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Mama Oriental Kitchen Salted Egg 1/2 Price $1.05 + More @ Woolworths


Salted Egg. 1/2 price. I personally haven’t try these varieties.

$1.05 Mama Oriental Kitchen Salted Egg 85g

$2.75 Snazk Bites Salted Egg Golden Cubes 100g

$2.75 Snazk Bites Salted Egg Spicy Golden Cube 100g

Might say temporarily unavailable but please press ‘check stock in our stores’

On special too
$10.95 (save $3.05) Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin 105g

$10.95 (save $3.05) Irvins Salted Egg Crunchy Roll 120g

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    I came for salted eggs and I see none

  • +3

    The salted Egg Noodles were pretty nice and came with a small kick of spice.

  • Only available in some suburbs …

  • all temporarily unavailable :(

    • +3

      Ignore that, click "check stock"

  • oh Irvins. Tell me its overpriced without telling me its overpriced.

  • Wait Woolies have Irvins? woah

  • +1

    Salted egg noodle is really good for my Asian tongue. though bought from Costco a box already.

  • I loved these especially the spicy version, perfect for a Netflix binge. However, slowly realised it feels pretty unhealthy and looking at the ingredients I figured out why. I liked them so much but more addictive than Pringles so just decided not to buy them, wish these were around when I was in my teens…

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    The other variant is really good too if you enjoy spicy stuff: Mama Oriental Kitchen Hot Korean Noodles 85g

    However be aware that they are quite close to expiry date (in about a month or so) at least at my local Woolies. Maybe that’s why they’re trying to get rid of them.

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