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Tenda Nova MW3 3 Pack $105 (previously $99 before restock) + 1 Bonus Tenda Nova MW3 Delivered @ Tenda Technology Amazon AU


Credit goes to @stevednj48 and @Bargainaholic for bringing this one to my attention.

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  • Does one of them enact as a hub for all the rest of them? Or can you use them separately?

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      Some googling indicates they should work independently.

      They can route traffic or operate in a bridged mode apparently. You'd want to operate in "bridged" mode with a single unit if you're just using it as an AP. I've ordered a set.

      Apparently they're pretty limited, no vlan support, have to use an app to access some functions but i figure for $100 for 4 units they're worth a gamble as I can blanket the house in 3 of them and put 1 wired up in my shed.

      $25 a unit for just access points that support 2/5ghz without meshing is a bargain in itself.

      • Thanks a bunch! I was previously looking into Google Nest Wi-Fi - but this seems like it'll get the job done.

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          I imagine those are going to be better, albeit much more expensive.

          I run a small MSP and I'm usually very against consumer grade crap like this, but for the price I can let it slide lol.

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            @knk: Be aware the MW3 has 100M Ethernet ports.

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              @Twix: I'm aware, not an issue for myself.

              These will at most be connected to phones / TVs etc. NBN is <100/100 for me. Only local traffic that "could" exceed 100/100 would be plex, but as long as I'm pulling ~10Mbps there it'd be enough.

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              @Twix: Be aware that when wifi is quoted as '300mbps' they are actually quoting a half-duplex speed so the real life speed is actually half that and you have to equate to around 70% of the quoted speed as real world speeds for wifi. A 300mbps wifi router is going to operate at roughly 210mbps half duplex so will max at 105mbps full-duplex anyway.

              tldr 100mbps port is totally fine for wifi APs

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                @Agret: Except when you have access to 250Mbps and Gigabit :-)

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                  @Twix: Negged for pointing out a bottleneck. Sheesh.

      • you have a main unit and the rest can link to it. Only one unit is needed to work i have 3 setup wifi reception is now excellent though the house.

      • They do the job - I have pretty average internet but now I get the average internet everywhere in the house. I don't know whether this technically makes sense, but I've found it really effective to plug laptops into the unit when streaming or on video calls, which stabilises the connection speed. My thinking is that the wifi in that unit is concentrating on receiving rather than sending as well, so improves performance? Either way, been pretty happy with how this has gone after buying a couple of months ago.

        • +1

          Yeah the backhaul will be shared basically, so plugging in avoids you communicating wireless to the device.

          These will also have better antennas than your laptop chances are.

    • Yes, each node can work idenpendently. It’s actually a good idea to separate them to 2 2pack, used for 2 properties, if they are not super large.
      As a matter of fact, the deals “Buy MW3-3PK or MW5s-3PK, to get a bonus MW3-1pk” or “Buy MW12-3PK or MW6-3PK, to get a bonus MW6-1PK” are available from any authorized resellers.

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    Beware, the Ethernet port on these is 10/100 not gigabit.

    • +2

      True, I guess if you're fortunate enough to get > 100/40 NBN or have some local traffic then that would be a limitation.

      Personally I'm good with much lower speeds on mobile devices, as long as its stable.

  • Sorry probably been asked a few times but, do I just connect one of these to the nbn box/modem and then put the others wherever I need them ? Do I still need a seperate router/modem connected as well ?

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      Correct! NBN box modem is all you need

      • Thank you!

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        Except with TPG and iinet who use VLAN ID tags for most of their nbn services. Tenda doesn't have the option to enable VLAN ID tags.

        • So for IINET FTTB I can just plug it into the
          provided tp-Link Archer Vr1600v modem lan point without having to run bridge mode? I am not using the provided phone line for calls.

          • +2

            @Bargainaholic: If you dont need vlan on the wan side you could use these as your router, yes. Otherwise you'd have these act as just wireless APs and use another router that these are connected to.

            Personally I wouldn't use something like this to route.

          • +1

            @Bargainaholic: You can do that. It will give you what's called a double NAT. For casual browsing and Netflix you can get away with double NAT. Double NAT can break access to Plex, cameras, remote access, servers, home automation and more.

            • +3

              @Twix: I think there's some confusion here or terminology mix up.

              You could run your existing modem and router, which may be 1 device with 1 tenda connected in routing mode or whatever. This would result double nat.

              In the above scenario the tenda should really be configured as just an AP. So there is no routing by the tenda therefore no double nat.

              Bridge mode generally refers to the modem bridging l2 packets and the router then using dhcp ppoe or whatever to configure the connection.

              However, if you were to say I want the Tenda to operate on bridge mode that would imply the tenda is operating on layer 2 only and just providing wireless to an existing network (no nat / routing).

              Terms are a bit all over the shop and informal.

              • @knk: The terminology mix up comes from Tenda calling AP mode as bridge mode when most router manufacturers have AP mode and bridge mode separate.

                You could run your existing modem and router, which may be 1 device with 1 tenda connected in routing mode or whatever. This would result double nat.

                Which is what I was referring to.

                The setup with those different scenarios are right.

  • What are the usual prices on these?

  • I have these and can recommend, especially at this price. Ordered these for my folks.

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    Shows unavailable

  • How do we add it to the cart?

    • its unavailable only on the ebay post now.

      • Thanks..bought 1 at ebay

  • Back in stock!

    • Price is now $105.

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        Updated it, thanks

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    Can you mix and match these with Google mesh?

    • +1

      Doubt it.

      Best you could do would be to run the same ssid on both.

  • +1

    Finally received mine.

    The app is garbage, there is no web ui.

    These do some weird trickery when relaying DHCP and if it doesn't go through they create a literal storm of shit and bring switches down.

    Caused a bit of headache, but my setup isn't indicative of a normal one.

    Once that was sorted they perform well. Got 1 unit connected via ethernet inside a steel shed that nothing signal wise will penetrate. Roaming from the other 3 units to this one is seamless, can hold a voice call over wifi. 10/10 would recommend at this insane price.

  • Whoa !! Great stuff…just followed the link provided here [same as above link] https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07D9CC637 and ordered the MW3 3 pack on Amazon…promotion for an extra MW3 1 pack is still valid…as others have said…you need to follow the instructions…add Both items to your cart…both items to your checkout, enter payment details and then the auto-discount kicks in…reduced from $158.00 to $99.00. FOR 4 CUBES !!

    The 3 pack is discounted from $99.00 to $62.04 and the 1 pack from $59.00 to $36.96 giving a whole package price of $99.00!!

    Thanks to the original posters…