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EveryPlate Meal Kit from $2.39:40% off First Box, 20% off Second and Third Box with Coupon


EveryPlate is actually owned by Hello Fresh. The difference is that EveryPlate is cheaper but their menu is similar with Hello Fresh and same tasty.

You can choose meal for 2, 4 and 6 people for 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals. Example: 6 people for 6 meals are starting $3.98 per serving. With 40% off discount, it come down to $2.39! Definitely way cheaper than buying groceries and cook the food.

The box is delivered on weekly basis and portioned as the menu (you can choose the menu) so no food waste. You can cancel anytime or skip any week.

So surprised this is that cheap.

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  • Same shite support as Hellofresh too. Old lady ordered a box to try it out, cancelled/suspended/postponed following weeks deliveries (email to confirm) and they still sent the box the following week and charged her. Then tried to refuse that they should refund it.

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      Always remove your card/account right as you see the delivery man coming up the driveway. This is a common occurence with these boxes.

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        Yeh definitely good advice!

      • Yes definitely! I always do this haha :)

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    • Worked for me just now

    • I think it worked, at least for me. Need all capitals

      • It worked and then I came back later and it stopped. All good now.

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    I've chosen to stop using hello fresh, I've found in the last month or two terrible quality items, some of the most disgusting tomato's I've ever tasted and garlic and onions tiny and constant substitutions..
    I've gone over to marley spoon, a bit more $$ but it's been much better for past 2 weeks the quality and amount of ingredients is worth the extra couple $ each week

    • Oh gotta try marley spoon. What about dinnerly? Have you try it? So far EveryPlate is okay for me i guess i just started my 1st box hehe

      • I prefer marley spoon for the quality, I believe it's about $15 a week dearer then hello fresh but I've never had an issues with portions or quality of the herbs, chicken is by far the best I've had.
        I dont hate hello fresh, but I used them for 6 months and it's going downhill and fast, since going to marley spoon I might not go back.
        Marley spoon have a offer for $110 off first 5 boxes, so just get one box for like $40 delivered and give it a go I think you will be impressed
        Dinnerely I will try next when I see a good deal for the first box try out lol 😆

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    Not delivering to 3.5 hours from Adelaide. Better cook meals yourself. Cheaper and healthier.

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      lol these meals you do cook yourself

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    We had ordered from EveryPlate and was so happy with the quality of food delivered. Kids has fun preparing per the instructions. Yes, we had got some coupon from friends, but will definitely order once in a while to try out.

    If you are using these services you should remove the card as soon as you order or you have the option to skip the next week, this way you have time to cancel if you decide to.