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[Pre Order] 30% off Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (e.g. 40mm $279.30, 44mm $314.30) Delivered @ Samsung EPP/Education Stores


Greetings everyone, Samsung EPP stores have 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for pre-order until 23rd of September 2021.

Watch Price
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) $ 279.30
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) $ 314.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) $ 349.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) $ 419.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) $ 454.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) $ 489.30

Stack with the $50 signup code for purchases over $350 spend (credit to MikeMelbourneAus)

For anyone that doesn't currently have access to the EPP stores, you can also get access through a Westpac Bank Account / Credit Card Account by going to the Rewards and Offers page and pressing on the Samsung Offer.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • All just depends what you're looking for. So if you are a girl, and have a small wrist like me the larger 46mm in black probably wont suit best (unless that bulky look is your thing!). But if you're a person with a bigger wrist, or a guy i would say the benefits of the 46mm specs are defs worth spending the extra dollars for.

  • Was wondering if anyone has ordered after the 3rd of Sept (silver 46mm bluetooth) from government store and has it shipped?
    i ordered through a family member and unsure if they have recieved notification if it has been sent.

    • I ordered yesterday on the education store and it shipped today

  • Off the topic but when I visited JB Chermside I was told that they had stocks in stock and could sell straight away but declined to price match with Samsung EPP πŸ₯²

    • Yup they don't price match EPP / education store.

      • They did for my Galaxy S21 ultra though πŸ˜‰

        • Damn! You were lucky πŸ˜‚ I've tried multiple times in various JBs. All say the same thing. The model is new and we can't go low to match with special offers.

  • My 46mm LTE classic is ready for dispatch and my mate's 42mm Classic is out for delivery.

  • Used my Son's EDU account for the order last week. As soon as subscribe to a newsletter to get $50 off, his emails have stopped. He is not even receiving emails from his school anymore. Poor bugger….!!

    • Get him to try different browsers and also change password asap

  • +1

    My 46 LTE Classic Silver is showing preparing to dispatch. Order placed today morning around 5.30 am.

    • where did you order from?

      • Samsung EPP

        • coool, i ordered through a family member a week ago, im hoping he got some notification regarding shipping.

  • Ordered 46 classic Bluetooth via EPP about 10 minutes ago with $50 coupon. Happy with that! 46 classic LTE was still showing out of stock at the time but looks like all models again are in stock.

  • Anyone that has had their orders dispatched, have you received a tracking number?

    • Still, nothing and using the Samsung track order page cannot even find the order. Phoned Samsung and was able to get my tracking number but pretty pointless as there is no history as yet, just Startrack status as "processing order". I guess tracking details may only be sent out once the package is actually in transit.

      • Yeah I just did the same thing and got the same result, expected arrival Monday.

        • Check your Auspost account. It should appear there.

    • Ordered from edu store a week ago. Got my dispatch email last night. Delivery came today from StarTrack. No tracking details were sent via txt as promised by Samsung in the email. I'm in Sydney where they are sending out stock from so that's also why I got it quickly.

  • i can't see anywhere, but the stock band they come with, isit s/m or m/l ?

    When u buy bands separately you can pick.
    (managed to get the black lte 44mm normal)

    • +2

      think larger watches like 44mm and 46mm come with M/L
      others come with S/M

  • +6

    Mine just arrived. Tracking code never sent to me, but my mobile number was included in details so showed on auspost/startrack tracker account. It was on "in transit" when it arrived.

    • +1

      Which state are you from?

      • +4

        I'm in WA. Shipping tracker still stuck on Greenacre NSW but I have it and it's here.

  • +1

    I made the order, and the money has been taken out of my account. I was never navigated to a confirmation page, haven't received a confirmation email either. When clicking my orders, it says the page does not exist. Spoken to chat and they have advised to keep waiting. Anyone in the same boat?

    • +1

      I placed an order this morning and haven't received any confirmation email yet. However, I checked my order history (the page kept crashing) and downloaded the invoice. Also, I can see the pending transaction shows on my credit card account.

    • +4

      This happened to me - said I had no orders. Logged out and back in and it appeared.

    • +3

      Sometimes the edu/epp page switches to regular samsung webpage and doesn't display orders. Trying using new browser instance or in incognito to show orders. Worked for me.

      • Yep all good. Working for me now. Haven't received a confirmation email, however can see it in my order history

  • Hoping for some rose gold stock before promotion ends

  • +5

    Got tracking sms for 46mm classic. πŸ˜€

  • +1

    looks like everything in stock again

    • some items are for pre-order to be shipped from 14th October

  • How come i cant see the 46mm classic

    • I see everything?

  • thx op got the Bluetooth 44mm for $264 (50 welcome voucher, combined with other purchase)

    • Can you break that down? The $50 discount would be split evenly between items. Curious to see how you got that price as the 44mm would only come down by $25

      • well. just checked my order is "waiting for approval", not sure what it means

  • +2

    Any recommendations for the classic 40/44mm bump or screen protector?

    Is it worth using?

    • wonder about those sapphire screen protectors over 360 clear plastic TPU covers.

    • some of those bumpy covers make it harder to access functions

  • My ordered changed to shipped since yesterday 2AM. I called to check the shipping status and they gave me a tracking number. When I enter the tracking number on Stratrack's website, it shows "We couldn't find your tracking number". Anybody experiencing the same issue?

    • +3

      Sometimes it just means they have booked it in for a pickup with Startrack and have been given a tracking number. Startrack will not actually have any tracking till it is actually picked up. I would not worry too much about it.

  • If someone could PM me a code, I'd be very appreciative.
    I'll pay it forward to the next person who requests one once my code arrives.

  • Where does samsung ship these from ?

  • Does anyone know which Westpac products are eligible for their Rewards and Offers? I've just set up a westpac choice account a week ago and confirmed my ID in branch but when I click on the rewards and offers page it says that I do not have any products that are eligible

    • Yeah got a Black credit card and doesn't show for me either

  • Well I'm gutted
    My 46 mm classic black is arriving tomorrow and I have just been into JB Hi-Fi to test it on the wrist and realised that the smaller size would be better for my wrist. In the shop I also like the silver better

    The smaller one is almost exactly the same size as my active2.. a little bit smaller display but I don't care about that is actual size on the wrist I worry about and although I could get used to the big one it is just a bit too big

    I just went to order a 42 mm but the pre-order is for delivery until mid October

    Guess I am going to have to return my big one when it arrives tomorrow.

    If anyone in Brisbane is hanging out and missed pre order for september message me and we can meet up and you can have it or I will send it back Tuesday morning. I'm not going to open it obviously

    Bit annoyed with myself :-(

    • +1

      yea glad got the silver, also I heard the 42mm silver is polished silver compared to the 46mm is just normal silver

      • My 46mm was black.. I'm trying desperately to convince myself that the larger size is ok so that I don't have to wait another 4 effing weeks when I know that it's really not ok

        • Just curious, how many inches is your wrist size that the 46mm is too large? Cheers

        • 16.9cm small wrists for a bloke

          Not only did it look big it felt very heavy on my wrist.

          • @Goonerash: Ic, my wrist is just a shade larger and I got the 46cm. Shops here are not open to try but if the sizing is similar to the original galaxy watch, the 46cm with a non "flared" strap I feel is a better size. Even in the video link from CanadaAye, I feel the 42cm is a little small on a 6" (15.24cm) wrist. But get what you feem comfortable with most importantly.

        • +2

          If you change it to a different band you may find it fits more nicely on your wrist. The included band flares outwards before wrapping around the wrist.

          See this for reference: https://youtu.be/-TUv4lj8TkQ

        • I was confused by the options that the different size model had a different "green"

          and then see the others with a different silver/white and black for the ostensibly same-named "colour"

          What happened to the mystic pearlescent flashy branding versions of colours to make marketing so much more consistent and comprehensible :D

    • Did you get Bluetooth or LTE?

  • +1

    My 46mm classic silver watch has been delivered today. The band is not that bad as mentioned in reviews, I kinda like it :)

    • +1

      My 46mm Classic Black from the Westpac store ordered on the 9th of September has also just been delivered today

    • +1

      Are the Startrack updates accurate? Mine is due today, but the status is still at depot :(

      • +1

        I only got my first SMS today saying my package would arrive between 12:07pm and 2:07pm

      • They seem pretty accurate. Mine said 'at depot' till 10 am, 'Onboard for Delivery' at 10:16 and delivered at around 11 20am.

      • got my SMS on Friday with the estimated delivery today. But tracking shows it to be stuck at the Sydney depot since Friday arvo :(

        • Me too. Still haven't received it.

  • Just arrived

    underside had oil/smear (fingerprint?) marks

    not sure if a factory return/refurb from US

    watch device itself does not come with plastic wrap in the inner packaging

    • Wow…that's does sound like it's been refurbished

    • +2

      Mine did not have any plastic wrapper either but it was a sealed box. Neither I remember seeing a wrap in unboxing videos too. However on the smear part, not to sure mate.

    • Mine also didn't come with any plastic protection on the watch itself (ie no plastic film on the screen or underside)…

      Mine does have some minor damage on the wrist strap though (little tear), calling support to see what gives!

      • Thanks for confirming.

        Wow torn band

        Yep no plastic wrap on the box or insides

        From reviewing user threads previously, the packaging process for some other USA pre-orders had a blank space in the band cut-out where it is omitted in lieu of bundled custom band (that was shipped in a delayed separate box!)

        Maybe hand-packaging woes

        Still relatively happy with the purchase as I thought there may be minimal stock due to shortages and delayed Australian release.

        Battery usage graph still does not seem to load, going to see about third-party wearOS app support


        I would not go so far as to say "sealed" on the packaged box, though the paper label sticker and clear plastic sticker was stuck on their respective sides, as expected.

        Purchased two Galaxy phones (exact same model) previously from JB Hi-Fi where one had smaller stickers and the other one had underlying small stickers (could clearly see the rectangular bump in thickness!) with bigger Samsung "tamper-resistant" seal stickers stuck on top, so I am wary of superficially-official looking packaging.
        (Have also found finger + blue pen marks on new in-box laptops and ostensibly new headphones that were found out to be returned with a blank reason card)

  • Yeah i know someone posted this before, but any recommendations for screen protectors? Are you guys purchasing one?

    • Apparently, the ring on the classic goes some way to protect the screen…

      • +1

        yeah ive had my Gear S3 Frontier since launch…its copped a brusing but the screen has been good all through. Bought the Classic purely for the crown feature alone.

    • I have a gear sport with ring for about 3+ years and never felt a need for screen protector. I am looking forward for a convincing use case as well :)

    • +1

      Scroll back a few pages, I installed the spigen protector from pro gadgets eBay (they also have a website)

      • Ahhh thanks, had a look and the 42mm is out of stock on ebay and available for pre order on their actual website (not sure why tho lol)

        • Yep - I had the inverse, where the website was out of stock and ebay had stock… Worked out better for me as I was able to use an AfterPay coupon :-)

  • +2

    My Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (silver, 46mm) came today.

    Not sure if I would like it as much as my Watch3 Classic.

    What I dislike most is the limited number of watch faces to choose from. What are available and could be customised are quite ugly, and the preset background colours look plain and fake. I love the Radiant Night watch face (always on and radiant) on my last two watch models, but none of the faces can be transferred to the Watch4!

    The plastic band looks really cheap (compared to the leather one with the previous versions) - the band is 20mm rather than 22mm, so don't expect to switch it with the previous versions. I ordered a no-gap silver band from Aliexpress a week ago which is expected to arrive by the end of this month.

    The two buttons are out a bit too far, showing read and black rings on them. The dial ring looks like it is straight up rather than curving in at the top like its presuccessor.

    I have Samsung Pay and Google Pay on my phone - I would need to add cards to the watch!

    Mine was made in Vietnam, not in Korea. Will need to grow my love to it!

  • Trying this app to analyse battery lifetime https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=strange.watch....

    (Open up play store directly on the watch itself)

    Seems like the Google Wear OS app on phone does not work. Using Samsung app~

  • +1

    Got the Galaxy watch classic 46mm delivered yesterday. While setting up samsung pay I noticed that the back button was getting stuck at each press, and then had to wiggle it out to release it.
    Contacted phone support for a replacement but they actually processed a refund (which worked great since i really thought that the classic 46mm was a tad bigger and heavier than i would have preferred). So ordered a Galaxy Watch 44mm in green last night.

  • +1

    I received my Galaxy Watch 4. I am not able to run Samsung Health Monitor app on my S21. It says "Service not available" - "Samsung Health Monitor is not available in your current location". Samsung Health Monitor app is necessary for ECG and blood pressure measurements. Has any else experienced this issue?

    Also, I read the following article before I purchased the watch.
    That does not seem to be correct!!

    • +1

      Works ok for me, gave the ECG a trial run and all.

      • Thanks, I can't still get that to work. Same error message. I have contacted Samsung.

        • You aren't using a VPN or anything? I know the egc and BP are only enabled in certain regions. VPN could block it out maybe.

    • +1

      I had the same issue You have to trigger the SHM app download from the watch. Search on howto video on YouTube.

  • Does anyone received the Startrack tracking and it still says delivery at depot without any update and ETA delivery was 13 Sep?

    • Yeah, my watch is scheduled for delivery today. I'm in Sydney and there have been no further updates since about 2 am this morning. (Last location was Greenacre) I'm not holding my breath for it arriving today!

      • +1

        my watch is sitting at Greenacre since yesterday as well. was really hoping to get my hands on it today.

      • Same here, scheduled for delivery today, but nothing, maybe tomorrow or next week, god know, this is Australia Post(StarTrack express) we're talking about.

        • Mine schedule today but imagine will be a day or 2 late due to the volumes aus post has atm

    • Mine was scheduled for today (i live in lidcombe) and i just got it 30 minutes ago! the guy ran and left it at my door then ran back to the van, he seemed so busy! i didnt even get to catch him after going straight to the door after he knocked…i dont blame the guys

      • I think he ran becuz its lidcombe, lol jokes

    • Still no update on my delivery.

  • +5

    Loving my black Classic 46mm.

    Doesn’t feel too big or heavy and the band it comes with is better than I was expecting.

    Glad I choose the Classic as I’m loving the physical rotating bezel and I think it will protect the screen.

    I also found out last night that I snore 😬

  • Any one know what this means?

    • +3

      brace for impact

    • +6

      You must have accidentally pressed the macarena workout button.

  • +3

    finally received my watch. tbh, idk why everybody is up in arms about how "large" the 46mm is…physically its smaller than the S3 Frontier i replaced it with. i dont have the largest wrists…small/med but its the perfect size. The supplied band isnt too bad, you really only notice the "raise" if you look for it. In saying that ive swapped it up already anyway. The replacement band i got is rubbing up against the watch itself so be aware of the snug fit…especially if you are looking at a metal strap.

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