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[eBay Plus] Mi G10 $269, Mi G9 $229 | Dreame V10 $199, V11 $319, V9 Combo $229 | Robot F9 $254, D9 $339 Shipped @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite are running some specials on these popular vacuums for anyone that missed that Afterpay deal. This is the eBay Tuesday deal for today.

Don't forget save further with discounted eBay gift cards. You can offset the total balance by applying up to 7 gift cards and the coupon.

eBay Plus members also get free express delivery to metro areas (excluding WA, NT, TAS). Don't forget, eBay Plus can now be purchased on a monthly subscription for $4.99 per month if you don't already have an active subscription.

Note: Get in quick if you want the V9,V10 or V11 as they have limited quantities.

Cordless Vacuums on Sale:

Model Xiaomi Mi G10 Xiaomi Mi G9
Discounted Price $269 $229
OLED Display Yes No
Rated Power 450W 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 65mins Standard 60mins
Max mode 10Mins Max mode 8Mins
Detachable Battery Yes Yes
Inhalation Power 150AW 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.6L 0.6L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Dustbin Removable Yes Yes
Lock Mode Available Yes Yes
Suction 25,000Pa 20,000Pa
Filter 12 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days 30 days
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

XIAOMI G9/G10 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Extended Battery Pack for $118.96

Model Dreame V9 Dreame V10 Dreame V11
Discounted Price $169 and Combo $229 $199 $319
OLED Display No No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins Standard 60mins Standard 90mins
Max mode 8Mins Max mode 10Mins Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 140AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days 30 days 30 days
Plug AU AU Plug AU Plug

Robot Vacuums on Sale:

Comparison Dreame F9 $254.15 Dreame D9 $339.15
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 3000Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 570ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes Yes
Mopping E-tank(200ml) E-tank(200ml)
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes Smart Top Up
Smart Room Map 1Map Upto 3 Map

All items are delivered free from their Australian warehouse for swift delivery and hold Gearbite warranties :)

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +2

    Any recommendations for a decent robo vac?

    • +2

      Roborock S5 Max seems to be the fan favourite. I have one too and it works well.

      • +1

        "works well" is definitely the highest praise I've ever seen for a robo vac..

        • +4

          As long as you keep your expectations low you'll never be disappointed!

    • +1

      I've got a Viomi v2 Pro - quite pleased with it

    • I got the S6 pure since it's so difficult to get the S5 Max at a good price, can't fault it. Does everything it needs to (I haven't picked up the dyson to do a standard clean in months lol, the S6 takes care of it all). Easy to set up, maintain, clean parts, and seems smart enough for me. Most of the time ceebs using the mopping attachment because all it does is 'wipe' the floor (and it's a pain washing out that mop pad), so I'll usually mop myself so I can add in more elbow grease.

      If you have to wait 6-12 months for a good s5 deal, then it's probably more worth it to get something now and get more uses out of it.

      Friends have voimi and they said it's fine.

      Another friend has eufy, they said don't buy that.

    • +2

      I'm liking my Dreame D9 though I wish it had Google Assistant integration. Apparently Dreame are creating their own app which will then support it.

      • Where did you hear the new app with Google assistant thing?

        • I messaged Dreame support but there's no ETA on its release

  • How do you get free express post as an eBay plus member? Another 14 bux for me

    • You need to be in a metro area but unfortunately doesn't apply to the following:

      The free upgrade to express postage does not apply to Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory and accordingly there are no Western Australian, Tasmanian or Northern Territory postcodes

      • +1

        Yup I'm in WA metro… bit unfair, whats point buying ebay plus if it only for east Coast

  • Bummer. Paid 270 for it on afterpay day.

    • Same price, no?

      • Actually, I misread the ebay purchase history. you're right. it was $-40 from 270. So yes. :)

        • +3

          I paid $269 for the G10 in the afterpay sale.

  • +3

    Any news on the V11 carpet head (new pin version)???

    • Limit stocks was sold out at this moment.

      • +1

        When are you getting sufficient carpet heads so that you can do bundles of all models?
        I've kept my eye out for a deal (our current Dyson is nearly broken, brittle plastic), although never any carpet heads in any deals posted on OzB.
        I'm assuming it would be +$60 for the bundle with the carpet head for the V10 and V11.

      • I have sent an email a week ago asking if new V11 carpet head is available but got no response. How can I purchase one?

        • +1

          Only have coupon spare for warranty at this moment.

          • +1

            @Gearbite: Any idea when you will get more that we can purchase separately?

  • Is there any carpet head attachments for the V10?

    • i'd like to know this too. No combo deals?

  • +3

    Any reason to pay more for the Dreame V11 or is the Xiaomi G10 pretty much the same?

    • Was just comparing the specs and seems G10 is better and it also has the mop function. Anyon has experience on both these models and can recommend which is better?

      • +1

        I bought the G10 during the after pay sale.

        Very happy with it, but it's also my first stick vac/dyson clone. Suction is strong - the dual purpose head works well on carpet, and the additional attachments are great too.

        I was previously using a ducted vacuum, but this G10 is miles better. I'm a little annoyed I didn't upgrade sooner.

    • Same question here. Looks like the only difference is the battery.

    • It seems battery is the main difference apart from vacuum colour / design. G10 also has "Lock Mode Available" as well which I tested yesterday after I got it. In addition, G10 seems having mop zone, but V11 doesn't come with that. I hope it helps.

      • Can G10 work on carpets or is it only for hard floors?

        • +1

          I just received g10 today. Works well on carpet.

    • They do look the same, even the battery - 3000mAh.

    • Different heads, G10 has the regular "all purpose" head. V11 come with a hard floor style "fluffy" head.

      I have all hard floors so got V11. If all carpet probably the G10 is better.

      • I have all hard floors too, how do these fluffy heads work with things like flour/sand/etc does it just get stuck in the head?

    • V11 Vs G10
      + Flexible extention hose
      + Fluffy head (for hard floor)
      - Carpet or Multifloor head

      I don't have both, just from the link site. I think Flexible extention hose is quite handy for certain task.

      • yep, flexible extension is what i miss on my existing g10 stick vac …..for those hard to reach places. $29 if bought as an accessory for the V series, not sure if it would work on G series.

    • Seems you cant replace battery on the V11 so when it dies you have to buy a whole new vacuum. Surely that would be enough to persuade people to the G10?

      • the battery is held in with screws, not soldered in so it’s user replaceable if you can operate torq screwdriver …..challenge is getting the battery, it’s on aliexpress and lots of you tube videos but supply in australia might be an issue and you might need to order from overseass ….the battery in the G series isn’t cheap either ($100+) …..advantage of removable battery is run time in that if you have an extra one ……

        • Having the same issues with my old Dreame V9… Battery last 1/2 as long as it used to and batteries are either more expensive that the vacuum at best, and completely unavilable at worst. For these reasons I'm actually considering getting a Dyson.

    • someone mentioned on another post also that V11 has a extension hose and the G10 doesnt

      • That was me

        There is a flexible hose extension available for the V9/V10. But no idea if it'll fit on the G10. Probably not. But @zooboy said the V9 carpet head actually fits on the G10. So perhaps the flexible hose will too?

  • Should I bite now or not hmm.

  • +1

    Given that S5 Max is not on sale, should I choose D9 or Viomi V3 or Viomi S9 for tile floor?

  • This or Dyson?
    Sorry if this was asked before

    • +2

      I believe this was asked whenever a Xiaomi stick vacuum post is up.

      There's always argument about the answer. Spec-wise there's not much different so all depends whether you're a Dyson fan :).

    • +2

      Recently upgraded from an older Dyson V6 to the Dreame V11, new one is literally worlds better. Can't comment on newer model Dysons but tbh $300 doesn't get you much in Dyson territory. You're probably looking (generally speaking) around the V8/V10 Dysons as a comparison which are double the price or more.

      Accessories for the V11 are pretty scarce, but like.. it vacuums? IDK what else people need.

      • Can't comment on newer model Dysons but tbh $300 doesn't get you much in Dyson territory

        Just putting it out there that the V7 is $359.10 and the V8 is $404.10 with HOME10OFF atm.

        • +2

          Fair enough.

          Looking at v6 vs v7, suction is the same. my v6 (at least by the end of it's life, maybe it was better earlier? but never good) is so bad compared the dreame v11. V8 sounds a bit better at least. Still rated less powerful than the Dreame (115AW vs 150AW) but idk if other design differences change the actual real world use.

          v6 always struggled picking up dry cat food unless it happened to flick up perfectly, which it rarely did. New Dreame it's a total non-issue.

          Not to say the Dyson's dont have advantages. Just saying for basic usage (ie where you don't need super specialised attachments) the Dreame's are very very good.

        • I cant understand why the Dyson V8 Animal on the Dyson website is cheaper than the Origin. I called them and they said other than accessories there is no difference. So you get more for paying less?

          • @klonky: Hmm damn the V8 Animal is actually listed on their ebay store for $499 too. Would've come down to $449.10. What extras does it come with compared to the Origin?

            • @CVonC: what's better for floorboards & tiles with some rugs. Dyson v8 animal, v8 origin or dreame v11

              • @bisaya: I don't own any of them so I can't say. Just doing as much research before I commit to one tbh.

    • +2

      I have the Xiaomi Dreame V9 and I am incredibly disappointed. I bought it after reading all the glowing reviews on Ozbargain but really wish I'd ponied up the extra for a Dyson.

      It replaced our Dyson DC35 that we had had for 4 years previous and while the Xiaomi is far more powerful and has longer runtime that's where the benefits end. We have only hard floors but we have a husky and several people with long hair in the house and the head has incredibly poorly designed wheels that get clogged with hair pretty much immediately. I was completely shocked to discover this after just one use. The other serious flaw it has is that there is not much space at all between the inlet and the filter which causes the inlet to get clogged continuously and also makes it impossible to empty without using a knife or something to get between the filter and the inlet to pull the hair out.

      These issues might be fine for someone without pets but makes the vacuum just awful for our use. I also find the ergonomics quite bad too. I'm not the tallest so that might be why but the pole seems too long and the vacuum feels heavy and becomes tiring pretty quickly.

      I haven't used a current model Dyson at all but considering that the DC35 was better for us I can see that 6 years of Dyson R&D should definitely have improved greatly on the DC35.

      This is in contrast to the Roborock vacuum that we bought that has been absolutely perfect and a huge upgrade from our previous iRobot in every way.

      • Great feedback on the V9. I wonder if the V10/V11/G10 suffer from the same problem?

  • thanks bought the dreame d9, been waiting for the roborock s5max to drop to 500 but that ain't happening any time soon.

  • Hi Gearbite

    Any deals on Roborock? Thanks

  • So G9 and V9 are the same, except the G9 has a removable battery? What if you need the soft roller head?

  • I got Dreame V9P combo in June 2020, will the carpet head from my old V9 fit the Dreame V10 or V11 here?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Just ordered the G9, my Xiaomi robovac does a great job on our wooden floors but it's terrible on the rugs. The G9 ad said it does a deep vacuum on carpets so it sounds like the way to go.

    Edit: Dammit just realised the G9 doesn't have the fancy digital display. I need to geek out over my vacuum so I cancelled and got the G10.

  • +9

    Wow 150AW. Almost as good as the missus

    • I’m jealous.

    • +1

      Dayummm! My missus sucks no where close to that. Time for an upgrade I think

      • -1

        That's because she doesn't suck at all.

  • Also looking for a Roborock S5 Max if you can do a deal on that OP :)

  • +1

    How does the G10 mop function work doesn't really elaborate on the feature in the description?

    Also is the head good for tiles aswell for vaccuming?

    • I too would like to know this.

    • Quickly google on the YouTube, you’ll find more details how it works. It’s very basic from I tested yesterday and I won’t consider to replace with our daily mop

      • I checked it out. It is quite basic and would need a lot of refilling and cleaning. You'll save more time with the traditional bucket and mop.

  • Any chance of matching the 34inch monitor deal on afterpay day too?

  • +1

    Damn bought v9 combo last week for $299! Any chance for refund the difference @gearbite? :)

  • Might be a silly question, the v11 is for sale on ebay for $375? yet on here it says $311?

    • +5

      The code mate. The code.

  • +2

    I just bought the G10, but we are mostly all hardwood floors. Should I have purchased the V11 or V10 instead? Does anyone have the G10 and use it for hard floors?

    • +1

      would like to know this too. thanks

    • +5

      I have half n half carpet and hard floors. The G10 works just fine on both.

      Better than any other brush roller cleaners ive used on hard floors. The G10 standard head doesnt seem to flick crap around the floor like the others do. Im sure the soft head of the V11 is even better, but just saying the G10 head is working well on hard floors and excellent on carpet too.

      • Thanks for the reply stumo, I think I'll go with the G10 and see how it performs cheers

  • +1

    Thanks Op! Bought the Roborock S7

  • Which model is the best for carpet vacuuming?

  • +1

    Silly question: Do we need to get a separate "Carpet head" for either Xiaomi Mi G10 or Xiaomi Dreame V10?
    The ebay listing says that the floor brush is good for both carpets and hardwood floors

    My place is a combination of hardwood floors(kitchen/living room) and carpet (rooms)

    Sorry, new to this as I have never used anything other than those $50-$65 bagless vacuums from kmart/big w


    • G10 does both carpet and hard floors with the included head. V10/11 would need the carpet head additional purchase to do carpet.

  • got one of the V11 earlier this year, still looking for a carpet header with the rolling brushes…..

  • Any deal for dreame t20?

    • I want this too

  • Looking to get a smaller vacuum for my car. Does Mi make any of that size? Thinking like 40cms.

  • Dreame seems to offer better paper spec (suction etc.) than Dyson for half the price. Any users of both able to confirm whether Dreame is indeed better?

  • +28

    Bought a G10 during the Afterpay sale from Gearbite. Arrived by Express Post.

    I was tossing up between the Xiaomi V11 and G10. But given that the V11 doesn’t have a carpet head, I went with the G10. My preference was for the V11 on looks, however, after receiving the G10, I found it quite nice. I was also worried that the G10 looked large on the main round body (after watching some YouTube vids), however, when I got to physically use the G10, it was no longer a concern.

    I have a Dyson v8 Absolute, so comparing against the Dyson:

    • G10 run time on high setting “seems” to be like on the normal setting on the Dyson. This leads me to believe that on Turbo Mode, the Dyson would have more suction. The G10 does run quieter on high setting versus the Dyson on normal setting.

    • G10 run time on high setting doesn’t last as long as my Dyson on normal mode. I can normally finish my regular vacuuming with my Dyson on normal mode, but the G10 covered about 50% on high mode.

    • The Dyson carpet head rolls much smoother, but then again, the G10 is an all-purpose head. So not comparing apples with apples.

    • The design of emptying latch on the G10 is inferior to the Dyson system. I had to use my fingers to pull out the fluff on the G10.

    It may sound like I am negging the G10, but overall, I am very happy for the $269 paid. Would I buy the V11 if I could turn back time? Nope, the G10 would still be my pick.

    G10 pros:
    - Removable battery, but extra battery is stupidly expensive. I hope some aftermarket battery packs are produced soon. Even at the discounted $118.96 price, it’s hard to justify an extra battery.
    - Mop function. Those that are choosing the V11 for hard floors - you should take note of this. This mop function is a bonus for hard floors!
    - $50 saving over the V11 ($269 versus $319)

    For $269 (minus the 3% eBay gift cards rebate), the G10 wins my vote. Also, judging by the number of you choosing a v11 and then having to fork out more money on a carpet head at the $90 - $100 mark (currently in short supply), you should consider the G10 instead.

    • +1

      How does the mop feature work?

      I see there is a container for water fluid, does the water get sprayed out using the same vaccum head, i assume with some sort of micro fiber cloth?

      • +1 on how it mops please

    • +1

      This is great, thanks for sharing your experience. Was thinking the G10 would be good for a mix of floors and carpet and is certainly cheaper than the V11 + extra carpet head.

    • +1

      best post in this thread

  • Got a V9 last time there was a deal and while it's a pretty great vacuum, the part where the dirt enters the dust bin gets clogged up very quickly. Even if the dust bin isn't anywhere near full, it seems like certain things (e.g. dog hair) can't get through it properly.

    Every time I empty the dust bin I have to spend 5 mins digging into that inlet hole to pull out a lot of dust and hair.

  • +1

    does anyone know if the disappearing map issue is still there on Dreame D9? Thanks!

  • Dreame D9 vs the Viomi V2 Pro?

  • +1

    Is it possible to buy the flexible extension hose for the G10? Thanks.

    • There is a flexible hose extension available for the V9/V10. But no idea if it'll fit on the G10. Probably not. But @zooboy said the V9 carpet head actually fits on the G10. So perhaps the flexible hose will too?

  • D9 vs Roborock s7? Deal plz

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