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[Pre Order] 30% off Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (e.g. 40mm $279.30, 44mm $314.30) Delivered @ Samsung EPP/Education Stores


Greetings everyone, Samsung EPP stores have 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for pre-order until 23rd of September 2021.

Watch Price
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) $ 279.30
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) $ 314.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) $ 349.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) $ 419.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) $ 454.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) $ 489.30

Stack with the $50 signup code for purchases over $350 spend (credit to MikeMelbourneAus)

For anyone that doesn't currently have access to the EPP stores, you can also get access through a Westpac Bank Account / Credit Card Account by going to the Rewards and Offers page and pressing on the Samsung Offer.

As always, enjoy :)

Need a $50 Samsung voucher code? Giving away a code? use the Code Giveaway Megathread

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  • It appears westpac offers are back but getting an error..

    • I placed an order via westpac and got a confirmation email + the order shows in my account. Given possible changes, for westpac users I'd recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

      • Managed to order about an hour ago….had to use chrome on the desktop.

        • I also had an update email from Samsung store. $50 first user vouchers are not usable when ordering through the Westpac portal.

    • Available atm, I notice that offers sometimes disappears and come back.

    • Is this on the app or website? I have quite a few offers on the app, but no Samsung. Have a credit card only with them

  • Westpac says 'There was an error loading your rewards be offers. Please try again later.'

    • Worked on chrome desktop for me and not chrome Android.

      • Tried that same problem 😭

        • It's working now, on mobile even!

          • @jamestownfx: Were you already with Westpac or did you sign up with them just for this deal? I'm wondering if signing up for the reward would work, before closing the account again.

  • +1

    Ordered one with the Kid's school account.

    • +2

      that what I did too, excellent ozbargainthinking πŸ˜‚

  • Anyone having any luck with trying to get these with the Australian Government Samsung Store?

    • Yup, just cancelled my LTE and reordered a BT only one this morning

      • I cant get access and the samsung rep said the Government store doesnt get access yet. I have opened an .edu.au account and can see the pre-orders there

    • +1

      I ordered through government store last week all went through

      • Same yesterday once I got my $50 code

  • Hmmm very undecided about classic 46mm LTE or no

    I have LTE active 2 at the moment i hardly use LTE though was a good deal and will get maybe higher resale value.

    Any help would be appreciated as I'm on the fence about the 2 πŸ€”

    • +1

      Hi agalea101,
      I got my missus and myself the Active2 with LTE when it came out in 2019, guess what? We didn't use that function either. :D

      In saying that, at the time it was $10/month extra for number share (thru Optus), now it has gone down to $5/month if it is on a deal.

      I've just pre-ordered the Classic 46mm LTE for myself and the Classic 42mm LTE for my missus.

      We will definitely be using the LTE once we get the new watches as we can go for a walk round the block without having to carry the phone with us.

      Hope that helps, because sitting on the fence for too long hurts the you know what. :P

      • +1

        Thanks for the insight

        Yeah I have had access to 5 a month thru Telstra for a while now. Used it for abit then turned it off.

        But your case for the run/ walk outside without the phone is a good point though it really makes me feel that will never likely be me. I will be away from ozbargain for too long!🀣

        • +1

          Have you made your Watch4 choice? Why did you turn off the access?

          My Active2 will be passed on to someone else in the family so no loss there.

          The Watch4 x2 orders took $$$ out of our budget so no Ozbargain for us for a while (yeh/nah) :D

          We are keen to test out the LTE feature.

          It will probably feel strange going anywhere without carrying the phone, however it will only be for an hour or so going for a walk, so it will be a new thing for us.

          We won't know until we try it, and if it doesn't feel right, we can still turn LTE off and cancel number share.

          • +1

            @savememoney: Lol! How did U know I haven't haha … Still deciding

            I took it off after trying it though I soon realise I always have my phone on me or close enough.

            But I made up my mind and just getting the LTE for resale value and also if I'm spending that much then why not an extra 70 for something left desired

            Now the problem is the colour! I watched a ASMR one on the silver version and man O man it looks super clean 🀀

            I got the black and silver and need to remove one…..

            • +1

              @agalea101: @agalea101 Good luck to whichever colour you choose!

              Since I had the black Active2, I decided on the Silver Watch4 Classic 46mm LTE, can always get a replacement black or darker band as an accessory.

              Don't leave it too long though, otherwise there will be a back log on orders.

              I want my watch as soon as possible.

              Stay safe.

              • +1

                @savememoney: Thanks bruv

                In the end it was a battle between classic black and classic Silver. I took out the regular 4 due to aluminium being cratched easily with other early reviews

                Got the classic in silver 46mm!

                I also got some nice bands from Amazon including this sick orange one.


  • +1

    Just ordered mine. 46 classic in silver for 369. What a great deal.

  • It's not letting me purchase.

    Says available 10th sept.

    Any ideas what's going on?

  • Why is this watch so popular? Plz help me understand. My wife has bought one but I am still on the fence with this one as I am pretty haopy with my phone. Plus I dont like any accessories on my body like watch, chain, ring etc

    • Read some reviews and do some research

  • +1

    JB Hi-Fi Customer Support mentioned they do not price match pre-orders when pointed to Samsung EPP…

  • Looks like buds 2 are also up for pre orders

  • Tried using the $50 but its not working for me both for buying 2x 40mm (total 550) or 1x vlassic (380).. no idea why

    • If you're using Westpac, it doesn't work the $50 off. Confirmed with Samsung online store via email.

      • not using westpac here.. through the education store

  • I see some on ebay, how did they get their hands on one while its still pre-order on Samsung website?

    • I believe it was released overseas late last month in some countries (US, UK?)

  • anyone can help a fully vaccinated soul out with a $50 code?

  • Thinking about getting normal 4 lte but green is sold out.. Think it will come back in? Otherwise will go black. Also anyone have spare voucher? Thx

    • I was the same, procrastinated on which one I wanted, eventually decided on normal 4 lte green, went to order and out of stock πŸ˜‘ lol.

      Ended up just getting the black, didn't want to risk black LTE going out of stock and then having to just get the Bluetooth model for only $20 less (with voucher) than I could have got the LTE. As you can't use the $50 voucher with BT model, it's under the $350 limit.

      Can't really go wrong with black I guess.

  • +1

    No luck getting the $50 voucher with three different emails.
    Tried emailing there support team

    • Yeah it's a rediculous system, it seems to work about 10% of the time. Support will send you one though, so you'll be right.

      Everyone just needs to have one of these vouchers on hand already if they feel like they are going to be tempted to jump on any Samsung deal like this in the next year… New tablets, phones, buds etc. Then there is no stuffing around trying to get one when you want to order.

    • Same, I think I've used at least 5 and emailed support a couple of days ago too.
      I just want to order and move on with my life lol… instead I'm obsessively checking my junk mails for a code so I can order before they are out of stock.

  • I had to wait for my next pay and now the black LTE 44mm is out of stock 😒

    • I was hoping to get a rose gold, decided to wait for the voucher to come through. Now none in stock. I feel ur pain

    • Oh wow! That sucks man… As I posted earlier I literally ordered last night after finally deciding, wanted green, that was out of stock, so went for the black LTE in case it went out of stock… I was lucky by the looks of it.

      This deal is running through till the 23rd apparently so hopefully they can restock!

  • Wasted my time with Samsung chat and have emailed them as others noted in the comments. Still haven't received the $50 voucher code. If anyone has a spare $50 voucher code, please PM me. Have to say this was my first experience dealing with Samsung support and they are absolutely abysmal

  • Any kind soul happy to share their $50 code?

  • +1

    Looks like the Westpac option doesn't work anymore? Only for Westpac employees?

    I had the item in my cart and went to proceed with the purchase and it kicked me out and the access page is all different and the offers/rewards section of my Westpac account has changed

    • I just noticed that.

      I ordered my 4 Classic late Thursday night just before the offer got taken done.

      I was having trouble deciding whether to get the 4 or the Classic despite watching every YouTube review I could find.

      Glad I pulled the trigger.

      Hopefully it comes back for others who haven't purchased yet.

      • +1

        Yeah spuin I took too long to decide

    • No stock at the moment but the Westpac offer is showing up again for me using my Samsung phone.

      Strangely no offers at all are showing when I sign into Westpac on my iPhone though.

      Edit: No offers for anything showing up in my Westpac account now but that may be because I rarely use my account.

      • +1

        Nothing is showing up for me either, but you've got my hopes up so I'll keep checking

  • Has anyone received their pre-orders yet? I see some people selling Watch 4 on FB, not sure how they got it already?

    • I'd say someone out of the thousands of orders made here would have posted that theirs had shipped if any had yet.

      It says shipping from the 13th, but Samsung is known for just shipping them out as soon as they arrive in the warehouse (I received my S21U a week or so before release date), so I wouldn't be surprised if we start getting shipping notifications early to mid next week🀞

      As for the ones on Facebook… Who knows, probably some retailer shipped some early πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

      • Was released in the US/UK late last month I believe, everyone else this month.

  • Can anyone help me with gaining access to the epp store? I am no longer a uni student, hence I do not have access to an edu.au email.

  • Can someone confirm what status your order is in? Website says 'waiting for approval', email said the following:

    • Thank you for choosing Samsung, your order has been received and is currently being reviewed. We may need to contact you to verify your order. Once your order has been verified, you will receive a order confirmation email and your order will be processed.
    • maybe the stock is getting low? And checking the allocation?

      • +1

        Could be - that is why I was asking. I only ordered it yesterday hence curious what everyone else was experiencing… I paid via PayPal and the charge hit my CC so will wait and see.

      • +1

        Must have been a stock issue - email confirmation was sent around lunch and based on the comments they are all out of stock now.

  • +1

    All Galaxy Watch 4 are currently Out of Stock (Except Galaxy Watch 4 40mm LTE Black and 44mm Bluetooth in Silver)
    Galaxy Watch 4 Classic only the 46mm Bluetooth (Silver) and entire range of 42mm Bluetooth and LTE in Silver and Black still available

    This is on Government Store
    not sure about others like Education Store etc

  • Have been waiting for a code across multiple email addresses for 5 days, emailed the online store 3 days ago and na-da.
    Finally pulled the trigger just now without the code before the pre-orders are out of stock - it's a good price regardless I guess.

    • +1

      good move
      all watch 4 and classic's are out of stock now except Watch4 Classic 42mm Black LTE

  • Oh my fkn god, waited for the code and missed out on preordering now gutted

    • +3

      there's still around 3 weeks remaining time on offer
      so keep an eye out and hopefully more stock is allocated :)

      • Yeah i hope so!

      • +1

        They will and just add time to the delivery dates, like they did with the phones.

  • When I log in it only says a available from the 10th sept.

    Why won't it let me pre-order?

    • your not logged into EPP website
      your in normal website…

      • 100% logged into education store.

        • interesting
          still showing watch 4 and watch 4 classic on government website but now showing all models are out of stock :(

  • Anyone found any decent screen protectors for the 46mm classic (in Australia that will ship in time)?

    • basic one only $10.99 ships from Brisbane

      or branded Spigen one for $19.99 but ships after 30th September form Victoria

      there's others on ebay, just do a search

      i ordered the basic one :)

      • That same seller for the Spigen one has their own site (https://www.progadgets.com.au/spigen-galaxy-watch-4-classic-...) where the same screen protector shows 'Pre-order - Released 6 September 2021'.

        Don't know whether the website is being optimistic or if the Ebay listing is being conservative (or if they're both wrong) but I chanced my arm.

        • Thanks - I went the Spigen option via ebay it was $22.99 but was eligible for $10 AfterPay discount :-)

    • The screen is apparently the same size as the Watch 3 45mm so I got 3 well rated glass protectors from Amazon for $9.99 (with Prime).

      Ordered on the 31st August and are arriving on the 11th September so think they will arrive in time.

      • +1

        if you look at recent recent reviews on that item on amazon from US, 2 people saying it doesn't fit and 1 says it great

        i'm sure most of the advertised GW4 screen protectors are just GW3 ones anyways, probably besides Spigen one as its a pre-order so they might be in production
        according to Samsung site screen size on both are 1.4inches however GW4 Classic 46mm is 1.4" (34.6mm) and GW3 45mm is 1.4” (34mm)

        • Bugger, I had read 1.4" was shared but not the extra 0.6mm. Don't really want a big gap in between so if that is the case I will return to Amazon

          • +1

            @camsmith12: yeh i got the GW3 45mm also as few people on Reddit say it fits perfect on GW4 Classic. Think it comes down to individual opinion of whats ok or not i guess lol
            best just stick with what you got and if its not a perfect fit, later down track when there's when more available get one that's going to be perfect for GW4 Classic if necessary :)

  • just found out about this, anyone know when stock will be back up for edu store?

    • Waiting to find out too

  • Does anyone have a spare $50 code available? I'd love to move on with my life, instead of obsessively refreshing my inbox! I've emailed/contacted support and will be sharing mine if they get back to me. Thank you!

    • Relax. Seem like all models are out of stock on the edu store.

      • As they are in the AU Gov site

        • how do you access au gov site,can you use edu access?

          • @Chris890: I'm currently working for vic gov and have a vic.gov.au email address, au gov site needs a gov.au email address, so fits the criteria.

  • +4

    For those asking for $50 code.
    Use the site below to generate a temp email. Keep the window open and refresh after few hours or so. You'll receive a code in the mailbox. I have tried twice and worked for me both times.

    • thank you man now just waiting for the stock to come back:)

  • Does it show as out of stock for anyone else?

    From the education portal

    • +1

      Yeah everything been out of stock for a couple of days now mate. Sign up for the email alerts if you are still interested, the deal is supposed to be live through till the 23rd so with any luck they'll restock (with a later shipping date no doubt).

      • I seriously doubt it, to be honest. They'd have limited of stock allocated for this promotion.

        • +1

          Possibly, people commented earlier they "restocked" when they did a similar promotion on phones apparently. Also there will no doubt be people having buyer's remorse and cancelling their orders so if you've got stock alerts setup you can jump on it.