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AEVO Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper Waterproof Hair Trimmer $15.47 (Reg. $51.56) & Free Delivery @ ESR Gear


This hair clipper is powerful enough to give you a professional-level cut at home. It's cordless with a 5-hour run-time per charge, an LED screen that shows you your current speed level and when the battery is low.

For a limited time until 8/31, it’s on sale for $51.56 - $36.09 with coupon code ESRAEVO8 = $15.47 with free shipping.

Package Contents:

  • AEVO Cordless Hair Clipper
  • 6 x Guard combs
  • Comb
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cable (adapter not included)

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Site Security Issues reported

Several Ozbargain users have noted that fraudulent charges or unauthorised purchases have been made with credit cards that were used to make purchases on ESR Gear. It is possible that the website's security may have been compromised and customer's credit card information have been intercepted by a malicious actor.

Credit Card users: Please check your credit card statements or transaction history for any charges that you don't recognise and contact your bank immediately

Update: 07-Sep-2021

General announcement from ESR Gear store representative as follows

Dear OzBargainers,

Recently some OzBargainers who purchased the AEVO Hair Clipper reported stolen credit card information. Upon hearing this, our security team was assigned investigate the incident.

On August 28th, we posted a deal on OzBargain for the hair clippers and found that some users in the comments reported that Kaspersky had detected malware on our site. We isolated the infection and the malware was fully removed first thing in the morning of August 29th.

Our website and servers do not collect, transmit, or process cardholder data of any kind. All payments to are processed using a payment processing service on their own servers. We have reported the issue to Stripe, our payment processing service, and they are assisting in the investigation. At the same time, we have hired an incident response team to conduct a thorough investigation of our network and security practices. We are still unsure of how the malware was able to get between this data and the payment processing platform Stripe, but through our ongoing investigation we will find out.

If you are concerned about the potential leak of your payment information, we recommend contacting your bank and reviewing your recent transactions.

We are very sorry for this incident and highly appreciate the user feedback, which led to the quick detection and removal of the security threat. We will continue to improve our website security and will report further findings of our investigation as soon as they become available.

The ESR Team

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  • +1

    Thanks. Purchased.

  • Thanks. Purchased.

  • +1

    Thanks Purchased also. OP, how long should we expect for shipping?

    • +1

      Thanks! The delivery usually takes 5-12 business days.

      • Where does it come from? China? Does it come with tracking?

        • Yep.

          • @ESR Gear: Done Purchase. Need try 15 bucks as i already hv remington one

      • Hi rep,

        Will the USI styluses be in stock soon?

      • +1

        Is it waterproof? Thanks

      • You guys are cheat
        Gave me a AusPost tracking id showing the item is in transit

        When I called AusPost, they confirmed that they didn’t receive the item from the ESR warehouse

        Contacted ESR support and they said it’s coming from China and can take several days

        On what f***ing delivery times you promised that it will be delivered within 5-12 working days?

        Total scam
        Won’t buy from you ever again

        • +2

          Chill out. Rep said within 5-12 working days. If you bought on the 28th August it's not even been 12 working days. Auspost tracking have lately informed customer tracking ID even when it hasn't left the origin country.

        • Gave me a AusPost tracking id showing the item is in transit

          Could you please post a screenshot of the AUSPOST tracking?

          It is a standard practice for the international shipping courier to create a manifest file with AUSPOST even when the item is yet to reach our shores.
          Therefore, they aren't really cheating you of anything.

        • Calm down mate, get some perspective.
          a) You paid $15 incl delivery
          b) There's something called a pandemic and lockdowns at the moment.
          c) Check 'aftership' and you'll see the departure/transit etc.
          d) It'll take a while for Auspost to receive the item.

  • Thanks, iv been looking for a new one worth the shot at $15!

  • Thanks,ordered

  • Ordered, Thanks.

  • What are the lengths of the guard combs?

  • Thanks ordered. Have a corded remington one

    • got a remington wired too, and bought this

    • +1

      I too have a remington corded. As it were, I bought the series 5000 philips and just found being cord free is that much easier when self-cutting. Bought this as a spare.

      No need for so many, but I've saved so much already from hair cuts while WFH.

  • +1

    Is this as powerful as a wired one? Or should I expect not?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, solid deal at $16.58. Don't forget CR.

    Discount code and free delivery can't be applied before payment page. Go into payment page and it will indicate free delivery and let's you apply the code.

    • Where u got 16.58? Should be 15.47

      • +1

        It was in part of the OP and I quote, "For a limited time until 8/31, it’s on sale for $51.56 - $36.09 with coupon code ESRAEVO8 = $16.58 with free shipping."

        I did pay $15.47. I wasn't checking at the time of writing.

        • Thx for clarification

          • @HolyCr4p: I am happy to have paid $1.11 less too. After CR it would be around $14.27.

    • I did :'(

    • +6

      This code isn't listed on CashRewards, so the cashback will likely be declined.

      • Thanks, no regret in that case. .

  • Gets 4.6/5 on Uk amazon. I can't see if it has a lithium battery.

    • +7

      How many of these reviews are 'sponsored'?

  • +1

    Perfect for the lockdown hair

  • Great price!

  • Purchased, thank you

  • I bought the cordless Remington with the curved blade a while ago which is fine for my hair but struggles (hurts) on my beard.
    Would this be better or do I need corded for a coarse beard?

  • Ordered

  • Thanks OP. Lockdown Grizzly Adams no more!

  • +15

    Ticked no marketing emails, and already they have started sending marketing emails to my burner email which is not cool.

    Make sure you use a burner (if you aren't already).

    • You use burner email addresses to buy things? What if you need to keep the invoice and emails they send?

  • Got one. Thanks

  • Thanks. Purchased.

  • Thanks OP, I ordered one! Went to Aldi for their one and they were already out/hadn’t received their order yet.

  • Bought, thanks.Good timing, needed a replacement for my corded remington.

  • Hi rep,

    Will the USI styluses be in stock soon?

  • Thanks OP

  • Is this zero gapped?

  • Is this a good brand? Or Philip is better ?

    • +6

      This is china random brand. But u pay china random price. So call it equal.

  • +3

    May as well get this cheapie, its gonna be a massacre cut regardless.

  • -1

    Review on Amazon says plastic blade. Would it be an issue?

    • I saw that too. It probably meant plastic guard. I couldn't see a plastic blade working!

    • Watch the video!

  • Thanks OP

  • will this one as good as a Wahl or Philips?

    • Which models?

      • Made in USA one.

        • +1

          I highly doubt it. I bought the USA wahl for the exact reason that I didn't want to buy half a dozen items if rubbish. Not saying this one is, but there's a better than even chance

    • U get what u paid for. So they are not quite equal compared?

  • +1

    Bought one. Lockdown locks no more

  • Great deal, thanks OP.

  • Ordered.

  • ordered

  • I forgot the 10% cash back rip

    • Likely wouldn't get anyway - code not listed.

  • ordered with cashback, thanks

  • Thanks OP. Purchased.

  • Reviews on Amazon complain about the plastic teeth which doesn't cut too well and overheat, but well its only $15, even just for 1 use already break even than going for a salon cut.

    • +18

      Or you could put the $15 towards something decent that will last years and work well. Really dislike the consumer trend of buying landfill cause it's cheap.

    • +1

      The plastic teeth are combs, that don't do any cutting

  • Thank you so much OP … perfect timing ! .. Purchased

  • How does it compare with this? It goes for $39 when on sale.

    • I'm wondering the same thing. I got a Philips for $39 from The Good Guys on Ebay and still waiting to receive it, but if this one is better (and cheaper) perhaps should cancel the other and better get this one. Anyone knows?

      • Its eta from gg is unknown to gg. If you see on jbhifi it shows eta beyond 27sept. And thats the status Australia wide for this particular model.

    • I have this and it works great!

      • +2

        display picture checks out.

  • It says international payment?
    I thought payment would be made within Australia.

    • That depends on the payment processor

  • Grabbed one cheers.

  • Ordered. Thanks

  • Only if I didn't have 3 trimmers already!

  • Thanx, got one.. hope its good

  • Thanks, ordered.

  • Purchased. Hopefully it cuts facial hair well.

  • +12

    Just a heads up. I was warned by Kaspersky that it "prevented downloading a dangerous object" when clicking on checkout. It linked to this type of attack:

    Could be a false positive, but I think I will stay away just in case.

    • +2


    • +1

      same for me too .. Trojan alert

    • I won't be surprised. My mobile got a spam sms already. Advertising part-time work 300-500 a day and to contact someone on WhatsApp if interested.

      • I got that yesterday so I think it’s come from some other breach

        • Me too, been getting all sorts of shit.

    • Didnt get anything, do you run an adblocker (i.e uBlock Origin)

      • Yes. uBlock Origin and also AdGuard Home on a Raspberry Pi. I disabled both adblockers just to see if there was some sort of incompatibility between the tools causing the warning to trigger, but Kaspersky still flagged the site while trying to continue to checkout. As arctan mentioned, Kaspersky doesn't even give the option to ignore the warning and continue to checkout, but I don't think I would anyway.

  • +7

    Kaspersky wouldnt let me check out (Trojan alert)

  • +4

    I'd rather get the Aldi one for $20. Peace of mind for returns and has warranty. Solid machine. Several attachments. Has a bag. Been using for three years. Flawless.

    • 3 year warranty?

      • +2

        No 12 months.

        Highly recommend this one. Have used similar to the OPs and they are light and not as durabe nor effective with thicker hair. The Aldi one has more accessories, charger block included, has a bag, a mirror, clips and even the cape thingie. Nice touches. The Aldi one is the bomb and beats this deal hands down. And they are on sale now! Grab em before they sell out.

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