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Transfer $400 ADA, Receive $40 ADA | Transfer $50/$200 USDT or USDC, Receive $10/$50 BTC @ Celsius Network


Some new promo codes have landed for existing users

ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.
ADA500: All users, Transfer $20,000 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $500 in ADA. Hold for 90 days.
STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.
STABLE600: All users, Transfer $25,000 USDT or USDC and receive $600 BTC reward.Hold for 90 days.

Also other offers available as per: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641087

Celsius is great. I'll be adding $25250 of USDC to trigger the $660 BTC bonus - 10.45% interest rate for 3 months. Add that to the almost 8.88% interest rate on USDC and it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING. Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results. Enjoy!

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Referral: random (698)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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  • +1

    What does it roughly cost to transfer $400 of ADA to Celsius from Binance. I use Trust Wallet and believe ADA is now supported in Trust Wallet with an update.

      • +9

        That's not what the question was…

        • -1

          People really need to learn to read lmao.

          • +1

            @techlead: (As a millionaire)

            • @anthonej25: Poor dude. Egos gotten the best of them and now he’s gone a little mad, promoting his failed token.

            • +1

              @anthonej25: I'm not that guy, that YouTube guy is a shady character, check out what he did with his token.

              I am a millionaire though, but not a scumbag like the Youtuber (in my humble opinion).

    • +6

      Binance's fees can vary. It looks like the fee is currently 1 ADA. (https://www.binance.com/en/fee/cryptoFee)
      Celsius absorb all fees so to transfer back to Binance would be free.

    • +1

      The withdrawal fee varies, however at the time of writing, the withdrawal fee to transfer Binance to any external address is 1 ADA, which is currently $2.871 USD.

      This is a flat fee as long as you keep within the withdrawal limits.

    • OK, I've signed up and learnt a lot of important things. First, make sure you hit the submit button on the referral code to lock it in and confirm that it's valid, don't sign up until you've done this first! If you have stuffed this up, fear not, you can still enter HODL50 and get your $50, just means the referrer misses out on $50 which is a shame, do not enter HODL10 or you won't be able to enter HODL50.

      Next, only enter the codes that you will use in the order that you will be using them. Do not get ahead of yourself and enter all the codes or you'll screw yourself over. Eg. If you enter STABLE600 like I did before entering ADA40 & BNB40, then you won't be eligible for those two codes until you've met the STABLE600 requirement which I've considered too risky for me to convert that much AUD into USDT for 3 months. Now I have to wait the 30 days for those codes to expire before I can enter them again (if they are even available 30 days later).

      Yes, one transfer can hit multiple codes at once, however you need to have enough to hit all of them as a sum. Eg. STABLE10 + STABLE50 + HODL50/referral requires a transfer of $700 USD+ to hit all 3 and get you your $110 in BTC.

  • Just to confirm, all I'd need to do is deposit US$200 of USDC, keep it there for 30 days, and I get US$50 BTC free?

    • +1

      yes, and another $50 USD of BTC if you are a new user and add an extra $400 USD. So that would be $100 bonus on $600 deposit for a month. ~16% interest in a month.

      "Buy or transfer the equivalent of $400 USD to Celsius will lock a $50 BTC reward. Must be first transfer (i.e. new user). Maintain your balance for 30 days to unlock the reward."

      • Cool, and as a new user where do you stack these promo codes? or is it all automatic?

        • when you sign up they ask for a referral code, and then when you login you can add the others. Only add the ones you will use. All stackable.

    • +4

      this is essentially a call option on their side. knowing that they probably have much more information than us, i would just put that $200 USDC in BTC (or your favourite alt) rather than provide them cheap liquidity. "free" still has opportunity cost in time and capital.

      not financial advice.

  • +12

    Seems like somebody is pushing Cardano….keep it going :)

    • +1

      Only pumping due to Alonzo smart contracts on Sept 12. I intend to swap back into BTC and ETH prior.

      • +3

        Good plan. A lot of people can't see this.

        • +8

          Terrible plan. Cardano is more superior to BTC and ETH in everyway. I would hold as much ADA as you can until 2025.

          • @b0cky54: no token is safe from sell the news. especially cardano vaporware tbh

            • @Rick Sanchez: ADA is technically a coin. It being vaporware is yet to be determined.

              There is a high probability that the price can be 2x in the next two weeks. It would irresponsible to not hold a small bag if only to sell after the hard fork.

            • @Rick Sanchez: Vaporware, elaborate?

          • @b0cky54: Everything is superior to bitcoin. Doesn't mean it will be adopted

          • @b0cky54: 2 months on, and can report back it was not a terrible plan swapping ADA after all.

            I'm all in on BTC now.

      • Hmmm, strange world this Crypto. So you think it will actually lose value once the functionality is actually actioned? or do you think Alonzo will fail?

        Fair to say you wont be leaving your ADA in Celsius for 30 days.

      • You think Cardano will miss the Sept. 12 deadline and ADA will drop? Why else would the implementation tank ADA price. Am I missing something?

        • +1

          It's called "sell the news" and a very common strategy/occurrence in trading.

          The price runs up in anticipation of a potential catalyst, before being sold off just before or once the event actually takes place. The catalyst is 'priced in' in advance of the event regardless of its success or failure.

          With the price getting ahead this much of the broader market, it is a reflection the market is pricing a successful implementation of the update rather than a miss (of course a miss could have an adverse impact on its momentum).

          The run up therefore reflects ADA with fully functioning smart contracts and a vibrant dApp ecosystem, which as we know is still some time away given it is only about to be released, so the price retreats to a fairer valuation once traders have taken profits from selling into the catalyst.

          • +1

            @indomatic: Thanks for the detailed response. Makes sense.

            If only I was on the traders side taking profits! Still building my ADA stock. Hoping it will dip back down and recorrect so I can grab some more.

            Take care and happy trading.

      • +2

        I will be hodling all of my ADA even after Sept 12th.

        ADA will reach $10 this year.

  • -3

    The deal is good. But this is referral/affiliate spam. Should have linked Celsius website rather than your own.
    Neg because of that.

    • +2

      thanks, I would have linked celsius website (https://celsius.network/download-app) but the codes are not yet visible. I have no affiliation with the linked website, it's the only one i can find that has the codes listed.

      • You already copy paste the content anyway. That URL has the creator referral code and won't link to ozb random pool if u don't link to Celsius.

        • +5

          right. first post so new to this. I'll update.

  • Sounds like a good deal, but confused how they make any money out of it (Pyramid scheme?). Haven't heard of them before, so apologies if I seem overly sceptical.

    I've got around 20k USD in my portfolio so would consider the ADA deal as a worthy option (but don't want to loose out on my diversification). Many people are holding it as an active investment and some free extra returns would be appreciated by all. The USDT doesn't seem anywhere near as good for active investors as you'd be diverting funds away from growth coins that would surely provide better returns, but as a deposit/savings product it seems to be a great deal.
    The return rate is 6x higher than the highest Big 4 Savings product (WBC 3% Young Adult Saver) and the AUD/USD is on a downwards trajectory so real returns may exceed 20%.

    I'm just really confused how this is a valid business model, can anyone give me better information on the reliability of Celsius and how they operate.
    Going off Coinspot's 0.1/1% margin, the purchase and subsequent sale of $25k (BTC/USDT for simplicity) would incur $50/$500 in fees, and with 0.7%/1.0% avg spreads they'd make $350/$500 there. So overall they'd make up to $400/$1000 in earnings for these trades, without factoring costs they incur themselves (Gas Fees/IT/Staff).

    With the attached other offers link allowing for any crypto to be chosen, they'd be making a loss based off Coinspot's BTC earnings, and marginal returns before costs for most others. I'm guessing they're banking on people sticking with them/conducting a lot more trades, thus earning them revenue that they'd use to offset the costs of these deals

    • AFAIK Celcius lend crypto to hedge funds, exchanges and institutional traders, which is where their revenue comes from. Some of those profits are used to maintain their decent interest rates.

      • +1

        These financial institutions borrowing must have questionable repayment ability. You could get a car loan at better rates.

        • +1

          Yeah, that's the elephant in the room.

          • +1

            @Cheer: Nah - you may not understand the model properly; when they lend crypto they do so with collateral provided by the borrower, the majority is lent at and LVR of 25%, so the borrower has to effectively stake $4 of crypto for every $1 they loan. Celsius then have $4 of crypto they can rehypothocate (loan out), and the same is repeated, and so on. Because LVR is so low, risk is low and more manageable, and they make multiples of the loan interest rate back for every initial dollar of crypto staked on the platform.
            They also make money bitcoin mining and staking on defi networks, so numerous sources of revenue.
            Its not just lend at 1%, but pay out 17% - that would be stupid and obviously not viable.
            Celsius go in to great depth explaining this in simple terms on their website and YouTube channel.
            Hope this helps your understanding.

    • -1

      Super simplified version: One of the ways is they loan out to big institutions at a higher rate they they give you.

      • Big institutions paying double digit rates. Junk bonds pay less.

    • +1

      Celsius are as reliable as you can get for having someone else hold your crypto. Their CEO has a good track record.

      Don't use Coinspot for buying stablecoins. Something like crypto.com has no buying spread and a $20 withdrawal fee for stablecoins.

      • +6

        Incorrect, crypto.com definitely has spread for in app purchases. However no fees visible as such. Spread can be anywhere between 1.5%-3-5% depending on time and crypto.

        • +2

          depends on the coin. I received xx TAUD for paying xx AUD (i.e. 1 to 1)

          edit - I'm talking about crypto.com app, not the exchange

          • +3

            @boxosaurus: I’m also not talking about the exchange, and am referring to the app. The only coin that doesn’t have spread is TAUD as you have rightly pointed out. Every other coin has spread built in.

          • @boxosaurus: TAUD is the only coin that doesn't have any spread on crypto.com app for AUD. If you were to buy USDC with AUD you would get spread but if buying with USD you would get 1 to 1. The spread is a hidden fee which is impossible to hide if buying a stablecoin with it's pegged currency so crypto.com don't charge spread.

    • On top of these bonuses for transferring, you also get paid interest in the form of the crypto deposited such 6.20% for up to 1 BTC. For TAUD, which from what I understand is a stablecoin pegged to the AUD, they're paying 8.88% interest pa.

  • +1

    Is the $400 of ADA have to be in USD or AUD?

    • +4


  • +1

    Are we allowed to do both the ADA and USDC offer?

    • Yes, the promo is for all users, u can use as many codes, providing u fulfill each requirement separately

      • Does anyone know if we can activate STABLE10 and STABLE50 and then do a single $250+ deposit to lock both of them at once (or must it be separate deposits)?

        • +2

          Yes you can. I just applied both codes before transferring 265 USDC (I'm always paranoid a fee will be taken out somewhere) and both were locked in successfully.

  • Thanks for posting these codes. I've made about 500USD across two wallets using these over a 3 month period.

    I checked Binance and they charge USD15 to withdraw USDC or USDT on the Ethereum network (which is the only network you can use for Celcius).

    Will use the ADA promo though.

    • +1

      Withdraw Binance to FTX on BSC which is free then use FTX to withdraw to ETH network (1 free transaction a day)

      • +2

        It's only free to withdraw on FTX if you have FTT staked. Otherwise it's $5 (Which is still cheap)

        • +1

          Use FTX (was Blockfolio) that’s definitely free to withdrawal I do it all the time.

          *edit - sorry they don’t allow you to trade ADA.

          • @billybob1978: So if I buy crypto on FTX (was Blockfolio) app I can send it to Celsius with no fees?

            • +2

              @sharky_k: Yes you can for USDT but not ADA.

              • +1

                @wangasm: Thanks for replying, I didn’t get notified about the reply 👍🏽

              • @wangasm: only USDT or any stablecoin?

                • +2

                  @plal: The FTX-Blockfolio app only has USDT. The FTX pro/website has all of them (but requires staking for free withdrawals).

    • They allow you to use multiple emails for multiple accounts to get multiple offers?

  • +1

    Which one is better or any difference between USDT and USDC?

    • +9

      USDC much better. Avoid USDT (Tether) whenever possible - a moderate risk of collapsing.

      • +6

        Unsure why you're getting negged.

        USDC is backed by Coinbase, Coinbase has a $1 USD Reserve for every USDC coin issued.

        Avoid USDT like the plague.

        Coinsmart has just issued a message advising they are dropping USDT from their platform, It's a very sketchy, un-audited and not backed 1:1 by USD.

        • +1

          USDC is also no longer backed 1/1 and includes other assets (including crypto). The difference is that Circle which is the foundation that manages USDC is transparent about their holdings and are going public like Coinbase who partners with them.

        • +1

          USDT is far superior, instead of a 1:1 backing like USDC every 1 USDT token is backed by Tether 1:5!

      • +2

        lol lets not pretend that if usdt were to ever fail a bear market the likes crypto has never seen shall occur and the least of our concerns will be whether usdc>usdt.

    • I’ve traded to USDT (via BlockFi) as it’s easier to convert back to AUD via Binance later.

  • Is binance short for bit coin finance?

  • Can stable10 and stable50 be stacked?

    • yep

      • so can i do a single deposit of $250 USDC & recieve $60 total in btc reward?

        • +2

          You can - I just did it from Kraken and it was both activated from the single withdrawal.

          Sent 257.50 - less the 7.50 withdrawal fee = 250 sent to Celsius.

          • @Shadowsfury: Thats great, thanks for confirming :)

          • @Shadowsfury: Are you transferring AUD from an Australian bank to Kraken, in order to buy USDC?


            It has this disclaimer - did you have a deposit fee?
            *** If the sending banks use RTGS transfer method instead of normal bank transfer (Direct Credit):
            - Deposit minimum: 50 AUD
            - Deposit fee: 33 AUD

            • +1

              @TanyaDD: Sorry for the late reply, missed the notification.
              You can send to kraken via a personalised PayID so it's there in minutes.

              Or via regular bank transfer with BSB/account number and use your unique reference number in the description.

              No fees to deposit or withdraw AUD from what I've found.

          • @Shadowsfury: Hi. I'd like to stack and activate HODL50, STABLE50, STABLE10 all at once, can I do it by transferring a single 650USDC to my account? Or does it need to be separate transactions. Cheers

  • +1

    When is this promo running until?

    • +1

      unknown at this stage. I think you have 20 days to make the deposit after activating codes

      • +2

        It is 30 days

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend the best way of buying and transferring USDT/USDC?

    Crypto.com and Binance are changing $15-20 for USDT/USDC withdrawals. What's the cheapest way to do it?

    • +2

      Kraken charges 7.5 USDC

      It also has a good on/off ramp for fiat and is also a great, easy option for staking - DOT in particular.

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