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Acer Nitro 5 15.6" i5-11300H CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX 1650 $898 + Shipping @ Harvey Norman


Found this earlier. It’s a $300 discount. I know a lot of people aren’t keen on Harvey’s but I thought I should post as seems like a good entry level laptop.

There is a bonus gaming bundle too with purchase.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Gaming bundle details here - buy an eligible Intel core like this one and then redeem to download game/s

    Apparently worth $130 USD, but take that with a grain of salt.

    Can take up to 32GB ram too which is nice

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    Better than entry level I reckon. Looks like a good price.

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      That’s great to hear! New territory for me and was looking at this to be my first!

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    $949 delivered direct from Acer, with a 144hz panel and screw harvey's sticker

    also check refurbished gaming section on Acer, I picked up a 3060 nitro 5 over the weekend for $1149 there. not much more dough than this one, but forget about upgrades for a year or two. solid machine. yeah it has an i5-10300H who cares. more than enough for gaming. for what, $300 more it runs circles around a 1650

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      Yes, but the odds of hitting the perfect refurb (if you want refurb) + a better card, is not the same as a deal in stock. I hear you about Harvey's, but if you think you have a deal worth sharing, make a post for it.

      • the one I linked is not refurbished

        the 3060 I linked was "refurbished" but I don't see any signs of use, it looks totally new to me :)

        Acer online store is a gamble because I know they don't have a lot of stock. so insufficient quantity rule applies, and I don't post

        but I chime in about it in suitable threads to give people alternative or perspective

        it's actually more work than posting a deal!

        p.s. whoever would like to consider buying from Acer directly, they will have awesome discounts closer to father's day, might be a good idea to wait if you can

        but that applies to just about to every store out there? father's Day is the best gaming laptop buying occasion after black Friday IMHO

        I mean, come on, I bought 2 GTX 1640 laptops for $900 each on father's Day last year, aren't they supposed to get cheaper year later? w/e

        • *1650 not 1640

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      HVN one is 144Hz as well, and cheaper?

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        but it's from Harvey, come on.

        also Acer gives free lightning delivery. every time I buy from them it takes less than 24 hours from NSW to VIC despite the pandemic

        price match at Acer! their sales email address responds real quick. don't buy from Harvey

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          Acer told me they don't price match, gonna have to go with Javier Horman

  • Why is Harvey Norman banned?

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      GST on overseas purchases, he lobbied. Other reasons are his business practices… I think for these 2 mainly

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        I normally use his prices to do price match or price beat at JB/TGG/office works

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        i have bought stuff from HN, at least they look up the purchase date on their system if you have a problem rather than say if you don’t have the receipt they can’t help like some retailers do.
        not sure how many people would pay more elsewhere based on their personal dislike vs pay less for something at HN.
        for me price matches are often more about a retailer being closer than the HN store, can’t imagine myself driving further than a HN store if price was the same.

    • Cuz it’s Hardly Normal.

      • Dude it's hardly normal for someone to reply after a month too right?? 😂😂

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    "Harvey Norman to keep $22m in jobkeeper despite profits doubling to $462m in pandemic"


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      You think anyone cares? Try mentioning centerlink, everyone jumps sky high, best part is they don't even know that centerlink part is a drop in the sea of tax payers money, literally an unnoticed drop. should see all the stupidities our money is spent on, mentioned and unmentioned 🤦

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        Social welfare is about 35 cents of every dollar of tax.

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          That "welfare" is to a large extent made up of the "security" of aged pensions, which I and many others paid tax over 50 years of working life for, rather than avoiding as much tax as possible and pocketing A$423,000 a week as pocket money over and above salary and expenses whilst taking miilions from the taxpayer.

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        Seeing the big picture is really difficult, especially with the increasing secrecy of government activity (did somebody say KFC USA?).

        Everyone loves Apple. Yet they pay no Oz taxes, probably unlike HN. “But Apple is a US company,” they say… “Designed in Cupertino.” Sure, it may be “legal,” or unenforceable in the quagmire of international law… is it ethical?

        They both sell their shit in Australia, and make profits in Australia. So why not pay t… you get the point.

        As to that bigger picture, there is some airbrushed information out there, however.


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          What's worse is that retail (including HN) doesn't make anything more than 5% on any Apple products, if that (cheapest iPhones only $20 mark up from the Apple price). All those 10% off sales you see have to be authorised by Apple to cut extra % points in order to do it.

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        Not so much the amount that HN “stole” as the principle that they refused to return it even after making record profits. As a supposedly leading retailer in Aus they need to be seen to be doing the right thing. Taking taxpayers money & using it to bolster the pockets of their executive board is plainly not doing the right thing. Especially when Gerry lobbied the LNP successfully to get GST introduced for overseas online retailers.
        HN is a “grab it all” company without compunction who also screw all their franchise shop retailers

      • You have some examples?

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      When I was little my family got a 7 piece dinner table set from them (1 glass table and 6 chairs) for something like $1000 or more. Now my mum would not let us actually use it- it was for guests, you understand. Anyway I think we must have used it a few times per month for a few months. At this point, the leather on the chairs was disintegrating and they were so poorly made that it actually tore and came away from the chair frame in places. When we tried to return it, they started making incredible claims- "Maybe your kids were swinging on them", or maybe you used them too much. Incredible- how can you use a chair too much? After a lot of back and forth they agreed to replace it. We had to pick it up from some warehouse far away- and my dad told me about the incredibly frosty reception at the warehouse who did not want to part with it without a "deposit" or something. We ended up getting it, but it failed again.

      Anyway long short, they are scum that sell cheap rubbish at a 200% markup. I hate how Gerry paints himself as some sort of genius businessman- all you do is steal money from the public, use it to set up a monopoly and then laugh all the way to the bank.

      • But you know what's the greatest irony in all what you've said? Is that it's not 200% it's 500% on a lot of items, especially furniture and renovations. even greater irony is that a lot of buyers know that and they're happy about it, they feel they've purchased best of the best there is. Do you know how it sounds when you say to people you've purchased something at Harvey Norman, Domayne, David Jones, Myer etc?

        • Even more on mattresses

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          Prove it's "500% on a lot of items"..

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          people pay $8 for a heineken at a bar, when they could have it at home for $2, and you can get slabs of beer delivered ….. for some people it’s not the price, it’s the experience, and i’d rather pay extra for furniture and see it and sit on it in a store than try and buy online . online works for some things, not everything.

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        Some franchisees are really pricks. Should have done a written complaint to Head Office + ACCC to put some pressure on them.

        • This…. I didn’t even realise they were franchised , until I once took a faulty fan back to another store , the owner/manager was rude as.

          Regards furniture , Ive mostly had good experiences.

          We had a lounge from HN that lasted about 20 years. Frame was still solid and the dunlop foam was still going strong after years of abuse, it just wasnt worth getting the fabric replaced.
          And we still have the timber dining table/chairs bought at the same time.

          Less successful, we bought a leather chaise lounge from them around 5 years ago , was mid priced at about 2.5k. The leather has lasted well , but not long out of warranty the frame started sagging in one corner. In repairing it i realised how poor the build was and how many corners were cut.

          But this is pretty common now and HN is not the only store selling poorly made furniture from China.

          I think the HN hate on here is mostly from people still salty about the GST issue.

          • @dclee12: Yeah. that's the problem - what they sell out of one store is a different franchise from another store. The staff doesn't like taking the responsibilities of another store / franchise's since they didn't get any cut from it as such. They didn't even used to allow for this and required customers to go back to the original store, but think they received too many complaints and had to do something about it.

            +1 on the furniture - unfortunately we are importing a lot of the cheap low-quality furniture from China. My lounge upholstery is also a bit of an issue with the stitching only after 2 years so yeah, not that crash hot on things.

      • well, i'm not that young.. i bought an aircon from HN and at the pickup warehouse they wouldn't help me put the boxes in my vehicle. i did my back and it hurt like hell. never again with HN for me.

        • I feel for you. But that's why they do deliveries. You know already know that the unit itself is not light weight and the agreement is to be picked up from the dock itself. It's not really HN specific either - I've bought from JB/TGG/Myers and all are pretty much pick up from dock and carry to car yourself. Legally they can claim that they aren't insured to take it to your car in case they accidentally scratch it or anything.

          Pro Tip next time: Negotiate to have it delivered in the price or have the delivery discounted to $50 or less. Don't carry it yourself without breaking your back.

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      ok don’t fly qantas …..they also keep the job keeper.

      • Qantas lost billions ..
        Gerry 'increased' his profits .. by a Lot!

    • +1

      Great to see the Fuk You Harvey Norman Movement building momentum.
      We'll teach that prick something yet.

  • Anyone know if Harvey Norman has a price drop guarantee? Bought this same one for $100 more less than a month ago. I used gift cards so unfortunately credit card doesn't cover the price drop. Tried searching online but didn't come across it.

    • +1

      I’m unsure if they do but I’d recommend trying regardless. How have you enjoyed the laptop so far? :)

      • No complaints so far 👌🏻 not using it for gaming though, just got it for the decent specs (for the price) so that it won't be as sluggish in a couple of years

    • They do price matching at the point-of-sale. I don't think their price protection covers post point-of-sale.

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    Will this run two external 1440p monitors?

    • It mentioned it has a Thunderbolt 4 USB C port and an HDMI port - maybe it can - can any existing users confirm? Thanks.

    • It only has a single HDMI and it's probably a 1.4 so it will run 1x 1440p monitor in addition to its 1080p screen.

      It doesn't have thunderbolt in the specs page

    • Yes, 1 via HDMI and another via USB-C Gen 2 if the monitor has the port.

    • The HDMI Port is directly connected to the GPU, as such, if you are gaming it will run at a higher FPS on an external monitor than the built in screen.

      Built in screen has lower FPS because the GPU pushes data to the CPU which slows it down, so I highly recommend using monitor for gaming, this pass through can only be disabled on some laptops - not this one though.

      As for 1440p, this is made for 1080p gaming, I highly doubt you can game with it on 1440p.

      Source: I have the 10300H, 1650ti of this model, I added another 500GB NVME SSD and another 8GB RAM (bringing it to 16gb dual channel). I use it for Halo, COD Warzone and Split gate, Valorant , CS GO, BF4.

      For context - the most demanding game is Warzone and the performance sits at 80-90 FPS and is smooth, my monitor is only a 75hz 1080p so it works fine for me. Low / Med settings and 105 FOV (will get higher FPS at lower FOV) - just to give you an idea of what to expect.

      • Thanks, not looking to game. Just setting up work from home for my wife.

  • Does it have a slot for a second hdd?

    • 2 nvme and 1 x 2.5 inch bay

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    The awesome deal from a couple of weeks ago with the GTX 3060 is available again now for $1279 from Bing Lee… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642822

    • Thanks,tracked down one of the display models in nsw for 1260 :)

      • On their eBay store as well.


        • I saw that during the afterpay sale but had no idea it was the same model :(

          Oh well,I saved 50 odd bucks over getting a brand new one.

          • @Talsek: You probably did better.

            No stock on their website but 7 on the ebay store? I find that hard to believe.

  • If you really want to game I would suggest forking out <$100 more for a deal with at least 1650ti and 16gb ram.

    Or $2-300 more for 1660ti/2060 deal

    The 1650 really isn't great even for modest games

  • At least Dick Smith admitted he made the bulk of his $ on the back of cheap labour production electronics from Asia.

    Making up for it the rest of his life by being an Australian patriot and his charity work.

  • Just picked this up, anyone have suggestions for additional RAM I can get?

    • +2

      I would get a stick of crucial 8gb 3200mhz

      Did some testing of 16gb X 1 Vs 2 X 8gb

      If you fill both slots, you can gain about an extra 20% FPS, even with the same amount of ram just different configuration

  • expired now $1198

  • Back down to $898

  • Good deal, except for HN, and I'd much prefer either i7 or AMD (better).
    I'd probably cough up the extra and go
    Change my mind :)

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