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Strawberries 99c, Bike Repair Stand $39.99, Ebike $599, Helmet $19.99, Pump $14.99, Light Set $19.99, Storage Rack $49.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming catalogue.

  • Aussie strawberries 250g $0.99 from August 25
  • Bike and accessories from September 4.

Full catalogue can be found at Best Aussie Markdowns.

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      I have the exact same toolbox although I bought it from somewhere else. It is handy ONLY if you intend to learn all the more serious maintenance bits.

      I would not recommend it for someone who is just starting out. I learned all of my maintenance watching GCN videos on youtube and have used most of those tools - but those tools are really for taking apart your bike rather than just casual maintenance.

    • +3

      Have you ever considered professional help?

  • Anyone happen to buy the multi-section frying pan last year have any feedback?
    Looks like the sort of thing ideal for my weekend brunch cooks or if I'm making a meat and 2 veg, but I'm hardly a chef so there may be gotchas I don't know about. I dunno, say crappy heat distribution, too small, crappy non-stick, etc.

    Cos at $20 it looks cheaper than anything I can see on eBay and dunno if it's any different or the same factory but at least will have some basic Aldi warranty/return avenue and QC … and did I say being cheaper at the same time :P

  • No bike repair stands in store at my local, didn’t arrive in time. Not sure if it’s even worth heading to another store to check.

    • But nothing listed on the delays page

      • Made an account just to reply lol My local had the repair stands.

        Their bike holders are delayed according to the notice board on the second aldi I went to

        • I’m in Melbourne, where are you?

    • Tried two stores here. No stock at one from opening and the other didnt have a section in the aisle for them so guessing no stock arrived there either.

    • Managed to get one after trying 2 stores

    • Just checked local stores and none had stock. Both had dedicated tray with labels but were empty.

      • Checked 2 local Aldi in Melbourne South East and none had any Bike stand though one had an empty pallet.Not sure if they got sold out or it never made to store

    • Few stores got it now, check stocks nearby aldi stores I happened to be at one store and picked from there

      • I managed to get on at my local on Wednesday, I’d almost given up after a dedicated hunt last weekend.

  • The ALDI I went to (Melbourne CBD) only had two bike work stands. Sadly I missed out. I did get a tool kit though.

  • My local in SA had tonnes of everything. Grabbed the repair stand and toolkit.

  • Merged from Folding E Bike $599 @ ALDI
    Go to Deal

    Foldable bike for ease of mobility
    Riding made easy with pedal assist power
    Compact design for easy storage
    Folds to fit easily into most car boots
    Power assistance up to 25km/h
    250W rear hub motor
    7.5Ah lithium battery
    Comfortable seat
    Standard V brakes
    Foldable stem
    Foldable pedals
    Collapsible handlebar
    Power cut-off brake levers for safety
    Alloy kickstand
    Durable steel frame with welded rear carry rack
    Durable alloy battery case
    Battery capacity LED indicator
    Front and rear LED lights
    20" diameter, 1.75" width tyres
    2 A automatic charger (cuts off when fully charged)
    Includes: 1 electric bicycle, 1 charger, 1 allen key and 1 wrench
    Weight: 24kgˇ, Dimensions (when folded): 33cm(W) x 63cm(H) x 86cm(L

    • +2

      gone by now

      • ??

        • I think you might need to be lucky to find one. Was a reasonable price and it was on sale this (Saturday) morning.

          • @Stinkypoo32: Is it a good ebike? Saw one granny guarding the last one like a hawk earlier to day.

            • @LurvinOZB: lol yeah, gotta be careful with the seniors….they're feistier than they look ;)
              it's got very basic specs, which is to be expected for the price.

    • How does the Aldi one compare to the Kogan one (which sometimes can be had for around $550?)


      • +2

        I see a 10Ah vs 7.5Ah battery.

        • Yes, and they are slightly heavier

      • Kogan ones are probably the clunky foldable bikes they have too many of and are often $159 but with a battery attached.

      • +5


        kogan battery has double range capacity than Aldi
        Kogan has 360 watthour (36v x 10 Ah)
        Vs aldi has 180 watthour (24v x 7.5 Ah), means can travel appx 14-16km distance, before charge is required.

        Kogan had 6 shimano gear, aldi 1 gear

        Kogan has speed display unit, Aldi doesn't.

        Battery indicator
        Kogan integrated into the display unit
        Aldi has simple Battery indicator

        Both have powered front and rear light

      • +1

        I would be interested @ $550, please post about it here when next on sale, will grab one, thanks
        Yes it's a better buy and more feature packed than the ALDI one

        • +1

          I think $550 was a while ago and also delivery on the top of that. I suppose the Klarna offer was pretty good (basically 25% off) hence $660. We just need to keep an eye on offers , I suppose getting the Kogan for $600 with an offer should be achievable

      • Has anyone bought the Kogan one that can comment?

        I've heard e-bikes are quite heavy due to the battery and don't want to break my back to put it in the car.

        • don't have the kogan one but have a 20" folding ebike that's around 25kg and can tell you they're heavy even when you have to lift them up slightly to move around tight spaces i.e. train station. i've tried putting it into the back of the car and it's just way too awkward because there's no handles to hold onto it properly without potentially getting your fingers trapped or injuring your back.

    • +7

      I wish Aldi would sell mountain bikes again instead of e-bikes.

      • +3

        I was waiting to buy the 29er too.

        • Polygon probably complained

        • I was lucky enough to get one of the 29ers last year. Great Bike, however, hard seat, only 10xgears, and tyres slowly go flat - so, some things to consider.
          This was the review that sold me at the time: https://www.ambmag.com.au/gallery/we-test-the-aldi-premium-2...

          • @Scotch: I have a 2018 and while a extreme value case my mechanic has said to only use it for unsealed paths not even cross country single track (which is ok as it's a 2x9) as it's just not robust enough for any g forces. have had many a issue from pushing it but otherwise it's a great bike that has taken a slight bashing. I really hope they have an aldi dualie one day as even at polygons low prices it's still a high entry.

            • @abuch47: The 29er has pretty good brand name components and is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the equivalent Polygon which it is based on.

              I don’t see why it should be particularly fragile.

      • +2

        Worldwide shortage of bikes. I'd be very surprised if ALDI can even manage to put in an order for their limited supply of bikes… And even if they do, good luck trying to find one - it was difficult enough before the pandemic…

        • It's interesting that something that has been around for a century and is relatively nonperishable can have a shortage, I guess we love chucking stuff out and getting new ones?

          • @Jackson: People are riding more due to covid. I did months of commuting by bicycle and avoided the bus.

          • @Jackson: A century?? How young do you think bikes are??? Try 2 centuries.

            • @cakesyy: I said a century because I don't expect bikes made 2 centuries ago would actually be considered ridable in contemporary society. Probably even a century is pushing it

          • @Jackson: Nah just crappy bikes dont last. Shotty aluminium frames with subpar welding. You get what you pay for.

          • @Jackson: i bought a bike 3 months ago, same bike rrp has gone up 20% since

        • +2

          Not if you look at those aerial stock pile photos of excess bikes as a result of the rental over supply :)

      • I have been waiting for a long time and they didn't offer them during the standard two time periods compared to previous years

        • I remember the remarked Polygon 29er bikes to be a once a year event.

    • is this fast enough for use as a food delivery vehicle , or too slow and i won’t make my rounds in time ?

      • Battery only 7.5 I don’t know if that would make it suitable

    • I managed to get one of the Aldi E-bikes yesterday, last one at my local store. Relatively easy to put together just needed to make sure everything is tight. Wasn’t able to ride yesterday due to rain in Sydney so will give it a crack today.

      • What time did you buy it? I was told by one of the stores you had to be there when it opened.

    • Around 4-5 was in at Aldi Baulkham Hills yesterday evening

    • My local store only had a few of the bike accessories yesterday no sign of the e bike. The shelves in general were quite bear compared to earlier in the week.

      • +1

        How grizzly!

    • I went to two stores in my 5km zone at noon and both were sold out.

      One of the stores said they only had a couple of bikes that were sold as soon as the store opened.

    • Got one yesterday. Had to go there before it opened. There were only 6 boxes when it opened.

      Tried it yesterday and today. A lot better than my non electric bike. Can't compare with other ebikes since this is my first one.

      I has throttle limited to 6kms/hr and can only be used when walking the bike.

  • My first ebike. Seems to be impossible going up hills. Fixed gear means just not enough power I think…

    Brilliant going on the flats

    I’m probably going to return it, unless i am using it wrong or something

  • ALDI Keysborough has 3 Repair Bike stands in stock as of 7:10 pm Wednesday Night .

  • There must have been a re-stock, or delayed COVID shipment or something. I just picked a repair stand up at Aldi Abbotsford in Melbourne.

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