Which Brands Do You Blindly Trust and Why?

Everyone had great time I think sharing their stories and experiences with brands that they boycott here.

Are there any brands that you blindly trust? Why?


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    None. Why on earth would you? Every brand is in it for themselves. You asses the pros and cons of their products at merit.

    Just because I like iPhones doesn't mean I have to like their computers too, I can't stand OSX for my usage.

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    Some brands i trust more than others, i wouldn’t say blindly though. Apple, for instance, has a good reputation for after sales support. So does Bunnings.

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      I am with you on Apple (no, I don't use iPhone but I did in past).

      With Bunnings, from my experience, it pays off to do some research but most times I am unable to find an alternate.

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        I'm disappointed in bunnings lately. I've been able to find cheaper elsewhere on a few products. Latest was yesterday - I was looking at 5mm rio mesh for a concrete slab I'm making.

        $6.24 per m2 at nuway Vs $18.3 per m2 at bunnings

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          It hasn't just been lately, its been a number of years now. The only advantage Bunnings has is the range of items, price hasn't been their strong point since they drove out the competition

        • Might be a reason why they dropped their slogan. I've noticed they have been removing the wording from the walls of their shops of late.

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      Only reason that Apple has a 'good rep' for after sales support is because they've monopolised their own repair business and overcharge for repairs that aren't required.

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        Frankly, for the first two years, my experience is they generally just hand you a reconditioned replacement rather than a repair. I don’t know about the cost of repairs because I’ve rarely had to pay for one.

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          I just got a replacement for a 3 year (almost ) phone this week , the only thing they charged was $39 for express shipping.

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          Why is a reconditioned replacement better its just another phone with a new set of faults

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        I’ve never been charged, even for things like removing fluff in the charger port

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        really ? why do you think "overcharge for repairs " will lead to 'good rep' ?

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          Because that's what they're told.

          Imagine having a bad design/defective product then just blaming the customer (antennagate)..😒

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            @bobbified: Yeah, mate, like other companies haven’t done the same thing.

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              @try2bhelpful: Which other company has stood up in front of the world and blamed millions of their customers for their own design-fault?

              Customers weren't exactly trying to follow some complex process or anything. They were simply holding their phones (like they had done so years before that) and now being told that they're holding it the wrong way.

              And here you are defending how they treat their customers with contempt by saying "but, but… other companies do it too!"

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          Because apple users tend to value simplicity and convenience over all else, and when everything for your phone can be sold, repaired and fixed from the same store, they tend not to look at closely what they're actually being charged for.

          An example of this would be to fix an out of warranty Macbook that has an issue with a single ram stick, which could be an approximate $50-$100 repair. For their PC's and devices, apple only sells the entire motherboard as a packaged kit with the CPU included, and a repair like this would cost in the realm of $1000-$1500, and they'd simply recommend that you'd buy a new PC.

          This isn't an isolated incident, and I'd highly recommend checking out their stance in the current Right to Repair battles going on, shows their stance very clearly

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      I remember I had a two year old iPhone 5 where the power button was stuck. They replaced the entire phone on the spot for free. My mate had his 10 year old MacBook air battery replaced, which they had to replace a lot of other things along with it, for $150.

      • It's not that hard to change the battery on a Macbook yourself though. I've done it twice on my old 2011 Macbook Pro thanks to the iFixit website as well as replaced the harddrive with an SSD and upgraded the RAM.

        Not sure about my 2017 Macbook Pro yet as I haven't had any problems with it so far (battery will need replacing soon though I think!).

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          Hopefully you don't get the mbp flexgate. My laptop failed recently and they quotes 1.2k to fix a ribbon cable.

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        I believe some iPhone 5s had a known issue with the power button and there was a replacement program. Yours was likely one of them.

        Apple is one of the better brands in this area but I wouldn’t blindly trust them. They shipped a defective keyboard for years and have shipped products with overheating issues. The MagSafe battery pack they just shipped has some serious flaws and is likely worse than some third party solutions. There CSAM scanning initiative has some serious possibilities for misuse and unintended consequences.

        • That's true, I do think their designs and quality has reduce recently which is sad to see. I know about everything you said and I don't trust them as much as I used to (well, I don't use Apple products anyways). I was just commenting on their service which I've generally heard good things about but no, I wouldn't blindly trust them :)

          • @bkhm: I think they're getting better.
            For years they used normal glass on iPhones instead of gorilla glass. Now they're using ceramic shield which is similar to gorilla glass. That was why most iPhones had cracked screens and Apple profited millions of dollars from fixing them.
            My android phones never cracked even though I dropped them several times without any screen protector thanks to gg. A good case was enough protection. I had to leave my iPhone at home every time I was heading out.

      • That's a major fault so under the ACL you can get a replacement or refund .

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      My experience with apple support was terrible, I'd say worst customer experience I've ever had.

      Lost the charging case for my airpods pro, went to the apple store to buy a replacement, after standing in line for 5-10 minutes was told I need to make an appointment before someone could help me, next available appointment was 2 days later.

      When I returned for the appointment, I was told they need the serial number from the original case in order to sell me a replacement, but since it was lost I was out of luck and my airpods were essentially useless (luckily I was able to buy a knock off from china which worked fine).

      • Let me tell you, at least you get an opportunity to replace lost parts, Samsung and google told me to buy a new set.

    • Bunnings timber can be awful

      But I buy a lot from them, knowing that they have easy returns makes me buy stuff I might need but I'm not 100% sure about

      • Agreed. Bunnings timber is the worst.

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          3rd that comment. It's so warped and twisted! Have to go through half the pile to find anything actually usable.

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      Apple is adding spyware into iOS15 and Monterey though, that definitely drops them off the trusted list for me.

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      Thanks funny, with Apple I have had limited experience with the customer support, but it was far and away the worst customer service experience I've ever had (at least in Australia).

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      Apple support used to be Amazing! That does not seem the case anymore, it is now a hit and miss situation.

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    Toyota. Makers of the legendary Camry and Corolla, trusted companion of Taxi/Rideshare/Asian drivers worldwide!

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      Have you ever driven a Tesla?
      Joking 😂 lets not go there. I do not own one.

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        We have a Tesla in our fleet at work and I have used it a few time. A very smooth drive but the roof line is very low and that is a problem for me as I am taller. I prefer my Toyota hybrid TBH but not really a fair comparison. The Tesla is a vastly different and and more sophisticated machine.

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      I mean sure, if you want the most boring interiors with hard plastics and the lowest grade leather possible. But at least it doesn't break, right?

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        Are you buying a couch or something?

      • I dunno man, the latest models have pretty nice interiors - especially the new Corolla, RAV4, C-HR, etc. Bucket seats, leather trim, great ergonomic design with lots of storage space. I am really pleased with my new Corolla. I agree models prior to 2017 were pretty dull but I think that have taken a few leads from the Mazda playbook when it comes to styling.

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        They save the premium interiors for Lexus

    • How do you feel about the takata airbags?

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        What's wrong with them? They're killer airbags!

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        not sure if srs? I mean its not really Toyota's fault but instead a failure of a major component supplier that provides to many Automakers.
        I'm sure you're very well aware that this isn't isolated to Toyota or any Jap brand but is across the world with companies like Audi & MB being badly affected.

        Now if you're asking about their compensation/recitification strategy, I think theyre doing as well as anyone else. They're offering market price (above trade-in) and being negotiable where replacements are not available.
        This beats many other companies like Audi/Honda where you either have to fight tooth and nail to get fair compensation, sign an NDA, walk away without a resolution & take it court or take their piss all offer

        Coming from personal experience, close friend was offered 1.5k for a clean 1998 A4 1.8t. Market price was about 6-8k. Audi was shitty to deal with from the start. Mate ended up finding a late-model wreck and replaced the wheel himself and got Audi to certify. Was offered no compensation, and had to sign a waiver.

        Honda has been pretty poor too on this front, haven't heard any horror stories from Toyota so far though.

        • I see what you did there…

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        The Takata airbags were fitted to like around 20 manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Honda, Holden, BMW etc., not just Toyota.

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      What about those who blindly purchased a Toyota Lexen just because it was from the Toyota brand. I bet more than a few regretted it.

      • strong car

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      Three words..Diesel Particulate Filter…..
      Class action for some, quiet struggles for others.
      They are not what they were.

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        Kinda same boat as the TAKATA scandal.

        Was it Toyota’s fault? YES
        Did they have poorly performing DPF’s in recent EURO 5 (DPF mandatory) compliant diesels? YES
        Was the implementation of DPF’s in line with new EURO emissions legislation in 2016 poorly implemented by the brand? YES
        We’re the DPF issues largely related to the first generation of vehicles installed with them, with issues now non-existent/ sorted out in new models?

        Is it the only brand that has had DPF issues? NO
        Are there any brands that haven’t had any DPF issues? NO. Isuzu maybe (but they’re generally commercial truck based engines)

        I understand that owners of those models would be severely let down by Toyota given the circumstances and understand that they’ve taken a reliability score hit from the dpf-gate issues. But I’m sure that you’d have to agree that nearly all diesel passenger car brands have also had the same issues at some point, as it’s a developing technology and relies on consumer habits/driving style to remain trouble-free.

        DPF’s unlike other mechanical components will always have a higher level of failure given their operation requires a particular driving style that may not always be achieved. Disregarding these issues Toyota diesels have been legendarily reliable mechanically speaking, and those who had DPF’s and deleted them (illegally I must note) are enjoying trouble free driving too. Further ofc, this issue doesn’t apply to their petrol counterparts which have continued their reliability reputation.

        I’m sure any one can attack Toyota for a particular models in their lineup/ or other components, but from an overall standpoint they are the most reliable manufacturer in existence. Statistically when you look at brands, with the except of Rolls Royce, Toyota has the highest % still in operational condition at 20yrs of age. And you can confirm this with the number of older shit boxes driving around. The majority of the time it’ll be a Toyota product.

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          Still see hiluxs smoking like crazy all the time, not sure how people can deal with it.

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      trusted companion of Taxi/Rideshare/Asian drivers worldwide

      And of certain, err groups.

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        Indeed. Completely forgot about them

  • xiaomi.

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      yeah, good quality, good price, and for phones, good ongoing software support which is incredibly rare in Android land.

      • Samsung also giving some nice discounts these days. I got my S21 for like $480. The 3 year software support will be good too. The only reason I never got a Xiaomi was I wanted to purchase from some decent store in case something happened. Also the price for the Mi 11 is outrageous without the discounts

        • Samsung Software support is a joke.

          Google pixel and Xiaomi and other cheaper android phones have much longer support 5+ years

          Not to mention the amount of bloatware on samsung phones

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      I would like Xiaomi phones without bloatware much more. Only a few models which run on Android One didn't have bloatware.

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        Long term non techy Xiaomi user here, simple solution to bloatware - flash to Xiaomi.eu ROM. The default China ROM has bloatware, the EU does not whilst retaining same functionality. YouTube TOPFONE4U videos…

        • I agree with you, but I think its important to note: despite the name, the Xiaomi.eu ROM is an unofficial de-bloated 3rd party ROM, and is different from Xiaomi's own EU ROM or Global ROM.

    • a big xiaomi fanboy, but have been burnt on their home automation stuff. And clothing

      • I recently started investing in some RGB Yi Lights. (Wifi ones). What bad experiences have you had? Working great so far for me, but I haven't dived into their BLE or Zigbee stuff yet. I've been thinking about getting the Smart Hub v3 for central control of all 3 protocols.

        • Many of the products that are not international releases require you to choose "chinese mainland" as the location, the stability of the app when updating settings is sketchy.

          As an example, i cant change an automation setting during afternoon/evening.

    • Agree. I'm on my 3rd Xiaomi phone in 9 years. I went Redmi 3 -> Redmi Note 3 Pro SE -> Mi 9T (Redmi K20), loved each of them. I'm not due for an upgrade, and nothing wrong with my Mi9T, but my next phone will be the POCO F3.

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    OzBargain? I trust you all to be idiots :P

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      Hey… I resemble that…

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      At least I know I am one.

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      Reliability secures trust.

      • Is that an old Chinese proverb? Sounds like it LOL or the next slogan for Gigabyte

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      just ask "gimme the best phone I get for $299 kthxbye"

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      Waiting for the next Gumtree, photoshop bank transfer and ACCC post.

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    patagonia and zojirushi, both beloved brands of reddit BIFL thread.

    Patagonia because they make long-lasting stuff and backed by IronClad guarantee, Zojirushi because they perform so well and not overpriced like other fad vacuum bottles (Corkcicle, Frank Green etc.)

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