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50% off Vitamins, Supplements, Diet & Sports Nutrition @ Coles


Saw this at Coles last night and on the front page of the Coles weekly catalogue. Nearly all of the vitamins and supplements are half price. Went to buy some banana and juice. Walked out with Centrum Men’s multivitamins. Centrum Womens’s multivitamins. Kids Gummi vitamins and Glucosamine (not sure why I got this as I’ve never taken it. Maybe because it was half price too?)

Excludes Berocca, IS Health, Every Day, Down Down & clearance items.

Photo of vitamins shelf at Coles

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    Also 50% off on the the low carb protein bars, pretty much all brands…

    • Ooh, the Aussie Bodies Vanilla Bean powder is half price too. Its pretty great in coffee.

      • Coffee hey… interesting. Can you taste it?

        (username checks out btw)

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          Yeah, just a scoop in a big mug of coffee. Its a good way to get some protein, minerals, fat, and caffeine all in one drink if you are on keto. Coffee, scoop of protein powder, cream, some MCT if you are into that, maybe a little salt. Good drink. Powder settles a bit, so you have to do the swirl as you drink it.

          Some powders don't mix well, or do weird things when in a hot drink. This one is one of the best I've tried.

          If you want to go the other way, and have it cold. Then Vital Strength Whey - Natural Recovery Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour, with a spoon of coffee mixed with cold water is really nice. Don't add this one to hot drinks though, it kinda cooks into little floating, chewy lumps.

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    Went to buy some banana and juice. Walked out with
    Centrum Men’s multivitamins
    OP's Location

    Uh oh…

  • Still cheaper to make your own out of sugar.

    • Is sugar 50% off though ?

      • Consume 50% of what you usually do…

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    Good deal OP

    Be also sure to check amazon out. I find many times they have stuff thats the same price, but larger quantity. Like with vitamin D pills. Coles has them 250 for $15, half price, while amazon has 400 for $16

    • That is far better. Problem for me is I had no intention of buying any vitamins so would not have looked up where I could score them cheaper.

      Almost fell into the same impulse shopping trap walking past Chemist warehouse and I remembered the deal someone posted re Hugo Boss fragrances. I kept on walking :D

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    try iherb - better range, strength, and cheaper in the long run,
    as you compare mg strength to AUS filler - limited strength products.

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