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15% off Eligible Items, 17% off for eBay Plus Members @ eBay


ebay another 15% off sales event, 17% for ebay plus members. code :psves15 and psves17
offer actives on 26th of August 10:00am

terms and condition : https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/psves15/

there will always be some discounted products through these 'selected sellers', good luck.

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  • +10

    "Eligible items"

    You had me excited for a sec.

    • +1

      just changed title to make it clearer, cheers

  • Really hoping the Dreame V11 is included with this code

  • How can we check the eligible items or sellers?

  • +2

    That 2% sweetener for members…

    • +13

      Bro just spend $2450 and you'll make back the $49 you paid for Plus

  • +6

    Hello Jack

    • +1

      looks like uncle Jack hasn’t visited some of the items yet. But definitely will before it goes live tomorrow :)

  • +2

    The main limitation with these sales is always the max discount of $300.

    • +2

      $300 per transaction. How many $2k+ purchases were you planning to make?

      The main limitation is the eligible item pool.

  • please be deal on 2tb nvmes

  • +5

    Jack be nimble! Jack be quick!

  • +8

    Have you noticed with ebay promotions, the longer the end date, the crappier it is?

  • 17% off from boozbud is pretty good,


  • Thanks OP.

    Got the Dream V11 for $331.17 with the ebay plus code.

  • any PSU deal?

  • +1

    anyone grabbed any 65" 4k tv deal from ebay?

  • -1

    Great deal, some reason not on the front page.

  • Jack is back on some Sellers. People who frequent the eBay tech scene know that SYDmobiles=Allphones=Mobileciti

    Coming from the same stock pile but just using different shop front names in eBay.

  • For a change, a worthwhile eBay promo code… Been watching a laptop for a few days (AU seller), today morning saw it was eligible, no price jacks - jumped in and bought just after 10am, just got a shipped notification. So far, going well…

  • Is there a list of shops?

  • +2

    Guys avoid this seller '3rd-stock' on ebay, I had messaged and confronted him regarding jacking prices during sales and in response he blocked me from buying.


    • +1

      Sometimes I get blocked just for asking a question about an item.

      • That's because they know what they are doing is wrong and illegal so they don't like being confronted.

  • Baseus Inflator Portable Air Compressor Pump comes up in the search but code didn't work


    Got an auto reply when message them.

    baseus_officialstore_au is out of the office until 08/29/2021 and may not be able to respond to your message.

  • Come on microsoft, wheres the xbox controller deals!!

  • No TV deal 😭😭😭
    hoping to get hisense 65 q8 😡😡

  • +1

    Seriously this is a dud !

  • Looks like Dreame robovacs are discounted at least. Tempting!

  • +1

    Ebay is becoming more and more like an online 'reject shop' over time. Don't recognise half of these brands, and the prices are questionable in the first place.

  • +1

    The price of the Xiaomi monitor has increased since this was posted.

    • Yeah, I got excited…then thought I was going crazy looking at the $629 price ($534 with discount).

      Is it worth waiting for them to hit the $400 range again?

      • Depends. The price increase worked as a deterrent for me, so I will wait.

        • They must have put the price up for this sale. That listing on eBay was cheaper before. Shame..

      • I got it for $469 from this deal a few days ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645501

  • No eligible iPhone XR for sale :(

  • Damn .. Listing price for Xiaomi G10 increased.

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