Rinnai Infinity B26 Cost and Installation


Woke up this morning and no hot water from our Rinnai Instant gas. Checked the control unit and was getting an error code 11, can hear it trying to ignite. All other gas services work fine.

Called a plumber who looked at it from below (it's and said it is over 10 years old, they can't be serviced/repaired), a new one will cost $2100 to install.

Can anyone let me know if this is reasonable?

This says starts from $1800?



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    I paid $1800 a few years ago and felt ripped off.

    If you're game with some sandpaper, try this: https://www.fixya.com/support/t247225-error_code_11_rinnai

    • I can't reach it, it's located too high on the outside of our unit block wall.

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    When our Rinnai 24 passed away we replaced it with a Bosch alternative that was substantially cheaper. No difference in performance, and it has been reliable since 2011.
    The unit was about $400 cheaper then, and we paid $1250 installed.
    Obviously, prices may have risen in the past decade, but $2100 sounds steep.
    That said, a cold day with no hot water motivates buyers…

    • When our Rinnai 24 passed away…

      I hope you gave it proper burial rites… 😁

    • Wife will only accept Rinnai 🤦‍♂️

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    ours cost about $1850 installed about 12 months ago.. (sydney)

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    Get an electric one..save ur gas $$

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      Instant gas hot water is actually very cheap/efficient.

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        Not when you add in cost of supply and gas. Gas prices are only going up.

        Electric you need 3 phase unless you are in Queenland unfortunately.

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    that seems expensive if its a like for like replacement. cost me 2300 to remove old tank system and run new copper pipe and install new B26, and thats in overpriced Canberra. Major city should be a little cheaper, call around.

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    The B26 unit sells for under $900 and if your existing pipes are all fine then $2100 is a rip off.

    Here is a random google search $1305 installed (plus $185 tempering valve if required)

    • Yeah, that's who I went with. It was listed as $1255 on the webpage I found, so he honoured it.

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    FYI Managed to find a guy to install for $1255 +$110 for second guy due to high installation.

    • Supply and install or install only?

      • Sorry, supply and install.

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          Much better price!

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      Well done! Geez… this teaches people to be ready to challenge rogue quotes like that $2,100.

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    Ouch. b26 units are available for about $800 new.

    That's a right rip off.

    A fair replacement install should be closer to the $1200 mark ($400 for labor is a lot, that allows 2 hours work at $200 an hour). It should never take more than 2 hours to replace an existing unit.

    To install these it's literally unplug its mains plug, detach any remotes. Detach the water in/out and gas. Remove unit (2 or 4 screws), install new unit (2 or 4 screws) reattach water in/out and gas.. Voila done.. > $1000 for that is taking the pi$$.

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    Another plumber overcharging who would of thought!!

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    Bloody hell, this morning it works again…I'm guessing the heavy rain got into it the night before last…probably best to still replace it I suppose…but maybe will wait till it dies again.

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