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WD Black SN850 NVMe 500GB PCIe Gen4 X4 SSD (without Heatsink) $129 + Delivery ($0 Metro Delivery) @ Centre Com


Manufacturer Specifications

500 GB

PCIe Gen4 x4

Dimensions (L x W x H)
80mm x 22mm x 2.38mm

Sequential Read Performance

Sequential Write Performance

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    Compatible for PS5 - just the 500GB size may not be ideal for all.

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        This is actually the same type the lead designer of the PS5 recommends, so no, it'll work just fine.

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          Stand corrected then , I thought they were a bit stricter with the ps5 drives but I guess I was wrong.

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            @rekkore: Are you getting this confused with something else? This is one of the top end PCIe 4.0 drives

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              @FireRunner: In hindsight, I probably should've noticed but yeah nothing but ignorance added the conversation on my part.

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    Is heat sink required?

    • Also want to know this.

    • For what purpose are you intending to use? If for PS5 it is highly recommended by Sony.

      • Running it in a pc for gaming purposes, Flight sim 2020, cyberpunk 2077

        • It depends on how much active cooling your computer has. I noticed that during gaming sessions my Samsung 970 Evo plus 500gb (no heatsink) would get in excess of 60c. It's warmer than I'd like it to stay at.

          Flight sim would absolutely destroy your ssd during loading screens since it reads like 10GB+ at each load screen. These heavy sequential loads also heat up the SSD quite a bit.

    • For PS5, absolutely.

      • What happens without a heatsink?

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    I don't need another nvme ssd, buuuuuuut…

  • Ooof, good deal - but I do really want at least 1TB

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      i need 2tb after missing that $300 deal

      • What was the 2tb $300 deal?

        • The PNY CS3040, fantastic deal

          • @kille745: Ahhh. 5600 read tho. For PS5 7000 is the creators choice. For pc, looks good.

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      https://www.amazon.com.au/WD_Black-Internal-Gaming-Technolog... - click on "New (14) from $259.00 & FREE Delivery"

      Being sold by "Evatech Computers" for $259 with free delivery - they have one 5-star rating which is for the SSD.

      So $/GB is basically the same, but you can use Amazon GCs.

      • That's a good find! I've never clicked that button lol!!

        An aftermarket heatsink shouldn't be too much of an issue, i think the 1tb 850 heatsink was $366 via mwave.

        Hopefully prices don't shoot up between now and the update releasing here.

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    These people place your order on hold if you use a VPN.
    I ordered, paid by Paypal, and received a message saying :

    Your order with us has been placed on hold automatically by our screening system due to the following issues:
    Your order was placed using some kind of VPN or anonymizing service………..

  • Don’t forget Samsung 980 PRO 1TB $237.15 after 15% OFF Afterpay on eBay.

    Same spec for PS5. Works out cheaper per meg, and much more practical size for games.

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      The Afterpay deal already ended, but as I said above, there's the 1TB SN850 for $259 here.

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    fyi, the write speeds on the 500gb are less than the 1tb also the iops are lower.

    per the data sheet located at https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-ap/products/internal-driv...

    Sequential Read:
    2TB: 7,000MB/s
    1TB: 7,000MB/s
    500GB: 7,000MB/s

    Sequential Write:
    2TB: 5,100MB/s
    1TB: 5,300MB/s
    500GB: 4,100MB/s

    Random Read:
    2TB: 1,000K IOPS
    1TB: 1,000K IOPS
    500GB: 810K IOPS

    Random Write:
    2TB: 710K IOPS
    1TB: 720K IOPS
    500GB: 680K IOPS

    edit: in case anyone buys this based of a 1 or 2 tb review

    • Thanks for sharing. I was buying 2TB but bought 1TB last week as that was my gut feel. This confirms.. altho minimal difference but I wanted to shave as much time off as possible .

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    I feel better about getting 2tb gen4 for $300 when I see these prices

    • Have to remember that the $300 was for a slower speed 2tb.

      • Doesn't really make a noticeable difference though, the pny was rated for almost three times the endurance though

    • Why you gotta do me like this 😩

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    Enough to fit one COD game, thanks OP!