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Sub Lunch Box (Mini Roast Chicken Sub, Small Chips, Potato & Gravy & 2 Onion Rings) $4.95 (Until 4pm Daily) @ Red Rooster


Enjoy our delicious Roast Chicken Sub, 2 Onion Rings, small Chips and a Regular Mash & Gravy – all for just $4.95* instore!

Hurry to your nearest Red Rooster and grab yours before 4pm.

T&C’s apply, not available in delivery, stadiums or catering. Available ’til 4pm. Pricing varies by region.

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster

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  • Is there any red rooster in the Sydney CBD??

    • Nope

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      Wrong side of the Red Rooster Line

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      The chicken didn't cross the road.

  • Sad, both RR stores in Southern Cross station / VIC are closed temporarily!! :(

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    This is my favourite lunch deal, back again :)

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    Still waiting for the rooster roll lunch to return, but this is still better then the quarter chicken half bone nonsense.

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      Its actually good now

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      Their fried chicken is definitely worth a try. Tasty and less greasy than KFC's.

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        Less salt than KFC. Feels bit more healthier lol

        • Speak for yourself. No salt no taste. I always add extra salt to the chips at kfc and red rooster. They undersalt and the chips are tasteless. Mc and hungry jacks salt properly.

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            @c920996: agreed, although kfc is a store by store kinda deal imo

          • @c920996: Last time I added extra salt at KFC I got half a box of salt πŸ˜‚ would like it in moderation

        • They always over salt them….trying go get more sales of soft drinks I expect.

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    I’m always fascinated by peoples hate for RR - they have a good variety and quality of food from my experience.

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      Most people that hate Red Rooster have never had it, their chips are so good and rippa rolls are a treat.

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        Haters be buying their whole chickens at coles

      • Maybe they've gotten better?

        I went years ago as a kid and it was no good (mind you I've only ever went that once).
        Might have to give it another go.

        • The rolls (rippas in particular), burgers and fried chicken are amazing, definitely worth trying! I even love rooster rolls, despite the fact they are microwaved haha!

          While I probably visit KFC more, it seems we've accepted that soggy greasy chicken that's been sitting in warming oven for ages gets a pass because it has a great coating!

      • Hm. I hate RR cos my local one is horrible. The food tastes like stale crap that's been left out for days.

        I haven't tried any others as they are not as common as say KFC.

        And specifically the Rippa rolls was disgusting. Well, that was my experience the last 3 times. Not going to RR anymore.

        But that's just me and my experience.

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          Either your local has problems, or your taste buds do. Rippa is way better than zinger, whopper or big mac. Chips are great too, but you need to ask for extra salt like at kfc. The only problem is it's way more expensive than kfc. Mcd has only one thing going for it, the big mac sauce. Angus is basically a rip off of a whooper. The rest is a write off. How bad are the cheeseburgers. Almost not edible. Hungry jacks is way way better than mcd, cheap too with the vouchers. Kfc is better than hungry jacks, cheap too via the app. I would put red rooster ripper combo first out of the lot. But, as I said earlier, a bit too expensive. I can buy 2 zinger combos or two whopper combos for the price of a rippa combo. Granted, the rippa is way bigger and is one of the few burgers/rolls that will fill you up. The other burgers I tried at rr were writeoffs.

          I only go to mcd when everything else is closed and they are basically almost giving it away.

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      They've been making some good moves lately. The fried chicken is great, does need sauce though.

    • I don't mind it, but didn't get a lot of chance to visit, most of time drive past Macca's or hungry jacks.

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    RR is very highly rated in my eyes… Always swear by it

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    +1 for the rippa sub!

  • Not available in Perth WA

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      U talkin about PERTH CBD? Coz I definitely got one yesterday from Bullcreek store

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    Get this + the $2.50 piece of chicken and chips from KFC and its a great meal (yes my kfc and RR are almost across from each other).

    Must warn people though - the sub in this is cold.

    FWIW - I was a red rooster hater until I had their fried chicken. And their roast chickens… Phwoooar… Much better than the supermarkets.

  • I had this today… not too bad. The roll was wholemeal so it kinda felt healthy. The onion rings were kid of hit and miss… chips are always good and I feel like they have improved their potato and gravy :) Good for the price :D

  • This was way salty

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