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Large Pizzas: Value $3, Traditional $5, Premium $7 (Pick up) @ Domino's (Excludes NSW)


Another rad offer from Domino's Pizza. Time to build up the COVID belly.

Value: 233177, 184083
Traditional: 389673, 486601
Premium: 173142, 980899

Original scanned image

Additional codes added.

Mod: Alternate voucher codes: 547530 / 561562, 985994 / 883658, 585697 / 383083

Mod 2: 30/8: At this stage it appears that Domino's may have cancelled the deal for NSW/ACT/VIC at least, see here. The deal appears to work in SA/QLD/WA/TAS/NT however.

Mod 3: 31/8 11am - Codes are now working in VIC & ACT, but still not working in NSW.

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  • +3

    Tried to pre-order some pizzas for tomorrow but doesnt work for the few local stores in my area that i tested my postcode is 3041

  • Those free 1000 birdie pizzas from Domino's was a scam, this deal makes up for it.

    Long live Dominos and under paid workers.

    Plus deals only for tomorrow, not today geez

    • Not a scam I got one of those….

  • +3

    None of the Central Coast ones are accepting the codes anymore. Seemed to be accepting them when I tried it out the other day without ordering :(

    • +7

      I am suspecting that Domino's have cancelled the codes for stores in lockdown states, it seems NSW & VIC stores now don't accept the code. Looking at all the commenters they appear to be from NSW & VIC.

      I tried 3 stores in SA, 2 stores in QLD and 1 store in WA and all worked (all 9 codes), but tried a NSW & ACT store and no codes are accepted. Edit: Also tried TAS and NT and all good there.

      When ordering for tomorrow in SA/QLD/WA/TAS/NT it actually pops up with this and also this banner was present.

      Edit 1120am: Now working in VIC and ACT. Still unavailable in NSW.

      • There was an ad on the TV also at about 5:30ish in WA saying price slash this Tuesday.

      • seems like not working in VIC as well, tried my local store and got below error.

        The voucher 389673 is not accepted by your selected store.

        • +1

          Try now, should be good for VIC & ACT. In case you didn't see.

          @bazingaa @NGPriest

  • +8

    This deal is garbage, doesn't seem like anyone can actually use it. I've tried all of the stores within a 30km radius and none of them accept it. Seems like many other people are struggling to use it as well.

  • +6

    About to preorder for tomorrow but it looks like none of the codes are working for me.

  • +1

    Neither set of vouchers work at my local stores in the ACT (Florey, Holt).

    • +1

      Codes now working!

  • Doesn't work for me either (NSW Epping).

    I found this coupon code (220153) which brings down traditional pizzas to $22.95 pick up though.

  • +7

    Great advertising! Then cancel the deal for most of Australia!

    • The code was accepted for me, but someone at my 2 local stores must be actively expiring the codes since it suddenly "wasn't accepted by this store" mid checkout, this happened twice.

  • +2

    Doesn't work in Victoria Doncaster East or Box Hill

    • +1

      Should be working now in VIC & ACT FYI. In case you didn't see.

      @julz @HelpfulMilk @drewbytes

      • Yeah thanks working now

  • +3

    Doesnt work in Maribyrnong, Flemington, Sunshine, CBD, Hawthorn, North Melbourne (VIC)

  • No vegan options included with this offer. :(

  • -3

    not working

  • +5

    I actually wrote myself a reminder for this deal.

    • +2

      Well done. How good is the OzB's reminder funtionality.

  • +6

    Can confirm not working for me in NSW

  • +4

    Set reminder though now excludes NSW so vote revoked for me. Pizza night cancelled. Enjoy SA/QLD/WA/TAS/NT!

    • For me I only vote for deals after I successfully got the product to save myself from revoking deal.

  • All 3x codes working for me in ACT

  • +2

    Just placed an order in Vic. Codes are working!!

  • +5

    Hi guys, can confirm codes worked in Vic. Ordered 3 x traditional, 1 x Premium, 1 x Value range pizza for $25. Below codes used.

    Value: 233177
    Traditional: 389673
    Premium: 173142

    • +1

      Me too. Ordered from the brunswick store with Value range code: 233177

  • +1

    Can confirm now working in victoria

  • Seems to work in Sunshine West, Vic!

    Not that each code works for one size ((Value/Traditional/Premium), so you need to use all three codes if you're ordering multiple sizes.

  • Looks like the code should work for NSW soon as all states are working. Hopefully extend it for NSW if we end up getting the code late.

    • Dominos should extend the code for as long as our lockdown is extended. :P

    • +2

      I'm not sure it will, I would say they decided to exclude the code from NSW/ACT/VIC as they are in lockdown, to keep too many people away from stores. I think they changed their minds on VIC and ACT considering the numbers there, but not NSW.

      This is just speculation and hopefully I am wrong and NSW starts working, but I don't think it will.

      • That sucks but it's understandable.

      • There are parts of NSW with no Covid…

        • True, then there'd be those who travel beyond their restrictions to go to those stores in non-restricted LGAs. I agree with you, but it'll promote travel :\

          • @madfree: Yeah nah - would be a long way to travel for some pizzas to areas like the Northern Rivers.

            • @MiscOzB: Could it be majority of ozbargainers are in nsw?

              • @htc: I'd assume so… NSW is most populous state after all.

        • MOST of NSW has no Covid!! It's just those damn Sydneysiders.

        • They have to inject the vaccine into the pizza before you can get the coupon to work.

  • Does this work in-store, or do you have to order online/app?

    • +1

      You need to order online or via app.

      • Thanks for that. I thought as much, but couldn't actually find anywhere where it said that.

        • I'll add it to the OP :)

  • +1

    Codes are actively expiring in my cart, gotta love Domino's stores individually cancelling promotions.

    If Domino's can't coordinate a promotion with store owners, they just shouldn't run one.

    • My local Domino's doesn't even accept the free reward pizza vouchers Dominos give me. I earn the points at the store, but can't spend them at the store. Have 3 free pizzas banked up. All makes heaps of sense.

  • +3

    Just rang my local dominos in NSW to check, they're not running the deal

    • Thanks for confirming. Otherwise we will be waiting all day for updates.

  • +2

    Just ordered one, can't wait to regret it shortly after I smoke it

    • +6

      It might taste slightly better if you eat it instead :)

  • Wonder why they've cancelled it for NSW? It's almost as if they don't have faith in their 100% completely safe fully legit contactless pick up to protect against COVID spreading?

  • +2

    Excludes NSW … Lol…

  • +1

    try this 938905 in NSW for buying x1 Large Super Premium, Premium or Tradition Pizza GET x1 FREE Large Traditional or Value Pizza

    • not as good as 7 dollars tho

      • -1

        well, you can cry all the way and there is no way they will let you use those codes, it is only 22.5c extra per pizza

      • +2

        'Not as good as $5', as you can only get a traditional free.

    • -1

      pick up only, works out to be $7.225 per large traditional pizza, better than nothing or paying full price

      • thats the price of 2 traditional not 2 premium XD it would be 5 dollars with the code per traditional pizza but oh well if the codes dont work they dont work

  • +1

    *excludes NSW? way to promote Inclusivity

  • +6

    If anyone wants Super Premium, you can get around the exclusion by selecting a Half & Half and using the same Super Premium selections for both halves. It'll apply a $2 surcharge but will work out to be $7 also.

    Use the coupon 389673 to make this work.

    • +2

      OP or admin please edit to include this. This works!!

    • -1

      Do you mean this works for NSW? I just tried half half and still couldn't apply the voucher..

  • Works in Cleveland QLD.

  • +1

    This promotion was stolen from us, just like the 2020 US presidential election.

    • +3

      I agree, this is a form of racism, and they get away with it by saying "Only available at selected stores"

  • +1

    Thanks OP, dinner sorted! Edit: No deep pan available at my local store - nooo.

  • Worked in Sunshine Vic. Paid for pickup later today.

  • +1

    Why aren't other competitor pizza companies on here offering up codes for NSW if Dominos don't want our orders!?

  • What is a covid belly? lol

    • +3

      The belly you grew during covid.

      Pre-existing bellies don't count.

  • +1

    Deals dead doesn't work, maybe in other states. Seems don maji went to Hawaii too 😤

    Oh well back to Hungry jack's walk in pick up order, then Aldi will boycott Domino's for 2 weeks as punishment.

  • +2

    If anyone wants free pizza hut podiums pizzas before these expire tonight here you go,


    • +2

      All voucher not found so I aussume they were used, but thanks for offering!

      • +5

        I guess first in first serve. People who used it should at least say thanks, not to mentioned some people actually tried to sell them few weeks ago. Probably a better way, sub102 offer anyone who pm sub102, sub will choose who get it base on first in first serve, then at least sub102 know who got it.

        • nmcc08 was playing with all the codes and may know something about which vouchers were used on which orders.

  • +2

    RIP no NSW

    • works in melbourne, no worries mate!

  • +2

    We're all in this together!! NOT!!

  • +1

    Someone should produce a YouTube video about this. If you select any other state most of them have the banner ad of this deal.

  • -3

    useless in nsw

  • works in vic yeeeehaw!

  • How dare you tempt me during my covid lockdown/hibernation, damn you!

    • yummy piiiiiiza

    • it will make you feel good for the meantime, and ever so slightly better than coles 1/2 price pizza that you can buy for $3.5

  • +3

    Excludes NSW. WTF????

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