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Google Nest Mini $30 Delivered @ Google Store


Google Nest Mini is $30 at the Google Store. Shipping is free.

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      It's okay, it's not from their nest egg…

      I'll see myself out

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      Perhaps the real question is: How much will it cost Google not to make and ship these?

      • Factor in the product sitting at docks, the reduced YouTube music memberships, carry the two… Lots of personal data

      • How much do these cost usually? edit: 79

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        Do you know how Google make most of their money?

        prostitution ???

        • Correct

          • -1

            @BTMoustaka: Thanks BT….

            Love your work…

        • If I want to collect credit card reward points by exploiting stupid people, does that make me smart? Where does personal responsibility begin and end? If you really, really think about it, stop reading this right now and check OzBargain for all the deals you could be missing out on!

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    Thanks OP, ordered one.

    Being a Google One member, also got 3% ($0.90) Google store credit.

  • I wonder if the 3rd gen is coming soon

    • +15

      3rd gen is rumoured to be able to answer questions before you ask them. But after you think of them, unfortunately… one of the limitations of their revolutionary (magical?) mind-reading tech. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, extra bass.

      • 3rd gen is rumoured to be able to answer questions before you ask them


        • +1

          Give it 2more yrs and you will see it for yourself

          • +2

            @cisco: Yeah my 5th gen which is able to answer questions asked in the future also confirmed this.

      • -3

        3rd gen is rumoured to be able to answer questions before you ask them.

        I can confirm that… I've been part of the beta testing…

        It saves a lot of wasted time…

        • I can also confirm that nobody asked.

      • Google brainlink™

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    Thanks OP - Got one. I guess its the cheapest its been

    • +3

      No was $19 from office works iirc

      • +1

        Pretty sure that was an accidental listing, but Officeworks did honour the $19 offer for the lucky few that ordered quickly enough (I was one of them).

        Story goes that Officeworks intended to price match Bunnings at $19 for the Google Home Mini at the time, but accidentally applied the $19 promo price to their Google Nest Mini listing instead of the Home Mini.

        (The Home Mini had been normally around $39-49 mark, but the Nest Mini was fairly new and selling around $79 at the time from memory)

      • No it was price beat @Bunnings for OW s $19

        So 90%of 19 is the cheapest

    • -6

      Got one. I guess its the cheapest its been


      They were going for 2 packets of Tic Tacs a couple of years back…

    • A point where you got one chucked in when you subscribed to Spotify (proceed to cancel so no renewal occurs).

      • I got one of that deal, and the other two I have were a two-for-$39 deal. All three are first gen, but who cares.

  • +2

    $10 Echo Dot on Amazon, $30 for Home Mini. These things are selling dirt cheap.

    • Is the home Mini the same as the Google Nest Mini?

      • +1

        it was originally called Home Mini. when google brought Nest, they started calling it Nest Mini. Does the same thing. I dont find any difference.

        • +6

          Home mini is gen 1 and is pretty average
          Nest mini is gen 2 and has substantially better sound quality
          I also find my Nest mini is quicker to answer questions than my Home mini. Could be imagination though.

          • @fluffymurderball: I actually found it the other way round… my home mini seems to pick up "Ok Google" more consistently than my nest mini, no dispute on the sound quality though.

        • I dont find any difference.

          Reviewers found a big difference.

          • +3

            @PainToad: I dont use it for music. Just normal basic stuff like weather , time, news and all. If I have listen to music, I listen in a quality speaker.
            Anyways , I am not a reviewer. Just a normal guy using basic functions.

      • +4

        I suppose they could pay you to use one. Or they could just start paying taxes, which would be kind of the same thing.

    • +1

      Care to share link for the $10 Echo? edit, found it in ozbargain. So cheaper to get google nest as I don't have prime.

      • +1

        Since u dont have prime, do a trial of prime and get echo for $10. U can cancel prime at trial period and echo is all yours.

        Btw, HTC fan?

        • thanks, that was my first touch smart phone, stopped using htc now. Thanks, I realised I could use free prime trial to get that. Although I am almost leaning towards amazon dot due to the insane price. Did you end up getting the echo dot, do you use it a lot during the day?

          • +1

            @htc: I have both devices. Enjoying both the world.

    • At the end of the day it’s a $10 speaker that is going to make them stacks of money in data and advertising.

  • can anyone compare this and the older home mini? Apparently much better bass?

    • +3

      I own both.

      The Google Nest Mini is basically identical in size and dimension to the 1st gen Google Home Mini but sounds noticeably better in my opinion.

      I.e. Clearer, crisper audio on the Nest Mini vs the older Home Mini.

      (I think they redesigned the internals on the Nest Mini to drive better accoustics out of the same form factor)

      For $30 delivered, I just ordered another Nest Mini today to drive stereo sound.

      (My Home Mini is located in another area of the home, so havent been using it to try and achieve stereo sound)

    • +4

      I have both (Got a free nest mini by having a YouTube Music subscription)

      The key difference is much, much better audio quality. It has much better bass, but I find that the high's are less tinny (not as much bass as the Nest Hub Max though)
      Also I find that the microphones in the newer one can understand my voice a lot better and can detect when I say Hey Google while playing music at higher levels than the Home Mini can.

      • +4

        One more thing, the new Nest Mini can not be powered by Micro USB like the Home Mini. The Nest Mini has its own circular power adapter.

      • +1

        I second you on the bass comment.

        Nest Mini definitely provides noticeably better bass than the Home Mini does

  • +5

    I think this might be an error. they've got it listed elsewhere for $49, then when you click through it says $30, save $49.
    Get in quick i guess.

    • -1

      Don’t think so, $79 is the RRP.

      • +5

        yeah, so it's meant to "save $30, pay $49", but it's accidentally "save $49, pay $30"


        • -1

          I see it advertised for $30 everywhere.

        • Well done Jake. They have now fixed it up! Thank God i did not hesitate and pulled the trigger on this yesterday.

          • @tzd116: I waited too long for my wife's approval and missed out.

    • I agree.

  • +2

    LOL wish I could use the Google App store credit (earned from doing surveys) to pay for it :-)

  • +2

    FWIW, you can only buy one. As soon as you add two to the cart it goes back to standard RRP. I'm going to try and make another order for two.

    • -1

      do it two orders

      • As per:

        I'm going to try and make another order for two.

        I've just put through two orders so hopefully they are both accepted. I picked up two from HN yesterday @ $38 and they are still sealed, so they'll be heading back to the store :-)

        • This is bothered ! haha

      • +2

        Can confirm, separate orders works.

        • Just checked my PayPal. Mine went through also.

      • This is what I had to do, bought two in separate orders

  • Have four, haven't paid anything for any of them. Two free with telstra points, one free with spotify, one free with Pixel 2. Basically a give-away item but even at this price it's actually a great little unit :)

    • Back in the days it comes with the Pixel?? That's interesting..you don't get anything with the Pixels nowadays.

      • Yeah back in the good old days. Although I did get $100 credit on the Google store when I purchased my 4a5g and put that towards a Google TV with six months of Netflix…

        • What! I don't recall a promo of $100 for 4a?

      • +1

        There was a time when they gave everyone with a Youtube Premium account a free Mini, that included every family member on a family account. We got like 4 of them from that one promotion.

        • wow! I'm a big Google user, practically all of the things I use are in the Google ecosystem and I get nuthin

        • Now they give everyone a YT Premium free trial instead.

  • +6

    Two of these paired in stereo mode make for surprisingly good bedside audio, if you don't mind Google listening in to your bedroom antics.

    • That's part of the 18+ survey group

      • +5

        They will mainly just hear me snoring.

        • Next thing will happen Google will suggest snoring treatment, rehabilitation, medical related stuff by collecting all your snoring pattern, it will understand you even better with stereo mode allowing it to hear better of that.

        • Must be married

    • That's how have my other two set up in my bedroom. One on either side or the bed, plugged in flush against the wall. "Surprisingly good bedside audio" is a very good way to describe it. I was suitably impressed.

      • How do you make it flush? A mount?

        • Yup. Amazon and eBay have lots of them (Amazon search link here).

  • Cheers OP got one for the bathroom.

    • +1

      Hahaha. I bought two for the same purpose.

  • Looks like it's limited to one per transaction at that price.

    But you can just purchase multiple times!

    • -1

      Let us hope that multiple transactions go through, or even a single one.

  • What do these speakers do that my android phone can't?

    • Play loud music.

  • +4

    Showing $49 for me and save $30

  • +1

    This or Amazon echo 3 for $10

    • +1

      Expired, so can only choose amazon.

  • Yep looks like a pricing error, deal is over now :(

    • looks like save 30 instead of cost 30. I missed out too.

  • Does anyone know if you can play TV audio through a Nest Mini if connected with a Chromecast (with or w/o Google TV)?

    Just have a crappy TV in shed and trying to negate having to buy a sound bar (if it's possible).

    • +1

      Not really doable. Though I've managed to play the audio on Nest mini when casting some of the videos on Chromecast, it's not consistent.

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