Be Careful of Real Estate Scams

So I really hope I can help people looking for a home to rent.

I know the market is crazy right now and people are being forced to take risks.

I've been looking on Gumtree recently for a home and I've been emailed by people offering a property and expecting me to send them money over the internet before they even meet or view the house.

I'm warning people to be safe and to be careful with these scams of people offering what seems like a good deal and trying to force you to send them rent money online.

Sad times when people try to take advantage of those who are desperate.


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    This scam has been around for years, mainly targetting international students who they know can't view the property in person.

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    Also, don't send your ID to someone without having met them first to ascertain trustworthiness. Some use this to 'steal' your identity and apply for loans/bank accounts etc.

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    Gumtree = face to face cash only.

    • Absolutely!!!

    • And usually best to meet in a mutually neutral place (car park at shopping center etc)

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      Lol, you have to bring a briefcase full of cash to be buying real estate on gumtree

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    I've been looking on Gumtree recently for a home
    I tried looking for a used bicycle on the other day and was sent the same scam message.
    Have heard is safer to buy property.

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      Be careful

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        mind blowing tbh.

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          this place is such an education….

          • @pharkurnell: Society is up the creek if it is a reflection IRL… just too close for comfort.

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    "Rented house on gumtree.. no k3y under rock and block was empty when removalists turned up… how do I get my deposit back…"

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    I've been looking on Gumtree recently for a home; there's your problem straight up