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[Back Order] Star Wars The Mandalorian - Baby Yoda - Grogu - The Child Animatronic Plush - $54 Delivered (Was $106.99) @ Amazon


Saw this on Amazon for 50% off. Looks like it's temporarily out of stock at the moment but you can still order it and they'll deliver when available.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Pretty sure it's cheaper than the BigW mid year toy sale price that sold out pretty quickly.

    • How much was it?

      • it was $79.99 from myer and big w.

  • already OOS?

    • It's pretty much just preorder for when it comes back in.

    • +2

      Was already OOS when I saw the deal. Just thought I would post anyway since you can still order it and it seemed like a good discount. Maybe it would make a good xmas present if they eventually get more stock.

      • Thanks OP. Got one too

      • Great find OP. Just ordered one to be sent to my granddaughter; she said she has been wanting one "like forever" haha.

        • +2

          Just keep in mind there’s no date given on when stock will be available so she could be waiting “like forever”.

  • +3

    Got it. Didn't need it.

  • +1

    Is this a faulty Gizmo toy?

  • +3

    Check out the kids patting it in the photos lmao.

    • There is a sensor on the top of the head. You tap it different ways to make it do stuff.

  • Thanks bought….daughter begging for it. 🤣

  • -2

    Interesting they chose to call him "The Child" on the box given we learned he was 50 years old (older than Mando) and has a name…. i guess it was designed for release before we learned it was Grogu later in the series.

    Nice deal if I'd comes into stock… probably waiting superconductor microchips!?

    • +2

      Interesting they chose to call him "The Child" on the box given we learned he was 50 years old

      Typical human bias, haha. If Yoda was same species, and he enjoyed a typical lifespan (900), then Grogu is about 4-6, say, in “human years.”

      Just imagine what the average OzBargainer could see in nine centuries!? Slip that potential bargain into your Amazon cart, and wait for a once-in-a-lifetime price mistake. With all the extra money you’ll save (spend??), an early retirement at 500 is just around the corner.

      • +1

        Of course development of the species is slow. I'd suggest he acts like a toddler at best given 4-6 year old humans are very mobile and chatty at a maturity level higher than they portray Grogu.

        Rather my comment that it was interesting came from a marketing perspective in that it didn't say his name, Grogu. Some time after the series is over, and noting only people who have watched it would be buying the product.

        I studied marketing and have been heavily involved in naming brands and product lines. It's tough because mostly today about having something rare/unique, that can be found online (without referring to too many other things). Yes the vendor listing it has added the Grogu name to the listing, but some would just replicate what is on the box. Much of series like Star Wars is about merchandising and writers and their teams would have spent a lot of time coming up with a cute but unique name / brand such as Grogu that represents the character. I.e. they were never going to call him John, Daniel, or Oliver!

        Yes for much of the series he was referred to as the Child by the Mandalorian, (and yes whilst that isn't his name either, it is a unique brand owned by the series), "The Child" without other context could refer to many millions of things.

        Hence to me, as I said, its an interesting branding choice. Not even saying its a bad one given what Mando called him and as I said probably because they released it early in the series then didn't update the product packaging - just curious they chose to stick with it after the big reveal of the Grogu name that all fans would know. To me its like Elon Musk still selling tickets on the "BFR" after revealing its name is Starship.

        • All good points. Perhaps he will be known as Grogu only by those close to him, and The Child to the shady guys trying to extract juice from his wherever.

          Yoda had a somewhat mischievous nature, so perhaps this is the way. Life is a big joke interspersed with a few moments of profound wisdom or stunning heroism… that sort of vibe.

          Not sure that anybody guessed how popular the character would be?

  • Thanks. Bought one for a friend

    • +2

      Thank you, your friend will.

  • +2

    May The Schwartz Be With You

  • this plush toy will be sold out in december and selling like hot cakes.

  • If it ever comes through, looks like an awesome price if it is as good as the video makes it out to be. Thanks for posting. This is the (OZB) way

  • Sooo tempted….. (checks out own username)….

  • I have it and love it. Neat toy to show off when friends visit

  • Didn't need it but love baby Yoda.

  • +5

    I'm drunk enough now to buy this.

    • Keep going!… with double vision it’s buy one, get one free!!

      • Nobody want two yodas mann talk to me when im Saturday drunk

  • Got this one a while ago. It is really cute. Scared the crap out of my great nephew when it used the force on him.

    • +1

      And some people think this is just a toy?! I find their lack of faith disturbing.

  • Ok well i bought cos Grogu. No reason otherwise.

  • Don't need but keen for this to come now….Way too cute to resist & great price haha. I'm not even a massive Star Wars fan but looks like I'll be catching up on the 2 Mandalorian series as haven't watched them yet

    • +2

      Aren't you saving up for a wife???

  • +2

    At this price I'm buying 2.
    One to sleep with
    One to keep sealed for collection.

    • +1

      If, one day, the little guy doesn’t wake up… don’t worry. Just replace the batteries.

  • Price back up to $134

  • +4


    direct link for amazon au for the seller.

  • Wish it's Jedi teddy bear…..

  • +1

    Oh what a feeling, toy Yoda!

  • The power of ozbargain has made this toy the #1 best seller on Amazon lol

  • I bought one last night but not sure why.

  • Has anyone had their order shipped?

    • Mine still has pending

    • +1

      Same, still waiting for light speed shipping! :-)

    • +1

      Got a notification:

      Estimated arrival date: 22/09/2021

  • Just got notification
    Estimated arrival date: 10/10/2021 - 04/11/2021

  • +1

    Just got mine delivered

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