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MasterPro Pizza Oven - Black $85.49 ($83.59 with eBay Plus, $80.75 with Afterpay (Expired)) Delivered @ House eBay


So following on from that questionable Mistral pizza oven here's a deal on the black Masterpro that will make a great pizza for the price.

Go load up on some 00 flour from the supermarket or even better lots of it your local bulk food supplier , get some San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and go make some lockdown pizza!

The black one here doesn't have a window on top which just means you need to open the top to see how it's cooking. You could get the Red one for $95 here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/224552458987 (or even cheaper with AFPYDY15 + Afterpay)

$85.49 with the code BUY10OFF, code P12OFF for Ebay plus members will bring it down even more, or if you're happy with Afterpay use AFPYDY15 for $80.75.

BUY10OFF/P12OFF coupon deal
AFPYDY15 coupon deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • You can also get it for $83.59 using code: P12OFF

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      Yep i'll add that in if you're an Ebay plus member. Or 15% off with AFPYDY15 if you are happy with Afterpay

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    Don't worry the window becomes permanently black after a few uses anyway like on mine

    • Yeh true, I was going to mention that. I open mine anyway.
      This is the most important appliance in my kitchen, I recommend everyone have one if they like pizza. My whole family bought one. Thats a good price as I've been wanting to gift one for a while now and they were $159 from Kogan.
      I use mine every single day. I use it with pride bread and put what ever topping family want.

      • Someone gave me one of these years ago when they moved, and I just did the "thanks" and stashed it away in a cupboard. Might pull it out and try it then

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        pride bread = pita bread. This.

        Pita bread works amazingly well as a thin pizza base. Way better than the bought "pizza bases" you buy from the supermarket.

        • Which brands are good? From woolies?

        • "pride bread = pita bread"
          Oh good, I was going to say, I have no idea what "pride bread" is, Googled it and still had no idea.

    • try a razor and vinegar solution

  • Cook delicious pizza in as little as 5 minutes!

    That’s more like it!

    • 4 mins too long IMO

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    Never got a refund from the last price error.

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    Got one at home and paid retail. Well worth it!

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    Why not just use an oven? Is this for if you don't have an oven?

    • this works in 5 min and cooks evenly , plus it makes the crust nice and crisp thats hard to do with the oven

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        Then you have to store the appliance. And clean it. Lot of effort.

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          I store it in the oven. With my air fryer.


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            @morebunnings: A russian Matryoshka doll!

            • +3

              @ATangk: Only problem with those Russian dolls is, they are full of themselves…lol

        • Basically never clean mine. Just scrape off the stone if there is some left over cheese. Easy.

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      Regular oven isn't hot enough if you want traditional quality pizza. This cooks in less than 5 minutes and is highly recommended.

    • Oven takes atleast 15mins to heat and just as long to cook pizza. This literally does a pizza in 5mins and around 4 minutes to heat up.

    • I agree. I had one of these. A steaming hot pizza stone in the oven works just as well

  • How big is this thing? Im guessing it only makes small size pizzas

    • 38.5x33x19cm according to the listing

    • 30cm is the size of the stone inside the metal surrounds. That's pretty much as big as you can make it, in practical terms about 25-27cm is about right and easy to get in and out.

  • Is it that much better than a pizza stone in the oven?

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      Depends your oven and pizza dough and how you like your pizza.

      Don't have one but I think max heat of 400c is probably more than most ovens so you will get better crust with most doughs.
      I still use pizza stone + oven because I don't make enough pizza to justify finding the space for another appliance. But I am very tempted

    • -2

      no it's not better, it's a useless contraption that doesn't do it better.

      • I would disagree. I cannot get even close to as good in my Bosch oven. Try using Pita bread as a base. works REALLY well. Don't get the same effect in the oven (and the oven is slower).

    • those donkeys messing around with a fish, a scallop, and a frozen pizza, what a joke!

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        eee aaw

  • -3

    How is this still on the frontpage with only 17 upvotes in 100 minutes?

    Paid promotion?

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      Slow day +12 is on homepage.

  • These are great. We've had one a month and it makes really good pizzas, used it to make naan bread too that's as good as from the restaurant

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      What’s the recipe for naan bread?

  • Thanks OP, just grabbed one. My current one has seen better days.

  • is this suitable for thick base pizza?

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    5 mins for a Pizza? it'll taste very bready and not traditional at all.

    What you really want is either an Ooni or a Gozney Roccbox. Different price range but you'd rather buy once and buy well.

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      exactly, it should be 90 seconds.

      • 45-60sec if you're hardcore

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      I was honestly looking at one of them, have had pizza out of a Roccbox and it is good I agree. But I got mine as a gift and I've been pretty happy with it. Sure it's not on par with them but is that worth the extra 8x or 9x the price? I wanted to post this deal so nobody bought the bloody Mistral "oven"

    • Not if you are doing Roman style thin base pizza rather than the thick "Napoli style". 5 min is about right.

    • Do you have the gozney? I follow on insta and pizzas look amazing but can't believe you can get that in that oven!! Legit?

      • You can get Neapolitan pizza done in 400C and some flame, using many ovens.

        As others said above 90sec sweet spot.

    • You can get close with a wetter dough eg 75% hydration

  • My parents got one of these.
    Personally I'd prefer to use an oven.
    We use pita bread for our bases though.

    But didn't seem to cook evenly and what happens when you have guests over and it's only cooking one at a time?

    • Turn your regular oven on and use it to keep them warm?

      • Kind of defeats the purpose of using this though.

        • Kind of defeats the purpose of using this though

          Not really. This will get much hotter than a domestic oven. The purpose of this is to cook the pizza dough and toppings quicker giving a better texture.

          As others have said, 5min is still too long for optimal pizza cooking but much better than a domestic oven.

          Pita bread isn't pizza dough and not what this is meant for which is probably why you had poor results. You're just making crunchy pita bread with toppings.

          • @OzBragain: It does say it will work with Pita Bread though.

            I do agree though it probably works better with pizza dough.

            • +1

              @treeman: It'll "work" with pita bread, just won't be pizza.

              • @OzBragain: Well it doesn't work with pita bread.

              • @OzBragain: Sorry, opinions differ. While I will agree that you won't get thick "Neapolitan style" pizza using Pita bread, but if you are going for the thin "Roman style" pizza you get in most decent restaurants in Rome, Pita bread works great. Not exactly the same method or ingredients, but similar results.

                • @dtpearson: No need to apologise champ. I'm glad you enjoy your toppings on pita bread but that doesn't make it a pizza.

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      try making a fresh or slow rise dough.

      500g of 00 flour, 320g of warm water. Put the water in a mixing bowl and add half a teaspoon of dry yeast , wait for the yeast to dissolve and foam up a bit (at least a couple of minutes), add the 500g flour and a teaspoon or two of salt. Mix and knead on a floured surface, cut into 4 portions, flour and add to ziplock bags. Put in the fridge for 24 hours. When you're ready to use them let them warm up a bit from the fridge and ideally stretch them out (or use a rolling pin at the expense of slightly less air pockets to rise) onto a floured surface.

      yeah pita bread is easier but this is far tastier and should cook a lot more evenly

      once you get a few bases together you can just pump out pizzas every few minutes… not everyone needs to eat at once.

      my local bulk food place does australian 00 flour for $18 a bag of 12.5kg which is a LOT of dough.

    • +1

      Pita bread = not a pizza

      • Pita bread is a healthier option and far less trouble.

        • Life's too short for that, I'll pass

          • @FTTNope: Pita bread pizza still tastes amazing.

            • @treeman: I am not understanding the Pita bread hate. I was lucky enough to visit Italy twice in 2019 (and many other times in the past) and I eat pizza most days I am in Italy, and using Pita bread is a super easy way to get similar results at home to thin Italian pizza (despite what the purists will say).

              Just like the purists will say that a Ferrari is nothing like a Lamborghini and the latter is souped up tractor. But for the rest of us, both cars serve the same purpose :-)

              • @dtpearson: You're being a little over-sensitive, there's no pita bread hate. I for one love pita bread and eat it regularly. The point that's being made is that putting toppings on flat bread (likely cooked days before) and then cooking again does not make pizza.

                Thanks for sharing your travels with us. How many pizzas did you eat in Italy made on pita bread? Next time you go to Italy (and please be sure to tell us about it), when you eat pizza on most days, why don't you ask what they think of pita as a pizza base.

                Although it may appear daunting, it's not difficult to make pizza dough at home. Slow ferment takes a little planning but no more time to prepare and adds an extra level to the flavour of your pizza.

                Your car analogy makes no sense with regards to toppings on pita bread.

        • Pita bread is a healthier option and far less trouble.

          How on earth is commercially produced pita bread more healthy than mixing 4 ingredients in your home?!?!

  • This is good and fast, but tend to burn the pizza edging while the bottom does not heat enough. I usually let the top cover unopened for few minutes before closing it and turn the pizza every 2 minutes to even up the heat.

    • Found this too.

    • +1

      You are doing it wrong. If the bottom of the pizza does not heat enough, you need to heat the stone way more before you put the pizza in, its the top element that gets the stone super hot. Once the stone is super hot, put in the pizza and turn the heating element WAY down so you don't burn parts of the top of the pizza. Even with a cheap crappy electric pizza maker I can pretty much nail the results every time now.

      I have often considered buying the Breville Pizzaiolo to try to get even better results, but its $1000 and every single time I use my crappy little $80 pizza maker, the results are just so good I drop the idea.

      • Thanks, didn't think of that. I will try next time. Cheers

      • What’s your suggestion, heat up the stone for 10 min at setting 5 and turn down to setting 1 for the cooking?

  • -2

    can it make gluten free pizza?

    • No

      • have you tried?

        • +1

          No, I love gluten.

          I was just being a smart ar$e. This can't make anything, it just cooks.

          Any reason why it couldn't cook gluten free dough?

          • -1

            @OzBragain: As gluten free things are difficult to make.

            Anyway thanks for your response, cheers

    • -1

      It's an oven you Muppet

  • Lots of whiney people in these comments.

    One of my coworkers bought one to our site and we started doing Pizza Sundays - good fun and puts out tasty pizzas. Of course a dough rested for 2 days in the conservatory of a Tuscan villa and woodfired using endangered trees will taste better, but for a quick 5 minute thing it does the job well. Only real reason to be complaining is that it's not that phenomenal of a deal.

    • -2

      Deal is great, I never down voted it but just saying it is not as good as a regular oven.

    • We got one from aldi years ago for about 30 bucks. It made great pizzas before it died after a few years.

  • +1

    Look up vito iacopelli on utube for some amazing dough recipes.

    • Yep his 70% hydration recipe is great. I just reduce the amount of salt.

  • What’s pita bread? Is that the same as Lebanese bread?

    • +1

      Not quite. Pita bread is generally thicker and fluffier and used for stuffed sandwiches or dips like hummous.

      Lebanese bread is thin and unleavened. Better for sandwich wraps.

      • Thanks!!I haven’t seen them in coles/woolies. Where do they usually sell it?

        • Neither have them in the fresh bakery section but WW stock the packaged Mission brand variety: https://www.missionfoods.com.au/en/products/bakery/pita-pock...

          Nandos use pita bread in their hummous and chilli dish.

          Else you can find them in smaller ethnic groceries and restaurants.

        • Golden Top is the best pita around. Harris Farm stock it otherwise a Greek deli near you

    • Pita bread is Greek yeros

  • +2

    I bought the red one of these about a year or more ago, but I don't use it any more.

    The main problem for me is it only cooks one at a time. 7-ish minutes to cook a pizza and then a few minutes for the base to reheat (if you want crispy bases) and it becomes a slow process. Also I found that the dough recipe I was using at the time would bubble, and the pizza would touch the top element and burn.

    I get better results for my large family using the oven cranked to max, with three Bunnings pizza stones

    • Exactly this.

  • If you buy it, just make sure you remove the peels before you heat it up. Twice I made that mistake and melted plastic all over the stone

  • Anyone had theirs ship yet?

    • +1

      yeah, I just received the tracking number an hour ago. it took one day to get the item shipped. Hopefully, I will receive it this week

  • did anyone receive this yet? Auspost is super slow

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      Just received mine this morning (metro Syd)

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      I received mine this morning. Looks like pizzas are on the menu for dinner tonight!

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      Don't think it's AUS post. Just got an email that it's being packed now