Which Brands Do You Blindly Trust and Why?

Everyone had great time I think sharing their stories and experiences with brands that they boycott here.

Are there any brands that you blindly trust? Why?


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    Gold when crypto enthusiast's get hit by a EMP .

    • Actually in that case you would pray you still had some BTC becuz the last amounts of it would make it super valuable….

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    Airbus and Boeing. Let's face it, there's not much anyone can do if things go sideways at 1000kms/h.

    • you remember the last time you were on a plane?

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    Amazon - you know they got your back as long as the order is fulfilled by Amazon and not 3rd party sellers. Unmatched customer service - chat, phone and email options, all available 24/7, with never more than minute of wait in the queue. Banks and government departments need to learn a lot from Amazon's customer service.

    • I'll agree with this. Their technical products are also superb - the echo show 5 is fantastic for the price.

  • eneloops

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    Hungry Jacks

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      The Burqas are better at Hungry Jacks.

      • i'm probably going to go with HJs as well.

        The whopper w/ cheese and bacon deluxe have been a staple for years.

        2 for $10 hard to beat.

        I'd also say that a dominos supreme for $8 is pretty damn good too.

        of all the places i've had this its always been consistently slightly above mediocre.

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    Not Gillette after their recent brand fiasco. Apple products are technically good and I will keep using them but the corporate is just all about the brand and following youth idealism and stereotypes only to sell product, no chance of seeing white males in any advertising any more because that is unfashionable - I'm embarrassed for them.

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    Massive community support for rooting.

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    Rodd & Gunn

    They’re the only two brands I can think of that have consistently produced quality products that haven’t given me any grief.

    On the other hand, I reckon I could probably produce a list of 10 brands that I was blindly loyal to at some point and then had some awful experience.

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    Appliances. I had a Samsung fridge go 21 years no problems and a Samsung TV go 14 years no problems (until I dropped it and cracked the screen FML)
    So I'll stay a Samsung Fan-boi until they let me down.
    Right now i got a Samsung microwave, washing machine , two fridges + more
    (Not phones though as I insist on stock android)

    I also like Ryobi stuff I got about 30 tools > All still working.

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    The LNP. Their track record speaks for themselves.

    Transparency, great pandemic handling, fantastic at handing out funds to sport clubs. I am sure their latest adventure (car parks) will be unrivalled in its greatness.

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      I agree, fantastic job. Apparently the new car porks don’t include any electric car charging infrastructure either (Angus wouldn’t like it.)
      Don’t forget GBR and dawdling over Afghanistan (Is it a LNP fundamental- Howard wouldn’t let any Afghans in no matter what either? ). Oh, and the way they know how to treat a lady.

      They are so good that I’ll even vote for the red team on the basis that they are statistically unlikely be any worse…(and Penny Wong may make us look like a country that isn’t America to at least other nations).

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        the lnp would also fundamentally love to ban same sex marraige and womens reproductive rights deep down but only got dragged over the finisih line when 2/3 of the aus pop voted for it!

    • You almost had me there!

  • Apple, Lexus, Casio

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    Expensive sure, but great quality sound and build.
    Headphones and home sound systems are unmatched in my opinion

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    Broadly speaking, I trust brands if, when something goes wrong with their product, they fix it.

    So, I used to trust Philips, but when they resisted replacing a product that failed, despite eventually conceding, I lost faith in them.
    Same with Malaysian Airlines - a missed connection, lost fare and damaged baggage on a delayed flight - no compensation. I don't consider them anymore.
    And Samsung - absolutely the worst after-sales service on a faulty product. Not resolved. Has literally cost them thousands in lost sales, just to me.
    Oh, and Bunnings is borderline. Some staff are not the friendliest when you need to return a faulty item - you'd think it was their money they are refunding.
    With banking, I lost faith in NAB for bold-faced lying to me, CBA for sooo many incidents, Westpac for utter stupidity - they rejected a $1000 loan when I was young, even though I showed them my share certificate for well over that amount of Westpac shares - I sold the shares to fund my loan and haven't dealt with them since.

    Can't say I'd ever blindly follow - I always assess, reassess, and ditch when necessary.

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    I like Wacon stylus on tablets and phones. I expect them to perform at a level that I would be happy with (if the manufacturer have not messed up implementing the stylus).

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    Ryobi for tools, I am NOT a tradesman so don't flame me! for my mid range usage they are well built and have done really well.

    I have a lot of Apple products but do not have blind faith as they do have some "eye-watering" prices for things that even blind I will not pay for.

    Philips and Panasonic for Kitchen Appliances I need.

    Toyota as a car manufacturer (I drive a Nissan, can't afford a Toyota)

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    Not blindly trust but in our household we have a strong preference for:

    • Miele
    • Subaru

    Similar reasons to @jrvb42 - i put emphasis on trust in quality and also after sales service. If it breaks, service to fix it is easy to access and sincere and not hidden or scripted or argumentative. After sales service is paramount to trust.

    Also, on a very random basis, Scratch subscription pet food. Started using them because my dog is allergic to chicken and they have a chicken/chicken meal free flavour and recipe (Kangaroo) and they are Aussie owned and made, two young guys giving it a crack to disrupt the industry, always transparent (if they change the recipe for a flavour of food for any reason, they tell you upfront and why via email eg. Shortage of xyz ingredient). Customer service is also amazing, just email or chat with them about pushing back an order and they do it on the e spot, no questions asked. (Not affiliated, genuine fan! But hit me up via PM if you want a referral code, heh heh.)

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    I wouldn't "blindly trust" any brand. Even quality brands sometimes make big mistakes, some examples

    • Samsung: Note 7 exploding
    • Apple: iPhone 6 Plus Bending
    • Xbox: Xbox 360 Red ring of death
    • Nintendo: JoyCon drift
  • None. Products are made with pre-determined faults. This gets you to buy again, and again.

    • It's like you think you're revealing that planned obsolescence to people for the first time.

    • We know?

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    Google. Everything they do with your information is freely available to review and agree to. Majority of the use is to improve the experience for the user. And the plethora of services they provide for "free" are basically considered essential services at this point.

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    Pfizer, Astrazeneca

    • What about the flu vaccine? One of the NSW health ministers made a point that no one even knows what brand the flu vaccine is. I wouldn't even know who manufactures it or what the ingredients are

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        I don't think about it and just trust it. Otherwise I'd be called an anti-vaxxer. Maybe lose my job too. What a dilemma.

        • When my car is stuffed ~ I usually hop into the hood myself and start spraying $hit with Ansell products.

          Lube fixes everything.

          Just joking ~ But I'm scared of being call anti-auto or auto, if I trust anyone…

          Wish there was a profession, which has undergone some sort of training, which we could trust, when we're not experts in this field.

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            @blehgg: Do you paying taxes? I pay lots of taxes. And I love it! Why? Because I trust my politicians to do the right thing.

            I'm no professional politician and certainly not an expert in this field, so by default I MUST trust them.
            There's no way they would do something not in my interests right?

            Being called anti-politician might be bad too, but at least I won't be bullied too harshly. Haven't heard that term often. Never heard of anti-auto though.

            Maybe some people trust politicians and mechanics more than pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps that's why there's no anti-politicians and anti-auto.

            But me? I trust everything.

            About you being called anti-auto, you can rest assured you won't be bullied much for that, if at all.

            • @Dissent: I'd like to dispute that :) -

              My tyre was not on tight enough after getting my tyres replaced ~ I got plenty of grief not owning my own torque wrench - plenty anti-auto sentiment. (Please note: I'm trying to keep it light hearted)

              I don't judge and I'm very much pro-choice for what you do to your "car".

              I expect you don't judge people "fixing their own cars" or trusting the "mechanic", like calling them blindly trusting or sheep.

              I'm just trying to say ~ there's plenty of stuff we trust, and it's not usually the "brand" that people are trusting, it's the professionals who have studied for years, that we trust. This is not a case of one professional, there's heaps of them…

              If I got a timing belt issue, I'm not going to youtube for more info or going to google to find a fix.

              I'm going to the mechanic and then a second opinion from another mechanic. If enough "mechanics" say - "yep you're f'd then crap on me"

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                @blehgg: No, it is definitely about the brand. It's not the professional's fault.
                In the case of politicians, we can say their brand is their party affiliation.

                Anyways, if say you went to get your computer repaired. This guy you're going to is your wife's old friend from high school, and he had years of experience. So you will say he's trustworthy.

                Turns out the PSU died, and he'll replace it for you, for free even. But the PSU he's replacing it with is a unit bought in a flash sale from Ali Express. 100% satisfaction guarantee, they say, but we know we can't expect to any return policy if we're buying from there. He won't be telling you that, you just need your computer working and he's just helping you out with the kindness of his heart.

                The computer you got back works fine, but one day, after a few weeks of use, the whole computer exploded. Kaboom! Your house burnt down, and your wife left you along with her children.
                What are you going to do? You'll go to your wife's friend, and complain about it, maybe threaten him a bit. He'll go and contact the Ali express seller, but unfortunately the seller has not replied. Maybe at best he'll open a dispute, but what can he do, what will that do, your computer's broken, you've lost your house, you've lost your family.

                If only you could file a lawsuit or had some kind of insurance somewhere to recoup some of your losses. But what can that do, you've lost everything! And it's not even your wife's new boyfriend's fault.

                Now those pesky anti vaxxers, they say vaccine manufacturers have NO liability for their magical cure, and they're right. No refunds too, it's free after all (paid for from our taxes by our lovely government politicians). No cure for side effects either, unless maybe you subscribe to Pfizer+ for biannual boosters.
                We can trust the brand though, because they've never had lawsuits against them for any or their previous products right?

                If there were indeed issues with their other products, maybe my trust will waver, but the peer pressure is too strong, and my trust is just too blind.

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    Rolex. I don't own one but people who have no idea about watches will gladly drop 15-20k on one. I would too if I wanted one.

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      Good luck getting a Rolex for $15k.

      • submariner $8000 in 2013

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          It's 2021 bro, not sure if that's news to you?

          • @Burnertoasty: surely it doesn't cost more than $15000 after 8 years?

            • @Poor Ass: Yep. And that's if you can get one, which you can't. The waiting list on those is many years long.

              • @Burnertoasty: Jackpot for me then. Thanks for coming confirming.

                What watches do you have?

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    OzTent - All their camping products are top notch.
    Chur, Garage Project, Dainton, and plenty more beer brands that make weird sounding beers but every time they're spot on.

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    Been using them for years; never question anything they produce - love them and trust them blindly!

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    None blind. Ever. Every business works under capitalism, and if it's publicly traded it's run for shareholder profit. There will always be exceptions. A couple:

    - After-sales is not good. In fact it's kinda terrible. The feel good news everyone knows is when 6+ years ago they had discretion to do amazing things like replace out of warranty devices with new ones. This doesn't really happen any more, and it was just marketing anyway.
    - Check out their CSAM fiasco. tl;dr a company that has spent the last 5yrs touting privacy as their #1 feature doesn't care about your privacy.

    - Cannot trust their LCD TV division. Absolute junk. OLED, and every other device? Probably good stuff.

    - After-sales totally depends on the staff, I've had minor issues like other posters above where they act like the refund is coming from their own paycheck

    - Yeah, jacking prices and running faulty DPF really gives me confidence

    • Our LG LCD is 15 yrs old and still working perfectly. Dad believes if it ain't broken don't replace it. It's chunky with big bezels and small screen in comparison to todays standard. I sort of hate it cos it just won't die. In saying that we'll probably replace it with another LG when it does.

      On the other hand, we had 3 LG DVD/HDR Recorders that died in a short space of time. Guess its a bit of hit and miss.

    • Check out their CSAM fiasco. tl;dr a company that has spent the last 5yrs touting privacy as their #1 feature doesn't care about your privacy.

      Some people apparently not aware of this yet.

      • Not in Australia? Some people apparently not aware of this yet.

        • Apple is adding this spyware to every iPhone, iPad & Mac in the world.

          Will only initially be activated inside the US, so we safe for now…

          But yeah my 'blind trust' in Apple has definitely taken a major hit.

          • @trapper: Don't use iCloud photos? Name any company that doesn't scan photos in the cloud.

            • @NoGiveJustTake: Nope, this is not scanning in the cloud. The scanning takes place on your device.

              Your own device, that you paid for, spying on you.

              • @trapper: Would you be okay if they turned off encryption and scanned in the cloud instead?

                • @NoGiveJustTake: Sounds like you think iCloud Photos is end-to-end encrypted? It's not.

                  They don't need to 'turn off any encryption' to scan iCloud Photos.

                  And yes that is far preferable to spyware running on my personal property.

                  • @trapper:

                    Sounds like you think iCloud Photos is end-to-end encrypted? It's not.

                    In my view, that is their goal in future.

                    They don't need to 'turn off any encryption' to scan iCloud Photos.

                    How would you scan encrypted data? Do you work for the CIA and use some magic?

                    And yes that is far preferable to spyware running on my personal property.

                    Spyware won't run if you don't use iCloud photos.

                    • @NoGiveJustTake: Encryption is not CIA magic.

                      If you have the keys you can access the data, and Apple has the keys to every photo in iCloud.

                      • @trapper: Not with E2EE which I see as Apple's goal.

                        • @NoGiveJustTake: So you were asking me if I was ok with Apple 'turning off' the E2EE which they don't actually use - other than in your imagined 'goal'?

                          • @trapper: Nope, just wondering how people can get so angry over something that doesn't affect them because they aren't in the US, and that they have the choice not to use iCloud photos. You're not okay with hashing (not scanning) on your device, but you sure are fine with not knowing what happens on the cloud. Also, scanning on your iOS device (if you even have one) already happens. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207368

                            • @NoGiveJustTake: Who is angry?

                              I said my 'blind trust' in Apple has taken a major hit by them adding spyware to iPhone, iPad & Mac.

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    Old school Blizzard Entertainment.

    Diablo 2
    Brood War
    Lord of Destruction
    Warcraft 3
    The Frozen Throne
    World of Warcraft

    All absolute bangers in their prime.

    Such a shame where they are now.

    • LMAO 3rd comment im read this 100% agree!

      WOW up till the Lich king, maybe even the Demon hunters after that it kind of went down hill

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    I trust them to F it up every single time…

  • -1

    Anything made in Germany

    • Audi?

    • +2

      The National Socialist German Workers’ Party too?

      • Built to last 1000 years…

        • zyklon b?

  • Bosch.

    • wow you listed some of the least trustworthy brands in history there, I gather it is just sarcasm?

  • Bosch - Appliances
    Krix - Audio
    Thermoworks - cooking accessories

    That's about it to be honest.

  • I think only Apple. Obviously overpriced but I always know it's going to be a quality product and good support.

    • What about the spyware though?

  • +1

    Blindly is a stretch - every company has the potential to be bought out/change quality over time.

    Blizzard was amazing in its younger years but lately seems like a joke - poor release after release.

    Surprised people here say Apple when it's come to light multiple times how poorly they treat customers (intentionally slow down phones via software for no reason other than to make you want to buy a new phone/intentionally make decisions to prevent customers from interacting with Android users and other stores/intentionally overcharge you on each of their items and introduces/forces you to buy new items so they can get more profit from you).

    R.M. Williams had a period where they were bought out by some company and I heard multiple reports that the shoe quality dropped substantially during that period.

    etc. etc.

    There's not a brand on here that's worth blindly trusting.

    • Hey i just made a comment and Blizzard 100% agree

      EA are also c***s now - they literally ruined Bioware, Westwood etc

      Dont get me started on Lucas Arts since Disney took over!

      God i miss old Blizzard!

  • +5

    I always buy Spigen phone cases.

    I have always found the quality and price to be great.

  • +2

    Any brands that my wife has "strongly encouraged" me to buy for her.

  • Samsung. I normally do hours of research into a product. But when it came to getting a new SSD. I happily just purchased the latest Samsung model with little thought for other brands.

  • i like asus i wouldnt say i trusted them blindly though

    really in this day and age i don't think you can afford to follow any company blindly
    how often have trusted brands people followed religiously for years used cheap components, cut corners, outsourced to china, faked emission ratings, etc etc etc

  • Apple and Hoselink

  • +4


    I will blindly follow and trust JV into the Abyss

  • The Blind Factory

  • +1

    Penrite pretty quality stuff

      • Nice

        I grabbed some castrol edge 0w40 5L for $20

        I couldn't resist

        But I like ATF, power steering and coolant range from penrite

  • Michelin pretty good tyres

  • Dulux

  • Australian Stitch: good quality clothing basics made in Melbourne at very reasonable prices.

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    • Lol at least you are loyal to your name

  • -1

    Sonos with apparently good sound engineering ;)

  • +1

    Reasonable price, minimal urine smell, great friendly service. Will purchase again.

    • cant beat that musty odour and the smell of old people

  • -2

    Supreme. They’re the only T-shirts I wear. You get what you pay for.

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