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ASRock AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom Gaming D 16GB OC GPU $1899 + Delivery @ PCByte


PCbyte is selling this for the price of a 6800 XT on Umart.
I’ve been thinking this is going to be perfect for those who bought Asrock b550 taichi when it was on sale. You can control the RGB with one app, maybe, hence the update.

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            • @drprox: Seems hard to believe cards could get even MORE expensive?

    • I have a 2080ti and caved. Tried to get the recent pny 3080 afterpay deal but afterpay screwed me around a bit which meant I missed out.

      I really should know better, but I find with some titles at 3840x1600 Id like some more frames.

      Still on the fence a bit though as think the 3080 wil be better for my use case (gsync monitor and Nvidia shield) but from a longevity perspective I suspect the 6900xt will outlast most current offerings due to what is in the consoles, AMDs resurgence in the market, the extra ram and I’ve found amd cards seem to be like wine with performance over time.

      Usually I change my cards up every 1.5-2 years but with a newborn I suspect my days of yoloing 2 grand graphics cards might be a thing of the past

      Edit: looks like they’re oos now

  • Would a 650W gold psu have enough watts to push this paired w a 3600?

    • Depends on what else your system is running. According to some reviews these cards do have the occasional power spike so a better power supply is recommended.

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    Built my new PC about 2 months ago and it's sitting back in it's box waiting for GPU. I wasn't gonna buy one just on principal as I didn't want to pay the current asking price for the GPUs. But I caved in with this deal and bought it. Shame on me.

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      lol. I know that feeling. I've got 2 PCs sitting around GPU-less from a week before release myself.

      Kept only 1 of the 3 1080Ti FE's that I had thinking that supply would be like previous generations.

      Suffice to say, thankfully Remote Desktop works and I can still maintain the updates and get to the info on those other 2 machines.
      The downside of a HEDT series of CPUs at home. lol.

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      Just enjoy mate. In these covid times it's one of the few things we got!

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        Touche, and honestly it's a pretty good price for the 6900xt.
        I always thought AMD cards did ray tracing this gen, just confused why so many people are saying don't buy this card for ray tracing.
        I think you did a killer purchase hope you have a blast with your rig

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      Amazing reference. That finish was incredible (and kept me distracted long enough to save me $1899 + delivery)

      • Literally laughed AFTER I posted it. I should claim it…

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    OOS. Saved me $1,900 in which I don’t have! Lolz

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    Finally there was a top tier card at <$2000, but it's already gone :(

  • Solid deal 👍

  • This is $2k at Shopping Express if you're still keen to get one.

  • Sorry for a noob question with no technical computer knowledge but why is it so expensive?

    • You can google search the ridiculously price rise of GPU cards this year.

  • Far out, genuine question how do you guys justify spending close to $2k on a graphics card. Seems ludicrous to me

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      - I work hard
      - enjoy PC games
      - only upgrade every 5 years
      - and see a world where they are one of very few uniterupted hobbies I can enjoy

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        Fair enough!

      • Plus you use it for (cough) work purposes

    • Same as car parts or any other hobby?

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      All hobbies cost alot… Motorcycling or Car track days is an example.

      Least this hobby the government can't deny me from doing it.

  • This or 3080?

    • This is sold out so 3080?

  • Everyone is whining about covid and doing it tough but will happily fork out 2 grand like its nothing for a graphics card. smh.

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      Don’t be such a drama queen. Plenty of people are doing fine tbh

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      One group of people whining about covid and doing it tough isn't "everyone". And another group who happily forks out 2 grand for GPUs aren't necessarily the same group of people whining about covid.

  • So when do we reckon these will arrive all? Gotta sort a PSU and case..

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      well its been 2 working days and they havent shipped so …. plenty of time?

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    Has anyone got their order processed? My order is still showing in processing

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      Yeah I'll be slightly stressed until it ships. Gotta wonder how many they actually had and sold..

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        Yeah I'm still waiting as well. They've taken my money tho….

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      I'm still waiting as well… and for that matter at waiting on ETA for a 3080 order from elsewhere (which I placed before Christmas last year, and plan on cancelling when I get notice that this has actually shipped).

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        What an absolute load of shit! I understand why you're holding the order of course but geez

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      Mine just arrived :)

  • It has been 4 days , the order still has not been shipped. Can anyone from PCbyte comment here , what a disappointment

    • Was probably a preorder, else I'd assume they'd of sent them by now.

  • The should tell us first it was a pre-order ,

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    Lol mine just arrived! Have faith friends!

    • Grats! Auspost or courier, out of interest?

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        Startrack :)

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    Also still waiting… My order hasn't moved from 'processing'. I ordered at about 7:30pm on Saturday.

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    Anyone from Melbourne get theirs?

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    I just received mine today, ordered Sunday. My order still says processing so I dont think that is up to date.

    • Ditto; mine just arrived (and my order still says processing).

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    Still waiting on mine. Ordered Saturday

    Anyone installed it yet?

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    Tracking details now on my order… and can see that Startrack tried to deliver today but failed. Looks like it was just the updating of the website that was the delay, not the actual sending.

  • Ordered Saturday 6:30pm, no updates yet friends

    • Arrived today - delivered by Startrack :)

      Thanks OP

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    Installed today and had a bit of a play around. Very impressed actually, build quality is quite good and its quite a quiet card compared to my 2080TI (I'd say its even comparable to the watercooled solution I had for the 2080TI).

    Little bit of coil whine in some games but case is open atm so I doubt I'll notice when its closed up and I play with headphones.

    Only downside was a bit of texture pop in in Kingdom Come and I maybe its a placebo but I think Gsync might look a bit better (I have a 38" LG 950G which has a dedicated gsync hardware module). However, I might do a full system reinstall and see how it goes.

    I know its still early days but if anyone was on the fence of jumping ship from Nvidia to AMD it might be worth doing. Be interesting to see how RDNA 3 does.

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      Did some timespy benches …

      Quite a jump from my 2080ti.

      Best score from my gaming X trio 2080ti on air…

      Best score to date for this 6900xt

      Pretty beasty I must say!

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        Not bad. Haven't done much benchies yet (reinstalled with Windows 11 today) but with an upgrade of a 3700x to 5600x I think the system feels very snappy.

        KCD was a config failure on my part. It now looks and runs significantly better than my 2080TI.

        Well done AMD. Whole process was a breeze. Pity the pricing is so rubbish for people atm.

        Kudos to PCbyte too for getting the car out quickly.

        da1nonly - any reason you didn't go for a 3080?

        • I just think that right now RT hasn't matured enough and the 3080 isn't much of an upgrade to the 2080Ti.. roughly around 15%…

          Wanted to try out team red and so far I'm not disappointed… especially with just raw power (rasterization) and overclocking potential is pretty huge…

          oh and this was a good price (considering how much the other retailers are asking for the 6900xt at the moment)