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Steelseries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard Black $279 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Steelseries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboards, Black at $279 delivered I think it is a bargain and at the lowest in the market right now.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Note that this has ABS keycaps and non detachable cables, almost bought it but holding on to GMMK pro

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      With GOAT Stabilizers?

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        If someone is forking out money for a GMMK Pro build, you can be sure as hell they're going to drop extra dough on better stabs.

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      I guess it is not big deal for everybody but

      OmniPoint Adjustable Mechanical Switch
      104 Key full layout
      Working software
      and easy display and profile options

      Not a bad deal at 279 AUD for me.

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        Working software

        Instant buy

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    I've got this with ~$11 PBT keycaps from eBay that is a much needed upgrade over those nasty ABS
    The Omnipoint switches are super responsive at 0.4mm actuation and feel much smoother than mx reds
    Stabilisers are heaps better than any other prebuilt Keyboard from these gaming brands(Corsair, Razer,…) but defs not close to the feel of good lubed custom ones
    Dedicated multimedia controls are great and work really well, but the tiny screen is useless other than putting a tiny gif or pixel photo and never touching it again

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    I really don't understand people spending this much on a keyboard xD well unless you got a lot of disposable income of course.

    I got the tecware deal not long ago, which was a bloody awesome mech keyboard and a free mouse (exo elite, also really good!) for only $60 total…

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      It's expensive, but the switches are unique - lack of competition with magnetic switches means higher prices unfortunately.

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    I've got the TKL. Worth noting that opto-mechanical switches are supposed to be durable AF. Hopefully a keyboard for life! I know that the PCB or cable will likely fail long before that, but it's a pleasure to type on. The switches are smoother than any linear cherry clone I've ever tried. Once you throw some PBT caps on its a winner.

    The oled is partial to screen burn in though, so if you do put an animated gif on, choose something with a lot of motion or scrolling.

    • These aren't opto-mechanical switches, they're magnetic…

      I agree that it's really nice to type on though - you can compare the main keys with the MX Reds on the F-keys, arrows, etc and realise just how good they are. Plus each key has an individually customisable actuation point, which is great to stop accidental keypresses.

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