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Alienware Aurora R12 Desktop w/ i7 11700F & RTX 3080 $3,649.00 Delivered @ Dell


Alienware gaming PCs now have the option to upgrade the graphics to rtx 3080 for $1,100 (previously only upgrades to RTX 3080 Ti were available for ~$3000). Not sure if this is LHR or not. Seems like a decent price considering the specs.

Specs below:
11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 11700F (8-Core, 16MB Cache, 2.5GHz to 4.9GHz w/Intel® Turbo Boost Max)
Windows 10 Home English
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB GDDR6X
16GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz; up to 128GB (additional memory sold separately)
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
Dark Side of the Moon chassis with Low-Profile Smart Cooling CPU Heatsink and 1000W Power Supply
Thermal design includes quad 10mm copper heat pipes with integrated vapor chambers – our largest diameter heat pipe design to date – designed for exceptional gaming performance.

Upgrade to 32gb ram available for (a ridiculous) $500. Save yourself some cash and do it yourself.

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    Does anyone have this computer? Curious about the airflow because the pictures make it seem like it has awful airflow.

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      The point of buying a pre built is to worry less. Buy extended warranty and throw this to fb marketplace/ Gumtree when the warranty is about to expire

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      Gamersnexus had a review on YT about that… it's not glowing.

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      Gamer nexus gave it a pretty bad review

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      I have R12 with 3090 AND i9, and so far it has been pretty good, some people have experienced high VRAM temps with GPU but it is due to poorly applied paste on GPU. I honestly havent experienced anything like that, so far in heavy gaming I get 75-80 for CPU and 70-75 GPU. My VRAM temps would hit 95 sometimes but NVIDIA said that their GPUs VRAMs are made to run 100 (as normal) and I think throttling at 110.

      FYI I am getting these temps with my fans running maybe 50-70%. Fans can be really noisy if you crank them up but some people ended up replacing internal fans with Noctua or Corsair to reduce that noise. Make sure if you buying Alienware R10-11-12, that it comes with AIO cooling for your CPU. (Liquid Cooling)

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      I have this. I followed some youtube tutorials on the paste and installing a noctua fan and it made a pretty big difference.

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        So.. You didn't value your warranty.

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          Not sure about this but with my Alienware Alpha they provided YouTube tutorials on how to change the CPU, disk and RAM. It was designed to be upgraded (not that I did) and didn't void the warranty.

        • +1

          Repasting definitely wouldn't void warranty. I wouldn't think installing a fan would void it either

          • +1

            @FireRunner: It does with all gpus bought as components.

            I sought permission from gainward (denied) and tech fast (ignored)

            Even though it's in their interest as replacing a FHR with FHR is impossible and replacing FHR with LHR is not legal (not equivalent)

            • @justtoreply: EVGA allow repasting without affecting warranty

            • @justtoreply: Hmmm, it really shouldn't be legal to deny warranty just for repasting a GPU. I guess it would be at least a hard fight if it is the manufacturer's policy though.
              However, CPU repasting doesn't void warranty (at least with Dell). Alienware have dedicated videos on how to repaste their systems

              • +1

                @FireRunner: It shouldn't be legal to build a $1200 card or sell it for $2500 and be skimping out on $5 of better thermal material or pads that may drastically improve longevity of the device

        • It may void my GFX card warranty I guess. The reduction in VRAM temperatures is substantial for a 10 minute job though.

        • +1

          repasting your components doesnt void warranty

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      If you want to see more about the case, I'll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ulhFi5N2hc

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      gamers nexus teardown was brutal, it's absolute cheap garbage.

    • +1

      I order it back in April offer ( i think it was $2700 at the time).
      I play games and also mining-84.28 MH/s- and i have no problems with the tem\p (https://ibb.co/X8WSMQz)

    • I have the R11 with the 10700F and I love it. Had no issues with it so far. I monitor the GPU temp constantly and it doesn't go above 60C even when I mine non-stop.
      I should note mine is also with the 3080 but I only paid $2,750 back a few months ago. This price seems kind of high even more so when GPU prices have supposedly been falling since then.

      • 60C when mining? no way

        • icarus255 is probably reading the wrong temp. The GPU temp rather than memory junction.

          • @justtoreply: Straight from the T-Rex miner output. Happy to post my results when I get home. The post above me also has a similar temp reading. They even attached a screenshot.

            • @icarus255: Not sure on t-rex but suspect it's the wrong temp. That's a typical core temp. I know hwinfo reports both core temp and memory junction correctly, if you're curious.

              Some quick Google fu suggests I'm right.

  • +4

    terrible assembly; especially terrible case.

  • +1

    Yes I own one and can confirm stock fans are awful. It's an easy fix tho, just swap them over for better ones and thermal issues goes away. Lots of tutorials on YouTube.

    • Terrible is not the best word to describe them. They move a lot of air and can get to a very high rpm. They are very very loud. Not really suitable for a personal computer. They cool fine, just too loud.

      • If the computer crashes from overheating when games in 4k, i think terrible is the perfect word to describe it.

  • Not bad. About the same price if you'd DIY.

  • +1

    I wonder if there any new deal from tech fast

  • +3

    Over $500 for ram upgrade from 16gb to 32gb? Are they nuts?

    • They do even worse to you when pricing memory/CPU for servers (but then every vendor does)

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    Dell's variant of the 3080 is horrible. Do not touch with a 10ft pole.

    • +1

      not sure why you're getting a neg on this, Gamers Nexus has shown this is the case?

      • +1

        His video was commending the cooler design of the 3080

    • +1

      Dell neglected to put any thermal interface material between the metal plate that removes heat from the memory, VRMs etc and the cooler. A bit of thermal paste added above where the memory is and the temperatures come right down.

      • +2

        Not a single consumer that buys a pre-built let alone many pc builders want to undertake this task and void their warranty.

        • -1

          Bought the insanely good r10 deal in late April just for the 3080, I have repasted it/ added paste for the VRAM, undervolted + overclocked it. The temps are definitely much better, stock form I was getting around 105C on VRAM which is very close to TJmax for GDDR6X, after repaste it is a much cooler 75c underload (heaven, aida64). Note this is in a Lian Li o11d xl with plenty of airflow so ymmv. Also remember reading on a dell forum that repasting most definitely does not void the warranty.

      • Most of the users who do this don’t see any benefit

  • +1

    Surely you're not buying a 3080 for more than $1800 now (say a month waitlist) which makes this a crap deal.

  • Here we go again, not delayed until November or asking to swap to 3070 for same price after 2 months of waiting? the buyers of the last 'deal' will know

    • Cancelled my order early July after being told it will be over a month's wait. Did they seriously offer 3070s without adjusting the price? LOL, what a joke

  • +4

    How are prices still going up? lol crazy world

    This was like sub $3000 in April

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    "Low-Profile Smart Cooling CPU Heatsink" smart cooling is terrible in these terrible cases.The only option with them is the water cooled one

  • Dell delayed my order to 6 months on this. Neg

  • I'm selling a similarly specced system I built
    I7 11700kf, 64gb ram, 3080 LHR, 1tb nvme, 1tb HDD
    All under a month old
    What's a fair price for a system like that?

  • +3

    Geezus if u buy this u deserved to be slapped.

    Just get the BPC tech or MSY deals.

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    I feel like I should warn anyone interested. I had this system (with a k model i7)
    Sold straight away because the noise level is unbearable for me.
    Replacing fans adds cost, not all fans compatible. COrsair fans that work with this are not great at noise either.

    If you're coming from a custom built system you'll struggle with this thing.

    pre builts are great for people who don't want to build themselves, however here's a quick build (off scorptec i quickly specced just to check if the above makes sense)

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (Base: 3.70GHz, Boost: 4.60GHz / 35MB Cache / AM4 / 6 Core / 65 Watt / Wraith Stealth Cooler / Vermeer) - $419.00

    MSI MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI MB, B550, 4x DDR4, 1x PCIE4.0 x16, 1x PCIE3.0x16, 6x SATA3, 2x M.2, 7x USB 3.2, DisplayPort, HDMI, Micro ATX, Wi-Fi 6, BT 5.1, 2.5Gb $219.00

    HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8GB) PC4-28800 (3600MHz) DDR4, CL17, 17-21-21, 1.35v, XMP, Dual Channel Kit - $129.00

    Western Digital WD 500GB SSD, WD Black SN750 SE, M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen4, Read up to 3,600MB/s, Write up to 2,000MB/s, Random R/W up to 360K/480K IOPS, 300TBW - $119.00

    Western Digital WD 2TB Blue 3.5" Hard Drive, SATA III, 7200RPM, 256MB Cache, Max Transfer 215MB/s, SMR - $75.00

    Lian Li Lancool 205 MESH Black ATX Case, Tempered Glass Window, No PSU, 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio, LED Control Button, 2x ARGB PWM 140mm and 1x 120mm ARGB Fan Included, Removable Bottom Side Panel - $119.00

    EVGA SuperNOVA G5 1000W Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Gold, 2x EPS, 6x PCI-E (6P+2P), 9x SATA, 4x Molex, 1x Floppy, 135mm FDB Fan, ECO Mode - $249.00

    Custom System Parts Assembly 7 to 11 Parts - $199.00

    Custom System - Warranty 2 year 3 year [+$189] - INCLUDED

    3080 GPU IN STOCK can be found for ~$1900 here https://www.pcbyte.com.au/p/pny-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-xlr8...

    Here's the screenshot from scorptec builder page: https://imgur.com/a/4VeU2EJ

    Total ~$3500 and you get someone to build for you, much quieter system, upgradable, arguable better performance too

    • Of course shopping around for parts and buying OZB style with ebay promos etc will save you further $$$

  • At this price point. No deal.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ulhFi5N2hc

    After watching the Gamers nexus video the R10 which looks no different other than color to this i would not want to spend 3600 for something so extremely poorly designed.

  • I remember when dell sold over 5000 of these (seems like only a few months ago), that didn't actually exist. I believe people are still waiting for them as their expected delivery was pushed further and further back, the last I heard until November.

  • i think this is good enough for people who have money to burn and won't be bothered to build one and an Alienware enthusiast. just get an extended warranty for an added peace of mind. long and delayed Dell delivery is not good though.

  • -1

    Where's my home boy Luke from techfast at?

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