Laptop for General Use - Budget $700

Hi guys,

Need help deciding between these three laptops.

(1) Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 14" Laptop $879
(2) ASUS E510 Laptop Pentium 8GB/256GB Star Black $596
(3) for $650 using the ebay deal 15% off.

I know the Lenovo was much cheaper yesterday - spoke to a sales rep and they're willing to discount to $630.
Still unsure if that's better than the ASUS E510 at Officeworks.

Laptop will be general light use. Home office use, light office work, web browsing, streaming content, things like that; light gaming.

Could i get your opinions please? Or similar alternatives in that price range <$700.00.

Thank you!


  • I would go for Lenovo based on the screen size, brand name and the cpu. Although you probably could get the i5 version for around $700-800 mark.

    • yeah general consensus seems to be Lenovo is better

      thoughts on how it compares to this? with 15% off it comes down to $650

      • Well its your money, your choice and preference, when its come to a laptop, smaller the screen size better for me, at least 8gb of ram, win 11 upgradable. Brand name wise, I prefer Lenovo/Dell/HP for laptops. And I usually spend lil higher than you, since I don't buy them so often. :)
        Although I bought i5 Lenovo for my dad via good guys around $800, he hasn't break it yet, I cant really comment on it other than its look good LOL


    add in a 8 / 16GB extra Ram

    or extend budget a bit more get a 5500U AMD 6 core 12 thread PC with 8GB HP / Lenovo from Amazon, which is up to 40% faster

    • is the acer comparable to the lenovo or the asus?
      i'll check out the one you mentioned on amazon, thanks!

      how do these compare to this with 15% it comes down to 650$

    • So that's a 4GB machine you've linked.
      How does one go about adding another 4GB - is that a DIY job that would invalidate the warranty? How do you know which cheap budget laptps you can add wxtra RAM to?

  • +1

    See this is 40% faster then the system listed here its 6 cores, with upgradable slots and nvme…