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Headspace 40% off Annual Subscription INR539.4 (~A$10.18) via VPN (India)


Saw the post of calm app (thanks @akbal) and thought to checkout headspace subscription and found its cheaper using Indian VPN (not checked turkey)

1) Connect to any VPN by selecting the country as "India" (maybe cheaper in "turkey"?)
2) Once connected, visit the deal link or subscription page in Headspace
3) The payment amount will be shown as INR 539.4 which equates to ~ AUD$10.18 (used ING card)
4) Recommended paying with your card that supports low foreign exchange conversion charges.
5) Enjoy!

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/JMbF9v2

credits: @Snape
Just a reminder - if you work in education you can get a free subscription.

"You’re here for them, we’re here for you. Headspace offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia."


@mods please let me know if anything missing.

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    darn it…I subscribed 1 month ago for $45 AUD annual. I thought that was lowest I could get :( Great deal!

  • Headspace or Calm?

    • headspace, check the screenshot https://imgur.com/a/JMbF9v2

      • +3

        I mean which one is better

        • +4

          oops apologies, I will leave that up for discussion, I prefer Headspace because of Andy's voice

    • +1

      I have used them both, but not a lot.

      Similar/identical content (30days program etc…)

      The first time meditation “worked” for me was with Headspace so I think I am still prefer it over Calm because of that?

      Maybe try both and decide?

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      I like calm cos you can change the background themes

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      There's also one called Waking Up, which is made by Sam Harris, it's pretty good.

    • I find that Calm instructors speak too much during the meditations, so it's not exactly relaxing. Also I absolutely adore Headspace's interface.

    • Is calm $10 too?

    • Calm is alright. I like Headspace for their animations and daily Wake up video topics.

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    I connected to India VPN using Private Internet access but Headspace still detects I’m from Australia when I follow that page. I even tried using Private Mode in Safari but its still showing it as the AUD price.

    • +1

      Interesting, I used Nord VPN India 72 just now and can see https://imgur.com/a/Oifoj6V

      • Definitely doesn’t work on Private Internet Access. Tried on 2 different devices on Wifi and on Cellular and using 2 different browsers and both in incognito/ Private browsing mode and it can still tell I’m in Australia! No idea how!

        • +1

          Your IP is leaking somehow. Go to https://browserleaks.com/ip and see what it is and how to fix it.

          • @ozbargain-pashim: Thanks, tried and it correctly reports me as being in New Delhi India.

          • +1

            @ozbargain-pashim: thanks for the link. i just discovered i got dns leaks. just fixed it.

          • @ozbargain-pashim: Interesting are you able to explain what is dns leak

            • @jes: Domain Name Service (DNS) is a service that requests and fetches IP addresses for websites you attempt connecting to. Sometimes if the VPN is not configured properly you end up using the DNS provided by your ISP instead of the DNS provided by the VPN, causing your real IP address to be exposed.

        • In a similar deal last time I had to set my location in Chrome. How to guide

    • +4

      I prefer Calm over Headspace - Headspace was great when I first started learning how to meditate but I got bored.

      I personally find Headspace to be great if you're an absolute beginner in meditation. Their Take 10 was great in guiding you through meditation and explaining how it work, e.g. how you're supposed to observe your breath and your thoughts, without trying to shut down your thinking completely. But as you progress, the more advanced programs (such as Take 15, Take 20) all start to sound very similar. Admittedly I got a bit bored after a while.

      Calm offers some of the following features:
      - sleep stories narrated by celebrities (which help you/ your kids fall asleep)
      - calming music for sleep/ relaxation (some by popular artists such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, FKJ, Disney etc)
      - daily calm (this one is my favourite. Each day you wake up to a new guided mediation recording with different themes. For example, this week we had Restlessness, Patience and Mindful Listening. This makes meditation a bit more fun.)

      • +2

        Nice comparison. Have you had any experience with Balance? That's my first meditation app and it has been really good.

      • Headspace has all those things - sleepcasts, sounds like rain, the sea, forests, etc. music by Hans Zimmer, the wake-up with breathing, shirt video, and the afternoon lift. Also exercise routines for fitness, anxiety, and so on. You only get the full suite with a subscription, though.

        No Disney, but sports celebrities.

        It's the cost of the subscription to get all of this is my beef, but as soon as the thread appeared, an ad for 40% off has been coming up on my OzB newsletter, doing it through Google Play, so I've succumb again.

        Still use Smiling Mind for certain meditations. Less hype, and Australian. I donate tobyhem because of what they do in schools, and it's tax deductible.

  • +4

    If you are looking for something free, Insight Timer is quite good

    • +5

      And the free Australian-made Smiling Mind.

    • It says in-app purchase for me. How do you get free license?

  • Which VPN did you use OP? @Tomhaigh1

  • +1

    I found Medito the other day and it's great free alternative imo https://meditofoundation.org/

  • +2

    Can you get a cheap lifetime sub using Indian VPN?

  • Does this work for existing accounts? If so what if my account profile says Australia and then I buy from India store?

    • I believe so, but I created a new account

  • +2

    I'm using Surfshark multihop Singapore > Mumbai, and through firefox. Would not work at all through Chrome.

  • +7

    I went to sign up for this, and found my subscription was already active.

    Looks like the old "Free for residents of LA County" offer is still going.


    • -1

      Awesome - still works - thanks!

    • -1

      Same here. Has been active since May 2020.

  • +1

    Try "incognito" mode from your browser for people who use VPN but don't work. The website puts country into your browser cookie and use cookie to detect your currency instead of IP address first.

    • Not working that either

      • +1

        If you're using NordVPN then user India server 72 in a new incognito window. If it doesn't work, then it's your VPN

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    Doesn’t sit right for me to use a VPN to get a discount to Headspace. If you can’t afford it and it would help you, especially in these trying times, then obviously go for it, but if can afford the full price then I’m sure the money they make goes back into mental health. I know this is a deal site and I’m not bagging out the poster, I just think morally if you can afford it the pay the full price.

    • +11

      I take your point, but the founder Andy Puddingcombe has a net worth over $100m. The company was valued at $320 million three years ago, proably around a billion now.

    • +2

      @leroy interesting morality question - no judgement either way - interested in your opinion of why it is ok to charge one country more than another? I do not have a decision on this personally and I am still exploring the morality of the position and whether it is or not discrimination.

      • +2

        Ratio of incomes. India/ Turkey poorer countries to Australia incomes. Normal country price points for goods and services. Although I wasn’t aware Headspace was a private company to be honest. Assumed it was a government backed organisation. So now I second guess my post as well!!

        • Maybe time to cap our incomes and then help India and Turkey to level up.

  • Is headspace or Calm better?

  • +1

    Just a reminder - if you work in education you can get a free subscription.

    "You’re here for them, we’re here for you. Headspace offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia."


    • thanks, will add that

    • From my experience, this doesn’t give you the full catalog. You get limited access and they try to get you to signup. If someone had a differ et experience then post here.

      • Yes, mine was one year and then back to the free account.

  • +8

    I tried stopping auto-billing and it offered me a discounted rate of 50% for the next billing cycle (next year). End up being ₹449.5 INR for the following year

    I guess this will be useful for those who want to keep their subscription for 2+ years.

    • amazing.

    • +1

      I did the same so I got the offer page and I click on accept the offer. However, the screen just keeps spinning, did I successfully activate this offer?

  • +2

    YMMV, but when I signed up to the 2 week trial earlier in the year, I let it run down and then they offered the subscription at 75% of the normal rate once the trial ended. So I ended up paying about $22.75/year, and didn't need to faff around with a VPN and so forth.

  • Try Serenity app. It has first course as free. If you get into it and regularly practice, then headspace is good to upgrade

  • Just wondering the auto-renewal also pay INR as well?

  • Is there a trial before you buy?

  • +8

    Smiling Mind is Australian and not for profit (the app is also free).

  • Balance is an app someone recommended a few weeks ago. You can sign up for one year for free. I really like it!

  • After trying for ages I managed to get through

    Ended up working on Chrome with custom location as directed in another comment

    Surfshark didn't work, had to jump on Nord

    Worth noting Waking up and Balance are also great apps i make use of that offer a free year. Calm is also easy to get around DRM on android

    Easiest way to build a meditation habit is with 2 minutes a day :)

  • My company gives free account but I don't know what is it for

  • Jumping on the bandwagon of recommendations, I found out about Dare, which I have personally found very effective, and has a reasonablly effective free plan.

  • +2

    Those of you who are having issues, try this:
    1) Connect to the VPN
    2) Open the browser in Incognito mode
    3) Enter the url as headspace.com (Don't use the link provided since it has some session variables which are somehow leading to US $)

  • Thank you!

  • For 'Private Internet Access' VPN issue( even after trying incognito), try this. It worked for me.

    • Connect to India from VPN
    • install new browser( Opera or Firefox)
    • Don't open any other links or do anything
    • don't go by the above link, Google for headspace 40% off link
    • it should give you the above price

    Worked for me in Firefox.

    • All prices seem to be in USD no matter which VPN server I use… Also using PIA.
      Does this deal still work for anyone else?

  • Works well with the PIA VPN but it seems like it doesn't like to keep the fact that I log in. Once logged in, it reverts to USD. I'm too lazy to set up a new account… ;-)

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