the old way of thinking and tired adage of "the more the better"

              Once I'm like "Mum you're washing tulle curtains. You need to add way less than you normally do." Of course, she didn't listen and bloody soap was coming out of the drawer. I grabbed her by the hand and went "LOOK!". She just went "oh well". Had to mix water and softener (don't use it anymore but had some leftover) to get rid off the suds.

              Luckily she has tile and I was there that day.

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          Yep.. if you actually look at the recommendation of how much laundry powder to use, it’s normally 2 scoops (which seems like a lot). We’ve been using 1 scoop in our 10kg Bosch and clothes have been coming out fine

          • @supasaiyan: I will confess to using a full capful plus GST, which truth to tell is probably more like a third a cup extra. I tend to nuke the load, just to be sure.

            I-dose saves me from my sad self.

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        I'm sure it aint saving you $400 less over the lifetime of use..
        Just put less in!

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    Need a good deal on series 8 washers

    • +1

      $1,099 and a $100 cash back at ES trading.

    • I've got a 2 and a half your old series 8 that I'm going to sell to upgrade to 10kg. Never had a issue with it. Just 4 kids, so want to fit more in! Located in Mooroolbark if interested, send me a message. Can provide receipt from Good Guys.

      8kg Front Load Washer

      • -2


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          Appreciate the grammar assistance, but it was auto corrected and supposed to be year, not you’re.

          The only thing that impresses me more, than a stranger on the internet who feels the need to point out when someone has made a mistake with their you’re or your, is when someone feels the need to correct a strangers their, there or they’re. Keep up the great community service!

      • Hi CORWIN. I've PM'ed you.

  • WGA is made where?

    • China or Poland

  • Any recommendations on good dryers under around 1000$?

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      Sun, wind & next to heating ventilation has been working cheaply for this Melbourne family for 22 years..

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    We just picked up the 8 Series 10kg Bosch WAX32M41AU ( German Made ) for $1,370 delivered from E&S Trading.

    The Good Guys largest Bosch 8 Series SKU is the 9kg, the Bullshit Artist Sales Guy at the GG tried to convince me that that was the largest Bosch made in the 8 Series and no such 10kg existed.

    We had a 2016 Bosch 8kg 6 Series ( Made in China ) which pretty much wore itself out after 5 years of daily use, not to mention the rubber door seal was replaced under warranty after 8months.

    The German 8 Series comes with heavy duty rubber door seal ( Dark Grey on color ) with an anti-microbial coating, so it should last longer than 8 months.

    Also it feels sturdier and well built, I have no science to back that up, other than the ole:

    slaps the side of the washer

    " Yep, she's solid"

    I would highly suggest spending the extra $$ and get the German made model.

    • damn if a 6 series is gone in 5 years, my samsung costed $500 and its been going strong for 7 years now, never had any issues

    • 5 years of daily use

      I am guessing most people would only need to wash a few times a week at most and this cheaper model will do?

    • That’s a good price. The sale price for WAX32M41AU at E&S is showing $1599. Did you have to haggle hard?

      • +1

        Not much haggling, I had told him about my experience at the Good Guys and how the salesman tried to lie to me, we both laughed, I asked if he was able to do $1,400 delivered, he spoke with his boss and came back to me with $1,370 delivered.

        It was the first time I had purchased from E&S, so the experience was smooth.

    • I have been monitoring this washing machine for a couple of weeks not but didn't see it below $1480.
      By the way does it have speed setting of 1000 rpm ? the other ones jump up from 800 to 1200 but I find 1000 best.

    • The door seal on the series 8 sounds the same as in this model. Guessing they’ve changed the door seals in the last 5 years

    • +1

      Don’t know why he told you TGG doesn’t have WAX32M41AU. I bought it last weekend at TGG.
      Here’s my invoice.

      • Great question, they don't appear on the good guys online either ( well as far as I can see ) however I am based in Victoria, so maybe that's why.

        Plus, like, Western Australia is closer to Germany than we Eastern Seaboard folk, so logic tells me this is the most reasonable answer as to why GG WA has stock and GG VIC has not.

      • Damn you got some good prices from TGG. Thanks for sharing the receipt. Did you have to haggle hard? And did they only agree to the prices because you bought concierge x2?

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      Daily use. What do you do?

      • Wash clothes, on a daily basis…..

      • There are only two of us and we have (before lockdowns): work clothes, gym clothes, cycling clothes, around-the-house clothes, going-out clothes, towels, sheets, plus splitting them up into darks/lights/coloureds (and I split further by doing reds separately). I shudder to think what a household with kids would be doing. The washing machine would be glowing hot from constant use.

    • Don't know if they have improved it but we have a lower tier German made(no prewash nor idos) Seri 8 and I wouldn't call that door heavy duty. I didn't like the drawer neither the assembly for the drain hose cover and that bit of plastic they call the drain hose. Seems the quality has tanked across the board of washing machines and it was either Miele or the asko that had every component somewhat be sturdy. I'm someone that opens things like the door and see how much it flexes or if there's any pull or give. Sounds also important to me like creaking. Next time you run a cycle, try to pull slightly on the door.

      Casings nice though.

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    I tried code PB1907E7L91 and the price went down to $803

    • Is this code targeted? Didn't work for me

    • Didn't work for me.

  • Nod me

  • Don't forget 4% cashback from Shopback as well.
    Looks like the coupon is included on Shopbacks website

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    prices has popped up to 1399

  • +2

    Comes up as $1399, reduced to $1259 with the coupon!? Has the deal expired??

    • +1

      Yes. $993 was the catalogue sale price which ended on the 18th.

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