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½ Price Connoisseur 1L Ice Cream $5.50, Majans Bhuja $2, SunRice White Med Grain 10kg $16, Sukin, Pears Soap 3pk $3 @ Woolworths

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    Connoisseur Ice Cream Caramel Honey Macadamia 1l Tub

    Highly recommend, my go to

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    But aldi comparison is $4.70 everyday guess not as many flavours but 😅

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      The Coles and Woolies comparison ones are also $5 every day. You can't always compare Aldi stuff to branded stuff.

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    Is it just me or has the quality of cafe grande (cant speak for other flavours) decreased? It used to be quite dense (not airy) and I used to have to take it out of the fridge around 5min before consuming. These days, it's too easy to scoop and the mouthfeel is so underwhelming… :(

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      Not sure about Connoisseur but recently tried the Aldi competitor (white choc passionfruit) and thought the same, it's all air now like a cheap ice cream whereas they used to be solid. I don't know who makes the Aldi ones currently but I'll try the Coles competitor tomorrow (which I know isn't made by Peters) and see if that's changed any.

      • the Coles competitor tomorrow (which I know isn't made by Peters

        Ooh how do you know this?

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          The Coles ice creams are made by Norco. I happen to live near the factory so it's generally common knowledge here that it's a local product. I know they have made the premium Aldi ice creams and also make the Woolworths ones. They also have their own "Hinterland" line now as their Connoisseur competitor, which is sold at Woolworths, maybe also IGA (not sure).

          Regarding my experience with the Aldi one, I'm not sure what the deal is - whether it's just Aldi requesting a cheaper product, it being made by someone else now (who would be making it cheaper), or if it's just that limited edition flavour that's cheap or made by someone else. The first or last option seems most likely to me - it may just happen to be that both Aldi and Peters have made theirs cheaper and not necessarily that Peters is now making the Aldi one. I bought a Coles one today (Peanut Butter) and it's the same good quality as before so it's not an across the board thing. I'll have to try a normal flavour Aldi one again sometime to see if they're still okay.

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            @ethan961: Cool thanks for reporting back! I only drink Norco milk! I have tried Hinterland but unfortunately out of the 4 flavours I've tried, the only one I would go back to is the boysenberry. Used to love the Bulla boysenberry until they pulled it but it came back a couple of years later, albeit very airy so they lost a customer. Shame how this is becoming a trend :( I would rather pay more for a consistent product.

            I've not tried Coles' tubs but I suppose I will now. The woolies peanut butter tub was so so in flavour, wouldn't buy it again.

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    Not only have the prices gone up on these ice creams, but the quality seems to be dropping precipitously.

    • Has there ever been a product where the quality has gone up and prices has gone down?

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    my go to is classic vanilla, will probably be picking one up (tried the other coles/woolies vanilla 1L but just not as good). used to be chocolate obsession until that disappeared a while ago :( still miss it.

    raspberry white choc is also decent

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      Vanilla is definitely the best, but only picking up one tub?!

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    Is strawberry good?

    If you add to cart now will it reduce if you hit buy on Wednesday?

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      you need to hit Buy, on Tuesday night!

      • thanks, I actually changed my order deleted it and added it again on wed arvo. Was awake at 1230am but still some items were full price.

  • Wonder whatever happened to Bhujas hot mix? Pulled because too spicy?

    • Get the Indian Brand ones at the international food section. Taste better

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    Connoisseur Cafe Grande, get in my mouth! Thx op

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    still dont get why matcha is only available at coles

  • I usually prefer the Coles post where it has all the half priced items. But connoisseur is worthy of its own post.

  • Why most ice cream is Australia is so boring.. full of sugar and milk.

    You go to Ben and Jerry. All the flavours are chocolate based.

    Australia produces beautiful, tasty fruits such as mango but never seen a delicious mango ice cream or other fruity flavours

  • How to pronounce Connoisseur ?

  • Cold weather and people getting fit for summer = 1/2 price Connoisseur

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    Have been looking for Gold'N Canola 4L oil, its been a while it was on offer ? shortage of canola seeds ?

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    Whatever happened to the Green Tea Macha flavour.

    • I believe they made it an IGA exclusive and added way too much white chocolate in it. Very sad because the original was absolutely amazing..

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