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25% off BlackVue Dash Cams: DR750X-2CH-PLUS $471.75, 25% off Uniden UHF, 30% off Penrite Oil & SuperCharge Batteries @ Autobarn


Autobarn are having a sale on the following for two days (ends 21/08):

25% off all BlackVue dash cams

There's also 25% off Uniden UHF radios, as well as 30% off Penrite oils & SuperCharge batteries.


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  • Nice !

    Quick one, what does the Plus version have over the standard 750X ?

    I’m actually in the market for one of these and swear by Blackvue

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      From BlackVue's website:

      The main change brought by the Plus Series is an enhanced Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor. The image sensor in the DR750X-2CH Plus Dash Cam has a much better ability to preserve details in extreme lighting conditions.

  • How much a mechanic would charge to have these dash cams professionally installed?

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      Don't know any in Melbourne, but in Sydney the boys at Bankstown Sound & Marine charge $180 on average (plus/minus depending on size of car and wiring complexity) They had the 32GB 750X for sale for $440 at the end of May.

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      It's really easy to DIY. Sure you can find a YT video as a guide.

    • When I got my dash cam installed…I went on airtasker… cost me $125 here in Melbourne… Installer had 400+ reviews & all 5 star for his work

      • I’m in the market too, please could you PM me your contact? Thanks

  • -3

    No super charge batteries stocked for my Santa Fe.

  • Yes! Been waiting for a discount on the Plus since they were released.

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    750X plus or 900X?

    Looks like 900X is cheaper than the last time Autobarn/Repco 25% sale ($621.75)

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      I would like to know as well!
      1080p for the cheaper but 4k for the other…hmm 4k for a few more dollars is tempting

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        Keep in mind 4k needs more storage so more money for that too and you'd have to clear it more frequently

        • clear what?

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          microSD cards are relatively cheap these days, and I'm pretty sure you don't as it'll keep recording over unlocked files.

          • @aussiekid: yep, 128gb card for about $30-40. It'll hold about 3-4 hours of videos (based on gopro) probably much more for a car dash cam

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      Even 4K gives better details but it's only up to 30fps, whereas 750x can do 60fps. There are a bunch of videos on youtube shows 750x is doing a better job at night or capturing moving objects etc.

  • Can we price beat at jb hifi?

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      They will only price match.

      • How can I price match and pay online? I can use suncorp jb gift card (5%) to buy it. Another $30 off from $600 GC…

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          Call jbhifi
          They will send you a text to purchase with the price match

    • JB doesn't have the plus model if you're looking at the 750X plus

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    Pretty impressive to have the Penrite @ 30% off but the range they carry is smaller then Repco.

    It's becoming more difficult to get discounted oil in the last 2 years, especially with the group III base stock rising.

    Places like Repco that stock a larger range haven't had a 30% discount in 2 years… And believe me, I know, because I stock up each time.

    • The good oil deals do still happpen… Nulon Synth 5W-30 "6 Litre" $40 less $10 when you join their club ($1) = $30. Works out $5 per litre which is not bad for full synth 5/30.

      • I don't know enough about the formulation of 5W30, it’s the one that gets the biggest % discounts with all blenders, its gets the most attention (usually on the front page) and has great sales.. It could be that its very common/versatile, all my families petrol cars use it. So maybe that’s why and maybe Australia use more of its, so we get more competitive pricing.

        Unfortunately I can’t use it, and what I can use can only get purchased from Repco….or Sparesbox….but they pricejack when sales are on.

  • looks like sale has started now, picked up a 750x-2ch

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    Anywhere for discounted autobarn gift cards?

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      You can price match with jb hifi and pay with suncorp gift card (5%)

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    The DR900x-2CH 4K 32GB - $591.75 is wrong, showing as $621.75 discounted which is the same price as last time.

  • Hey guys, would you need anything further for the dr900x if you want to hired wire and record whilst car is off? Thanks!

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      Nope, it should all be in the kit with the X-series.

      • Thanks Mate. Didn’t expect reply so damn fast haha!

        Been waiting for these to go on sale since I bought my car.

        Still deliberating between the 750x plus vs 900x :/

        • +2

          I stayed awake to buy one, haha.

          For the 900X the $591.75 price is wrong, it's showing as $621.75, $150 difference from the 750X.

          For me that's 3/4 the price of the EVC controller I wanted for my ute, honestly not sure.

      • Thought you'd need the power magic pro?

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          Nope, that's the old series. The X-series it's all in the kit.

          • @aussiekid: Between the two models, the only difference would be 4K vs FHD recording?

          • @aussiekid: Are you saying x series has Blackvue Power Magic Pro?

            Sorry bit confused

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              @jruban: I believe X series doesn’t require magic pro.

              S did.

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              @jruban: The X Series features built-in voltage monitoring so the Power Magic Pro is no longer required to safely hardwire your dashcam to your car's battery.

              • @aussiekid: Many thanks

              • @aussiekid: Correct, in the settings you can change the voltage cut off in the "x" models

    • Nope, it's all configurable on the app.

      However, the X series has less power settings than the S model.

      • Less choices for cutoff voltage?

  • Ahh typical. They jacked the RRP up to reduce the discount. But $621.75 is the cheapest I've ever seen the 900X 2CH go for.

  • +1

    Good work OP. Disappointed in Autobarn for jacking up there prices. Very disappointed.

  • When I got my Blackvue 2-channel installed, I also had the Power Magic Pro installed (apparently this isn’t necessary with the new series) AND a switch on the steering column to turn it off completely. So when I’m parked in my garage, I can turn it off and just use it to record relevant footage when driving or parked away from home. I’ll never own a car without a 2-channel dash cam again; it’s saved me just under $3000 in repairs so far (hit and run).

    • +1

      How much was the dash cam installed?

  • Has anyone bought the 32gb and just replaced the SD card to a bigger size?

    • +1

      That's what you're supposed to do, it cheaper that way as opposed to buying the size kit you want, such a rip off.

  • If anyone is wondering why I did not list the DR750X-2CH 32GB (original/standard, non-plus model), for some reason it has the same RRP as the PLUS model, and was not included in the 25% off sale anyway.

  • Thanks OP bought 2 of Penrite engine oil

  • DR590-1CH 32GB - $176.25 <—- I wish! Showing up @ $200+

    • +1

      It was originally $235 (when I submitted the deal, yesterday), so the discount appears to be from it's RRP of $269.

      I've updated the description.

  • Anyone know if the 750S rear cam is compatible with the 750X main cam? I have the 2CH 750S but nowhere to stick the rear cam. Thinking about getting 750X for GF and hoping I can give her my rear cam

    • I've got the 750S (dual) and just changed cars, and literally thinking the exact same thing…

  • +1

    I'm torn between 750X+ and 900X. Looks like they both have all the same features, cloud offering, etc…

  • I've always been pro viofo and never understood why get a 'premium' dashcam like Blackvue. However seriously considering the 750x because I read your
    can track and watch live video if your car was stolen. Can someone confirm you can indeed do this on the free Blackvue service? Thanks

    • just got mine installed now and with the app, you can watch live cam, front and rear with the app

      • Does the 900x do this too?

    • I’m pretty sure you need wifi/hotspot to do this. The parking mode for example, if someone bumps your car, you’d get a live ping to your phone and you get a video of 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the collision occurred. With no wifi, there’s no live ping. So same in the case of someone stealing it, you could tap into the live video if the camera was connected to wifi, which some cars have only when the car is ignition is on. Now maybe someone here has a blackvue and can comment whether you can get real-time location of the car via gps, does that show in the iPhone app?? There’s a guy on YouTube, Vortex Radar, makes great videos on BlackVue products.

  • I understand if you are at home, but how does it connect to the Cloud when you are not at home, and you can't use your phone to hotspot to give it an internet connection (i.e. if someone stole your car?) I have a 10 year old car it has no built in internet hotspot. So do you stick a sim card into it or get a remote hot spot from Optus and leave it in the car?

    • There is a seperate 4G modem you can buy ($220ish) and plug into it and you put your own data sim in this modem.

      • Thanks understood, gets expensive when that's accounted for and the data plan just to get cloud service :(

  • Do we have to use BlackVue branded SD cards? Guy at autobarn said anything else will damage the camera.

  • Anyone unable to checkout with delivery? It wants me to pick up from Bankstown… Fairfield… Auburn… Liverpool.. which is lol

  • +2

    I have 2 links to the DR750X-2CH Plus with Harvey Norman I’m not going to use. Price matched to the now finished Autobarn sale price. Postage with HN is $7.95 but you can get the usual discounts on HN gift cards for further savings.

    The links are only valid for 24 hours so these will be expiring at about 10.15am today FYI. First in best dressed.



  • +1

    Has anyone had their camera ship? I ordered Saturday via express delivery and it still haven’t shipped.

    • Ordered Friday, shipped with whatever the default was and was delivered yesterday, Perth.

      • +1

        I spoke to Autobarn - Apparently there was a delay receiving stock from Blackvue. But they will ship it out within 48 hours. Pleasantly surprised by how genuine and quick Autobarn were.

        • Mine is stuck on 'processing'

  • Still waiting. Think I need to call them up.

  • I am also waiting for mine (ordered on 21 Aug and shipped on 22 Aug). Post office sent me an email apologising for the delay. Guess it is all due to COVID causing a havoc on the system… funny thing is interstate delivery is less affected than delivery within Sydney.

  • I received mine yesterday.

  • I received mine on Friday. Have installed and used hardwire kit. Has anyone else set theirs up and can comment on how long parking mode lasts?
    I use the 12.5v cut off, and get around 2hrs (may just need a new car battery).

    • +1

      It all depends on your batteries condition and capacity.

      2hrs sounds to me like your battery is cactus anyhow.

    • +1

      What Xistn said.

      If I've driven for only 15 mins, parking mode lasts maybe 2-3 hours.

      But if I've driven for 1-2 hours, parking mode lasts for 12-18 hours.

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