This was posted 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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30% off Flea Market Turntables & 20% off Vinyl Clearance + Delivery ($0 C&C/ to Select Areas with $100 Order) @ JB Hi-Fi


30% off Flea Market Turntables & 20% off Vinyl @JB Hi-Fi

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  • TV on the image and seems good price for Q80A 65" $2,295 😆

    Get me excited for a min to see 30% off

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    20% off vinyl doesn't seem to be working, I've tried it on a few items and they all say the code isn't valid

    • The code is unique and can only be used once, here’s my

  • 20% off Vinyl is only on clearance items, not all of them.

    • Hmm, doesn't even seem to be working on clearence items

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    Please, do yourself a favour and AVOID those nasty FleaMarket turntables. You're much better off with a used one from a reputable brand, i.e. Technics, Pro-ject, Denon, Yamaha, etc.

    • +1 for Technics.

  • Shop around before you pull the trigger on any records. Even with the discount they're often cheaper elsewhere.

    Example: Prince's Sign O The Times is $457.89 at Amazon ( and $479.20 at JB after discount.

    • this is assuming you can get the coupon to work, which i cannot!

      Coupon has already been redeemed"

    • Is it silly, no?
      When a rocket blows and, and everybody still wants to fly
      Some say man ain't happy truly until a man truly dies
      Oh why, oh why?
      Sign o' the times, unh

  • The codes are unique. I got a different one sent to my email.

  • My flea market code: 92387154449 and vinyl clearance code: 92LJKPD5T1QAW7

    • Strange, we got the same turntable code but different Vinyl code

      My flea market code: 92387154449 and vinyl clearance code: 922Y03L4W7V4G

  • If anyone isn’t using their code for the clearance vinyl, can you please message it to me? Got my eye on a few things :)

  • Don't buy the Flea Market…anything.

    I've had a couple of their boomboxes (replacements) and some blank tapes about 2 years ago when I just needed a quick tape deck and it was a (profanity) shit show and a half, absolutely one of the lowest quality products of ANY category I've ever bought. The tapes were not just shit, but they were LITERALLY old tapes from a company called Bush with the Flea Market logo literally stickered on top of it. And yes, I know all modern tape decks are shit, but there's a difference between shit, and (profanity) faulty.

    Also bought one of their plug in TV AV game things on clearance for $5 for the kiddo a couple years ago and as someone who has a tonne of those things and emulator consoles and whatnot, also the worst by far of any I've had, including a 38 cent NES on a chip plug and play shaped like Sonic's head, which trounced it.

    Shit brand, shit products, avoid.

  • If anyone has a code for the vinyl discount they wont use, I will gladly take it off your hands :)

  • +1

    ^as above. If anyone has a spare code they won’t use I’m interested

  • If anyone has a spare vinyl code I could use it also :)

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