Which Bicycle Do You Have ?

Inspired by posts What Motorcycle Do You Have? and What Car Do You Have?

This poll for the bike type you have.

Mention in the comments:

Which Bicycle type you have and feel free to mention why and when you started riding?

eg: Hybrid/Road Bike/TT/ebike/Gravel/Fixie Single Speed/Unicycle/BMX.

Poll Options

  • 177
    Mountain bike
  • 151
    Road bike
  • 94
    Hybrid/commuter bike
  • 31
    Electric Bike
  • 12
    Cyclocross bike
  • 10
    Folding bike
  • 6
  • 6
    Cruiser or Vintage Bike


  • +4


    • +13

      ah, that's one with flat tyres, eh

  • +12

    Think the poll should include more than one option, no?
    Is it a poll with only one listing?

    I don't have a Hybrid, don't like hybrid bikes, and don't believe I will ever own a hybrid bike…

    Little confused by this post/poll. Suspect it's been put up by mistake before being finished?

    • You can add your own poll options. If you are on mobile it can be tricky to see.

      • Can't work it out. I'm useless with this site I suspect…

        OP - Perhaps list a few options on various bike types - e.g Roadie, Cross, Mountain etc…
        Maybe list various brands, and/or models - e.g. Cannodale, Trek, BMC, Repco, Malvin Star, Giant etc… Six13, System6/Super6, Synapse, Madone, Domane, Roadmachine, TCR etc…
        Groupset - e.g. Shimano, Campy, SRAM etc…

  • +1

    NCM Aspen+ electric mountain bike. I like fat bikes and it's perfect for offroad trails through Ku-Ring-Gai.

  • +8

    2015 Pinarello Dogma F8 - Road bike
    2018 Scott Spark 940 - Mountain bike
    2015 Giant Anthem 2 - Backup Mountain bike

    • +7

      None of these can be left outside groceries store :D

      • +6

        Grocery stores? No
        Cafes? Yes ;)

      • +1

        Just make sure it has anti-theft rust on it

    • Time to upgrade to the new Dogma F? :)

      • +5

        Do want the f12
        But a specialized sworks venge or madone will be next.
        Anything thats a high yield investment where your health is concerned is well worth it.
        (At least thats what i tell myself and the missus)

  • +1

    For compact storage

    • Which folder do you have? I have a $564.86 Litepro LP1611 ($703.49 after taxes and shipping. I mean you can get a cheaper $200 Kogan foldup bicycle but it doesn’t have as many gears mine does (10 speed). I choose mine as Bromptons foldup bikes start from $2,499 for a folding bicycle. Ridiculous.

  • +3

    Malvern Star 2 Speed

    • That's a common one.
      Surprised no-one has mentioned that popular Aldi Specials Shimano MTBK.

  • 30+ year old Mongoose BMX, front skyway tuff (flexi noname rear tuff), mushroom grips, layback seat pole (with a piece of reo in it to stop the bending)

  • +1

    Does 2x unicycles count?

  • +2

    Roadie - Cannondale six13 with Campy groupset. Still love this ride so much!

    Was about to buy another roadie just before C-19, was tossing up between the Trek SLR 9 and another Cannondale, the new SuperSix Evo HM.
    Then remembered the couch was so much comfier than that of a bike saddle! Guess I'll be waiting a little while before buying another…

    Does anyone else have an SLR9 or SS Evo HM? I'd be interested to hear feedback - yes, completely understanding its personal etc.

    • I've had a Supersix and Supersix EVO, and have ridden mates Six13's and Supersix EVO HM's.
      I liked my bikes for being surprisingly good at comfort and speed, and only upgraded to a Giant TCR SL because the Supersix needed a full birthday which I wasnt willing to give it. It still rode well when I sold it, just didnt fit with my OCD.

      The Six13 I feel is still a better bike than it will ever get credit for. I kind of want one for myself and might go down that path if Shimano release a wireless kit.

      The HM was no doubt the stiffest of all the Cannondales and put the power down really well. Not so sure about long term comfort though.

      I love my Giant, and whilst its a little stiffer than my EVO, it still retains most of the comfort.

      I also have a Focus flat bar for chasing the kids. Gates belt drive, shimano internally geared hub and hydraulic brakes - great fun to ride.

      • aaahhh - how much I love the six13. Agree, such an amazing frame.

        Flex where it needs to flex, stiff where it needs to be stiff, hand-built, and great weight.

        When I did a few laps of Cenntenial park in Sydney on a Trek Madone SLR7, those I was riding with said I was marginally quicker than usual. It felt like a nice bit of gear, but the last half of the days ride I jumped back on the six13 and just loved it all over again.

        Couldn't agree with you more, about it being under credited. But at the time it was the #1 roadie if I remember correctly but most reviewers.

        Not sure if you will find a new one with a Shimano wireless, as it's a pretty old frame now. Perhaps you have it mixed up with something else?

        Just can't decide if I want another Cannondale (brand loyalty) or switch camps to Trek. Still need to jump on a new Cannondale HM!

        If your interested: https://products.roadbikereview.com/product/latest-bikes/roa...

  • +3

    Roadie as well. Merida Scultura 400 with carbon fork and Shimano 105 equipment

  • +1

    All of the above? Well, except folding.

    Thread should be in sports and outdoors too.

    These threads are turning into a data gold mine.

  • -1

    Yess, it looks like I started something great lol

  • +1

    Got mine from vinnies, nothing fancy, but really like it.

  • +1

    so you cite a list of example bicycles but your poll does not include them? sort of pointless

  • +1

    Long time ex girlfriend … Still rides smooth ! 😳

    • +7

      Strange I found she gets loose in the mud?

      • +1

        Use better rubber.

  • Very hard to understand OP. Not sure why MTB falls under hybrid.

  • +3

    Wanted to vote unicycle but it's not there 😭

  • So far 4 in OPs OP list and 4 in poll - but different in each list.

  • +1

    A 2008 Ingall Enforcer.
    Glorified K-mart bike, but all I really need.

    • I dont know much about bikes but that thing looks cool as (profanity), expensive, and like it could have been released this year

      • You know nothing Jon Snow

      • It's okay for a steel-framed BSO that was "only" $150 from SCA in 2008.
        TBH my 90s Repco is nicer to ride.

  • +13

    I wished we would learn about bicycle commuting. We only understand cycling as a sport. Bicycle infrastructure in my town is only bikepaths for Sunday riders, not for town access. Our bikes aren't even equipped for commuting, they are not comfortable and make us dirty as soon as there is one puddle. They are performance bikes, sport bikes,… Not commuters. And if we have commuters who just use bicycles around town at reasonably low speeds (not getting sweaty in Lycra) then a helmet should not be necessary! Pedestrians also suffer head injuries, and they don't wear helmets. If a bike had ample splash/mud/chain and wheel guards, was made with comfortable seat and rubber pedals and you could comfortably ride it without clips or padded shorts, and go without a helmet then people would use them for the 1-2km rides around the neighbourhood instead of a car. All we need is a little white broken line on side of roads so when cars and bikes pass both know their safe side.

    I am Dutch, so I just can't help but throw up my hands and think we are nuts not using scooters and bicycles here.

    • +4

      Most of the Netherlands is flat which makes cycling ideal unlike here. Also distances usually traveled over there are a lot shorter.
      Other things you did not mention that makes cycling the less preferred mode…
      Wind, rain, cold weather, hills, dangerous on the roads and very limited carrying ability.
      The cost of fuel over there is the 3rd highest in the world @ $3 LT which would be an incentive to jump on the bicycle.
      Oh, I am a cyclist :-)

    • +5

      I live in Adelaide CBD and it is great for cycling. Getting anywhere in CBD is a bit like teleporting. 🤠 We have lots of bike lanes within the city and heaps of tracks in the parklands.
      Plenty ride bikes for their commute too.

    • +1

      I am in Brisbane and ride the veloway to work each day. Fantastic bit of infrastructure , hopefully more people wake up to the fact that it's a lot quicker than the bus .

  • Which Bicycle You Have ?

    My neighbour's.

    They didn't want it anymore.

    • How do you have my bike?

      • Found it on the nature strip with the hard rubbish out for collection.

        • but that's where I found mine?

          I upgraded to an alumninium MTB last week for this reason, yesterday I rode past the guy who left it out and gave him a wave and a smile, he didn't look impressed for some reason

          • @Jackson:

            I rode past the guy who left it out… he didn't look impressed for some reason

            That was George.

            He is always grumpy….

  • +1

    I bought an Orbea hybrid bike ~2009 on the recommendation of a work colleague. The place I bought it from were waiting on stock for about 2-3months and when Orbea finally sent stock, it was the next model up. Orbea told them to just give it to me at the price that I paid already. Very lucky purchase. I hardly ride it these days but I'm not keen to sell the bike given the good deal I got for it.

  • +1

    Usually it's N+1 bikes :)
    Current have cyclo-cross for commuting.
    Road bike for weekend / racing.
    Haven't ridden for over 2 years due to kids..

    Looking to get Dutch cargo bike so I can peddle with the toddler.

    • How come no time with kids? One of the best things you can do for mental/physical health!

      • +2

        Work takes up alot of my time. Rest is spent on wife and daughter. No time for exercise myself. Other than chasing daughter around. KOMs can wait a few years lol

        • I've been like this since lockdown, need to start back up again but it's pretty hard with the juggling act

  • +2

    Had Kmart mountain bike, got stolen from park, bought another from Kmart a year after, got stolen again from friend's parking under the building.. some people..

    Filed police complaint both time but never even heard back. Called to follow up and looks like they have no record of complaints anymore.

    • -1

      Filed police complaint both time but never even heard back

      I think the problem is

      Kmart mountain bike

      • I know it could be, but there are still many cases (as I go to know from one of my friends uncle who's an LPO) where expensive bikes got stolen too and never to be found.

        I also understand the odds and how hard and expensive it is for the police to allocate resources on such matters when there are other pressing matters pending. However, in my case at least I personally sent CCTV footages received from my friend's building manger. The thief was well known to the police as many people in that area confirmed he did steal from many others in the precinct. This is where I have trouble understanding why did the police overlook when there were multiple complaints filed.

        And on top, they literally lost my complaint, let alone solving the case. How would you react to that?

  • +5

    no multiple votes allowed! this is discriminative to those with the N+1 syndrome!

  • +1

    scott genius 750 - awesome all mountain bike with tunable on the fly suspension front and rear, dropper seatposts (best thing ever!), modern slack geometry and 27.5 wheels - great handling bike at speed so much fun.
    on one single speed - old skool spec with Marzocchi fork and hayes disc brakes, newer wheelset, WTB Speed seat which are the worlds most comfortable seat. awesome commuter
    giant anthem 2 - old XC bike dually, nice and light and good if I want gears around town, geometry only good for going up hills
    detroit single speed - pub/shop bike

    I reckon an e-bike will be in my garage within 5 years, been following Rob Warner for a while, he's only a couple of years older than me, I reckon I might be following his lead!

  • +1

    BMC roadie running 105 gear, that's now largely become an indoor bike

    Merida 29er running Deore gear.

    Neither top end, but doing everything I'll need them to do.

  • +1

    A Ridley Fenix SLX with Di2 - primary bike.
    Building a carbon gravel bike for getting off the path and do some commuting.

  • +2

    Tern GSD, best decision I have made to transport my wife and kid

  • +1

    What does a kid get for their birthday in Inala?

    Your bike

  • I have been thinking of buying a bike to help me lose weight. I prefer cycling over walking. But every time I search for a bike mentioned here I get shocked because of the prices :D

    If you have a suggestion for me I would appreciate your help. (177cm, 90kg need bike to exercise. budget $600)

    • +1

      Higher prices are due to demand as well, limited stock of good brand names.

      With your price range look for used bikes, you can find few on Facebook Marketplace or check local bike shop if you have not ridden for a while as they may help you with bike fit (given lockdown, shops may not offer this).

      Decathlon got few bikes option to get you started. Single speed bikes are cheaper option too if live in flat area.

      • Hello ?

        I have this fear of buying uses stuff off gumtree or any other platform due to the many scam stories I read on Ozb ( I might be dumb for not checking for used bikes :D). I will check Decathlon and see what options they have. Thank you for your reply.

    • +1

      If you're lookign at a road bike, you'd be able to get a decent spec second hand bike if you shop around. A lot of people sell road bikes with hardly any use. Use fb marketplace.

      • Hi Morebunnings,

        Is fb marketplace the best/safest place for uses bikes?

        Thank you!

        • +1

          Hi, not sure if its the best or safest. Gumtree and FB marketplace are easy enough to use when buying items that you are picking up and are quite specialized (eg road bikes). Where I am anyway (SEQ).

          Last bike I bought I had a chat to the guy first. He owned 6 road bikes and told me about each one and what he liked about them etc., pretty easy to pick up he wasn't trying to scam me.

    • +1

      Anaconda half price deals at $500-600 are pretty good. Can get hydraulic disc brakes and decent shimano, front suspension. 27.5in wheels. Plus, good warranty.

      • Hi Stickman,

        I checked Anaconda and found bikes around $400 but they all look similar so I got confused. Is there a bike you would recommend from Anaconda?

        Thank you!

        • +1

          Are you a male or female? It matters a little bit due to stereotypically different body dimensions. I'll assume you're male.

          There's plenty of other options like 99bikes etc, especially if you live in metro.

          Highly recommend and alloy bike due to the weight.

          Some anaconda examples:
          This is a hybrid bike. Small front suspension, comfy seat, raised handlebars. Medium tyres so they roll well but still can go over bumps on gravel. Good overall bike style.

          Mountain bike. 27.5in wheels is what you want. Hydraulic disc brakes is what you want, not mechanical. Has fatter tyres, different geometry which makes bumpy terrain easier, and a 100mm suspension fork. Good choice for an overall bike that you can use at parks/etc. If you're going to be 100% of the time on smooth pavement, maybe choose a hybrid or a road bike, as the tyres have less rolling resistance and are lighter. This one has been 1/2 price for $500. I probably would look at other options instead of this if you are spending $600.

  • +1

    I bought myself a Norco Storm 4. Thought it was a good investment seeing as the frame is pretty decent and I could upgrade the rest of it's parts as it deteriorates.

    • I was in the market for a storm 1. I can never find stock.

      • I highly recommend the brand, hopefully they can re-stock soon for you.

  • +1

    Two. A Trek Emonda SL5 for weekend rides and a Merida Speeder 200 for riding round town.

    I feel like if you ride something too fancy as a commuter it a bike thief magnet.

  • +1

    Got a Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Comp in December last year just as things were going crazy. Love it very forgiving, back into more full on MTB riding which I raced in as a teenager some 30 years ago. Paid $4k landed think they are around $4600 now…if you can get your hands on one.

    • Very nice. Yeah all the branded bikes went up about 15-20%

  • Trek Butterfly Madone . .j/k it's not my taste.

  • Giant TCX SLR2 with 40mm tyres as a one bike quiver. Able to go everywhere fast while having a lively ride feel that can border on too lively.

  • +1

    Fuji Touring bike - have done some long distance tours on it. It's basically a heavy steel road bike with wider wheels, relaxed geometry and lots of mounting points
    Fixed gear - built up myself from spare parts and hard rubbish finds and occasionally change bits. Yes, it is a real fixed gear with no freewheel and I have had since long before they became fashionable
    Road bike - bought a "broken" bike with a smashed frame off gumtree for $100 - had a full 105 groupset and nice wheels and other bits . Bought a used frame off gumtree, moved the parts and ended up with a nice road bike for $200

  • Where are the options for someone who has 4 or more bikes? haha I know a mate who has 9.. O.o

  • Once you go electric (pedal assist or full), you never want to go back.

  • +1

    Polygon heist 5 hybrid.

    Owned Giant brand bikes before and this time tested against Polygon, I liked the Polygon better less twitchy than Giant and $1000 cheaper. Good enough for a beater commuter bike

    • Any modifications or add on done ?

      • Panniers, higher handler bar extender.

        Has everything the giant had component wise, Shimano group set, hydraulic brakes, 700c semi tyres, 29er stock, rolls downhill fast lol

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