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Peloton Bike $2295 Delivered (Commonly Paired with $59/Month Digital Subscription) @ Peloton


It only just got released 1-2 months ago in Aus at $2895 and now this drop.

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  • +26

    $59/mo All-Access Membership required

    yeah nah

    • What? You can't use it without this? BS.

    • +4

      yea wtf either have high up front costs and own it (maybe subscription for extras etc) or subsidised and a subscription - not both!

      • +2

        You do own it.

        The $59/month is for digital subscription for video content and leaderboard etc. Technically you can use the bike without it but that would kinda not be the point of this.

        • +1

          Pricing is insane. Good on the company though if people are paying it.

    • soon enough it's going to become more common, high initial purchase with consistent high monthly subscription. absolutely ridiculous. did read somewhere a while back you can kind of jailbreak them so it's not too bad.

  • +16

    So just a bike with iPad and app connected?

      • +34

        Literally that, a bike and an iPad?

        • -16

          Ok, what bike?

          • +37

            @watwatwat: user name checks out…

            • @jv:

              @watwatwat: user name checks out…

              I always wondering is it possible to manually tap people in the reply? ozbargain use to auto tap when reply but a few years ago not doing that anymore.

              Like this reply it tapped you automatically

            • @jv: From WA ?

          • +1

            @watwatwat: lol do you work for them? why get so defensive over it?

            • +1

              @Benno123: Most likely trying to convince themselves they didn't get ripped off when they bought this.

          • @watwatwat: Why is there silence when I ask this?

            Why do people buy Starbucks when it is just coffee?

          • @watwatwat: A road bike and a stand? The cheapest? I'm not here to do research for you.

            • -2

              @bradenpd: So the "peloton bike is just an ipad on a bike" guy has no better suggestion to replicate the experience. Go figure.

              I'm not here to do research for you.

              But you are apparently here to critique this product and I assume you haven't even used it yourself.

              • @watwatwat: Someone’s a bit shitty they wasted over two grand on a fancy bike and iPad combo.

                • @bradenpd: Still waiting for your "better alternative". Why even state there is a better alternative when you actually seem to have no idea?

                  You yourself say you are not here to do research so you don't seem to have actually discovered any better solution.

      • +2

        $2295 +12m sub = $3k.

        That pretty much buys you a smart bike trainer, a whole bicycle to put on the trainer and zwift/fullgaz/sufferfest for a year. Probably would have change for an ipad too.

    • +11

      cheap 2nd hand road bike off facebook marketplace (doesnt even need a rear wheel), a smart trainer (I use a wahoo kickr) and a zwift subscription.

      • You also can test out RGT app which offers free subscription

        • or fullgaz, Rouvy or one of the other apps. There was a fullgaz deal here on OzB a few days ago I think

  • +1

    How's this different to Nordic machines?

    • Not much, if at all. NordicTrack / ProForm (sold by Icon Health & Fitness in AU, now iFit Health & Fitness in the US) use the iFit app for connected workouts and as far as I know they all do exactly the same things from an app perspective: adjust resistance to match the settings on the video, live trainer-led sessions, stat tracking, etc.

      • +1


    • +1

      I have the Nordic, which I run without iFit subscription. It's currently getting me through Sydney lockdown, so there's a limit to how much I will quibble with it. But if you are in the market for one of these, then the relevant comparison is to a high-end studio spin bike such as Matric IC7 or Technogym Group Cycle. If you were considering Wahoo or Wattbike you would not go for these but I have no interest in those as I am not a road cyclist.

      For me, the main areas where the Nordic falls short are 1) maximum resistance is not quite strong enough for me (85kg male), 2) power algorithm runs stupidly high — it tells me I am pushing 300 watts when I know it is more like 250, and 3) for me the kicker is that despite being Bluetooth enabled it does not transmit its power data (such as it is) to my Garmin watch.

      If you ask me whether I expect the Peloton would score any better on those points then to be honest I very much doubt it. But if I had my time over I would very seriously consider stepping up to the Technogym, especially as there must currently be hundreds sitting around idle in gyms waiting to go bust.

  • +18

    Prefer using my normal road bike on my smart trainer which cost half price. Zwift or Trainer Road is awesome value.

    • +4

      Agreed. You could buy a decent road bike, a smart trainer, and Zwift membership, all for the upfront price of a Peloton.

    • +5

      Plus you can even use the road bike outside and save money on the Zwift or trainer road. Much more utility there.

    • +1

      Yep I just upgraded to the Tacx Neo2T. It's freakin' awesome. Road/gravel/wooden plank feel is just insane.

    • +1

      Yep add Rouvy, FulGaz, Sufferfest and others. For me Zwift + 15yo road bike + first gen cycleops Hammer = fitness + fun. Add WTRL racing and don't take it too seriously (ie don't stress about the cheats) and you can have a killer time in lockdown.

  • +2

    I brought one of these for $289 on special. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/140491069591?ssPageName=STRK%3AM...

    Then subscribed to Peloton on the iPhone for $17/month (three months free), then just put my laptop in front of the bike. You can also use Android, Android TV, Apple TV and iPads.

    You get 90% of the experience for fraction of the price.

    Some tips:
    Peloton use cadence instead of speed. Easy enough to calculate a conversion between the two and stick a conversion table on the handle bars.
    Peloton has fixed resistance levels. This is harder to judge.

    • How is the quality of these lower end priced spin bikes? I'm thinking of getting one that's decent quality without costing an arm and a leg.

    • +6

      I would love to have one of these, but can’t justify the costs. But I won’t judge someone who can.

    • +5

      TBF, thinking that someone else's budget and purchase decisions don't match yours has anything to do with their intelligence 'aint bright'.

      • +3

        If anything, those who are purchasing these items are likely to be in the higher tax brackets with a lot of disposable income.

        For the most part, those in the higher tax brackets and generally in jobs that require an increased level of intelligence.

        • +2

          For the most part, those in the higher tax brackets and generally in jobs that require an increased level of intelligence.

          Tell people you've never interacted with people in this income bracket without telling anyone you've never interacted with people in this income bracket.

        • +3

          That fact that you align those in the higher tax brackets as generally being in jobs that require an increased level of intelligence is hilarious. And quite telling indeed.

          I've worked with people in the 200k range that are as useless as tits on a bull. On the flip side, I've worked with people in the sub 60k area and they are some of the smartest people I know.

          Higher salary does not equate to higher intelligence… smh

          You only need to look at Gladys Binchicken and Brad 'Dip$hit' Hazzard for proof of that.

          • @KangaDrew: Guess you missed the first part of the sentence that said "for the most part"

          • -2


            Higher salary does not equate to higher intelligence… smh

            Wrong. Generally, of course higher paid people are more intelligent.

            I've worked with people in the 200k range that are as useless as tits on a bull

            Cool story bro. Nice sample size of your experiment and I'm sure you analysed their intelligence quite definitively.

            You only need to look at Gladys

            You obviously have no idea of her intelligence, either.

        • +1

          *Also higher levels of narcissism and sociopathy ("for the most part")

        • +1

          "For the most part, those in the higher tax brackets and generally in jobs that require an increased level of intelligence."


          Have you ever worked in a government department before?

      • Anyone who has followed this company's history and the decisions it makes is going to be thinking at least twice about buying from them, given the chances of being left with a very expensive unusable bike.

        And if they haven't bothered with that stuff before buying? Well, the comment stands. (I know the mantra is "buy now, (possibly) think later" but that's even more stupid with something like this.)

  • In general Peleton will happily punch you in the face either way, so eh.

  • So these things are basically your 'at home' version of an online spin class right? I'm a reasonably serious cyclist that's been using zwift and a smart trainer for a few years when I cant get outside to ride. This looks like it is designed for folks that take cycling a little less seriously than the zwift crowd?

    • Zwift is more people interested in the sport. This is more exercise geared

    • +1

      designed for folks that take cycling a little less seriously than the zwift crowd

      It all just sitting on a bike peddling. Unless your a professional getting paid, none of it is “serious”.

      • plenty of people not getting paid are following training and diet plans and smashing out intervals at 400 watts to improve their FTP. All depends what you want to get out of it.

        • +2

          Good for them. That's called wanting to get healthy and fit. Nothing stopping spin class people from doing the same.

    • +5

      These are aimed at the: "well, this morning when I was on my PELETON bike in my PELETON class…" crowd

    • +5

      So these things are basically your 'at home' version of an online spin class right?

      Basically. There is a bunch of other stuff like yoga and HIIT and run/walking that makes it kind of like an Apple Fitness+ sub as well.

      This looks like it is designed for folks that take cycling a little less seriously than the zwift crowd?

      Yeah, it's probably not 'serious' enough for the midlevel IT project managers playing out their Le Tour fantasy cosplay on weekends.

      That said, DC Rainmaker did a review and found it was plenty hard enough for him. And they have stuff catering to that crowd, like power meter classes and TdF cyclists hosting classes and outdoor virtual rides. Worth a read if you are interested in that kind of thing.


      • +2

        Yeah, it's probably not 'serious' enough for the midlevel IT project managers playing out their Le Tour fantasy cosplay on weekends.

        Comment of the year.

        Don't forget the "serious" 2 hour gossip session at the local coffee shop after.

      • Thanks for the links, not sure about the stereotype but I can take a joke. I think I'll stick to zwift.

  • +6

    ouch tough crowd

  • +1

    These are OK if you live in a country where you would be snowed in for most months but this is Australia. I think I have seen the promo's you are paying the wages of a instructor but saying that, this cost is similar to gym membership.

    Only other advantages.. Magpie swooping time this month in SA, Lock downs.. Not really an SA thing at the moment.. Fingers / toes crossed.

    • +1

      That and not wanting to get hit by a car riding on roads that were never meant to have bikes on them. 🤷‍♂️

      • +1

        Bikes were here first…just sayin' :)

        • +3

          The vast majority of roads weren't designed to be shared between cars and bikes… just sayin' :)

    • I use an indoor trainer (not peloton) as well as outdoor riding. Outdoor riding is 10000000x more enjoyable, but indoor training wins as far as getting bang for buck with your training with being forced to follow the intervals, no coasting, no stopping at lights or slowing down at intersections etc

      Takes me around 90 mins of outdoor riding to build the same stress score that I get done within 60 mins indoors.

  • Peloton shares fell as much 15% in after-hours trading following a disappointing earnings report

  • +5

    The Apple of fitness equipment.

  • +1

    Got the Concept2 BikeErg instead of this one. Enjoying it so far

    • Same, use it daily with Zwift, works great.

  • +3

    Not sure why all these people hating, I'd get one if I could afford it, don't think that makes me dumb.

    • +4

      Not sure it's hating. We're on Ozbargain. People are giving their opinions about whether this is a bargain. You'll always have the outliers e.g. the "ain't bright" comment crossed the line and they've been negged.

  • Honestly makes more sense to look at one of those websites that resell refurbished gym machines.
    Much rather have a machine designed to have maintenance done to it every 5,000 hours of use (which is a life time for home use) then a machine that will be really hard to fix in 2-3 years.

  • +3

    Ok - I have one, I've had one for 18 months - moved it back with me from Canada. Judge the price as you will but save your judgement of the product, especially if you've never used it…

    Sure, it's expensive and blah blah blah …if you're reading this and genuinely interested then here's some things to consider:

    1. If you and your partner have kids and can't get out to exercise, this is exceptional - think sleeping baby, quick 30-45-60min workout.

    2. If you work shift (I do) I can't always ride outside / don't want to ride outside at night or peak hour

    3. This is absolutely nothing like ZWIFT or other road bike trainers - it's a workout / spin class machine

    4. The content is really good, the trainers and classes integrate with the bike hardware to create a complement experience

    5. It's insanely efficient - a 60min Peloton HIIT takes 65 minutes, going outside and doing this takes ages… It's not a replacement but often the difference between not training at all when it's raining etc…

    6. Whilst not a "forever" reason - During lockdown this has been a bloody game changer - we're in Melbourne, exercise outdoor has and still does come at a massive premium with curfew/restrictions

    If you want to ask any questions of someone who has one and uses it, feel free to AMA…

    • Even though I'm in the Zwift + trainer camp. I'm also pro 'Do whatever you need to to get moving' so I'll just add that point 5 is legit. Conservatively your looking at about 1.5x the training effect on an indoor trainer than outdoor due to the almost constant engagement and cadence, up that even more if there is no freewheel (ie spin bike where you can't stop pedalling and coast, not sure if the Peloton bike falls into that category).

    • None of those points address why this is better/worse than the competition.

      Points, 1,2,5,6 can be applied to any indoor exercise device.

      Points 3,4,5 can apply to any online platform .Sure zwift might not be the same but there are others out there.

      The main issue with this is the price and expensive monthly subscription.

  • -2

    Opened up a short position in this company after coming across it last year and genuinely being nonplussed that anyone would have the lack of mental capacity to actually get one. Healthy profit atm but waiting for its eventual and certain decline to $0.

    • +5

      Sure you did, champ.

      And unless you literally bought it on one of like three very specific periods, you would have been underwater pretty much the entire time. And still are.

      Killer thesis though. 'The single most popular piece of exercise equipment in US homes with a <1% churn rate is definitely going to zero'

      • +1

        Question for you, do you use yours for anything other than a towel holder? Killer dissertation though. I also get my facts from the marketing department of the company

        • It's in their 8K, along with revenue growing >50% y/y.

          But you would know all that, since you are a super important investing man. How's the borrow on that thing working out for you?

          • @jjcf: I don't have an 8K TV, not enough content yet imho.

            • -1

              @deltaV: Look at all these replies of yours but you ignored the question about your 'short' claim.

              So did you fake it to try and sound cool to others?

              • -1

                @watwatwat: Apologies for not disclosing the details of a financial transaction I made to a stranger on the internet. My bad

                • @deltaV: "Hey guys, this thread is completely unrelated to $PTON but I'm just gonna come in here and brag about my financial transaction where I shorted $PTON in 2020 and am now sitting in profit".

                  "oh ok, what price did you short at?"

                  "OMG how dare you ask about a personal financial transaction on the internet'.

                  Sounds legit. Thanks for adding no value to this thread.

                  • -1

                    @watwatwat: Added plenty of value thanks, advised people not to get an 8K TV yet

    • Today 114.09 USD Since IPO +88.85 (352.02%)… What date/price did you open the short, I reckon you're betting on pandemic not Peloton?

  • +1

    Get a cheap exercise bike off FB marketplace and watch the Paralympics for some insipiration.

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