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PNY VCG3060T8LDFMPB RTX 3060 Ti Dual Fan LHR 12GB Video Card [PNYRTX3060TIDF] $877.82 + Delivery @ Megabuy


Seems like a decent price. Found it today at static ice and posted it here.

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    Confused as to whether it's a 3060 or 3060ti - says it has 12GB of memory - pretty sure only the 3060 has that.

    • That was my first thought too

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      Googling VCG3060T8LDFMPB checks out to 3060 ti. Also, although it says availability online when selecting the GPU, at checkout its labelled as "special order" meaning:

      "This product is currently not in stock and will be special ordered upon request. Once the order is placed the manufacturer will build the product for the order. As this manufacturing process is often outside of Australia, the delivery times are on average 4-6 weeks from successful payment of the order. However we normally advise customers to contact us for an exact timeframe."

      Don't know which one is right but leaning towards special order. Best to call them up.

  • This is store has a bad reputation.

    • It has 599 reviews on Google with a 4.2 average. Care to elaborate?

    • I have heard similar things, though haven't experienced any problems buying from them (but only on 2 occasions).

    • Mostly with after sales service but every computer store is like that.

  • I think Megabuy is a shop aggregator - scrapped from WA computers IMO: https://www.wacomputers.com.au/pny-vcg3060t8ldfmpb-rtx-3060-... - which you actually can't buy if you try - probably incorrect listing on WA computers site

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      RTX 3060 Ti doesn't have 12Gb version, it must be a 3060 (non Ti) card, save you some efforts to try with them, it must be an webpage error.

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    Please not that availability says 'Online Only'. When you go to cart, it says 'Special Order ***' - This to me insinuates that it isn't on hand.

    Shame as I would've jumped on this.

  • 6700 XT or 3060 Ti ? i have a new Gigabyte FI32U 4k 32" 144Hz Screen and my 1070 doesn't seem to be handling it well.

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      Neither for 4K.

      • only playing non demanding games like Dota2

        • Depends on the prices you find. 6700 XT if it's within $50 difference otherwise 3060 Ti.

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          Go for the 6700xt! I can max out a lot of titles at 4k like Dota, Titanfall 2, Forza horizon 4, a plague tale, lost planet 1 & 2 etc. If you get a good card like the XFX Merc there's also huge overclock headroom and you can get 3070 performance.

          • @Voldemorts Flat Nose: Thanks i was looking at the 6700XT Merc … where did you buy yours from ?

            • @gankmeplz: Got mine from Ple shortly after launch. They seem to have an ex-demo unit available for $1011 atm. But if you want more performance headroom, I'd recommend the 6800xt in your case, since you have a 144hz monitor to really take advantage of the extra performance.

    • Get a 6700 xt for sure. 3060ti is too weak to have Ray trace on. That extra vram will come handy in the future, d**k move for nvidia choke vram for 3070, 3070ti and 3080.

      I played many modern games with 6700xt on 4k, bit not quite at 60hz. It is still a great card, eventually got a 6800xt at launch price though.

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    Just had a chat with megabuy. They informed this should be 3060 ti version with 8gb and they'll update the listing soon. So let's wait till they update it.

    • Thanks for update.

    • also awaiting for updated link. Thanks.

    • Did they mention if it was in stock or as above a special order with extended wait?

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      Just checked the SKU, it is 3060 TI

  • This morning I received an email, saying it was a pricing error, thus there's no stock and no ETA. Anyone got the same?

    • I received it yesterday.

      • what's your solution?

        • I have placed the order immediately when it was in the stock.

      • I am not lucky enough. Basically, my order has been cancelled and they claimed that there's no ETA may no have hope for months. Then they said that's a list error. So they asked me either swap cards or refund. Sad.

        • :( sorry to hear that listing was correct. They must have run out of stock. I'll let you know if there is a restock

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