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[VIC] Hass Avocados $5 for Tray of 10kg Avocados @ Henrys Mercato (Stud Park)


[VIC] Today Only - Hass Avocados $5 for Tray of 10kg Avocados @ Henrys Mercato (Stud Park)

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Henrys Mercato Stud Park
Henrys Mercato Stud Park

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  • Too good to be real.

    • I dunno I've bought over 30 avos (from a different place, but still) at 5-9c each. Probably works to a similar price

  • Mate I would get a few trays at this price.

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      Avo doesn't have great shelf-life… what do you do with 10s of kg? Just go nuts with guac on everything!

      • Freeze them. Not sure on the process. But cubed avocadoes are available in the freezer section.

  • Hmm partner is working out that way today so we could get lucky! If you go can you report back stock levels please!

    • Got there around 8:10, they were going like hotcakes, most people went for 1, a handful went for 2. Saw they might have another 100-200 trays in the car park where they get unloaded to.

      Good luck!

  • Any shipping fee?

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    Yeah I'm not sure what I would do with a bunch of avos that have gone brown on the inside.

    • Sell them at one of the major supermarkets?

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        Personal experience only. Those avos I bought from Coles and Woolies are always good but can't say the same for Aldi, I bought a prepacked of 6 from Aldi before and NONE of them is edible I think their fridge is too cold and killed the avos that's why they are all brown inside. Never buy avo from Aldi again since then.

    • avo smoothie!

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    I bought a tray of avocados from a local place a few months back, I mashed them with some lemon salt and pepper and then froze it into individual portions. I just took them out of the freezer and placed it in the fridge the evening before and it was thawed the next day. Comes out exactly the same as fresh, been eating smashed avo every morning for 2 months and only just ran out :D best thing I ever discovered.

  • has the 5km limit been lifted or do they want us to break the law

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