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Transfer $400 ADA, Receive $40 ADA | Transfer $50/$200 USDT or USDC, Receive $10/$50 BTC @ Celsius Network


Some new promo codes have landed for existing users

ADA40: All users, Transfer $400 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $40 in ADA. Hold for 30 days.
ADA500: All users, Transfer $20,000 in Cardano (ADA) and receive $500 in ADA. Hold for 90 days.
STABLE10: All users, Transfer $50 in USDT or USDC and receive $10 BTC reward. Hold for 30 days.
STABLE50: All users,Transfer $200 in USDT or USDC and receive $50 BTC reward.Hold for 30 days.
STABLE600: All users, Transfer $25,000 USDT or USDC and receive $600 BTC reward.Hold for 90 days.

Also other offers available as per: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641087

Celsius is great. I'll be adding $25250 of USDC to trigger the $660 BTC bonus - 10.45% interest rate for 3 months. Add that to the almost 8.88% interest rate on USDC and it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING. Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results. Enjoy!

Referral Links

Referral: random (545)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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      • hey do u hv a Kraken affiliate link? Any bonuses to sign up?

    • I did it via FTX which has $5 USDC/USDT withdrawals (or free if you have FTT staked). They also accept BSC deposits so you can use Binance as your fee-free onramp into FTX if you prefer that.

      • Well, I tried FTX now (29/08/2021 - 12:04 pm) and fee is 50 USDT for ERC20! (I don't have FTT staked). So be careful!

        • +1

          The fee varies a lot even between minutes, just try again in a few minutes or hours. There are also some parts of the day where the ETH gas goes crazy, you may have been in one of them.

      • How much FTT do you have to stake to get free withdrawals on FTX?

  • Do you need to keep the USD value of ADA above $400 or is it $400 worth from the time it's deposited?

    • Also is transferring to Celsius considered a taxable event?

      • +2

        AFAIK no. you are not selling anything.

      • Double check however I believe transferring between your own wallets are not considered tax events.

        • +1

          Transferring the crypto is not taxable, but the $40 you receive would be. It would count as a normal capital gain.

          • +1

            @starbearer: Mmm would it not be income rather than capital gain?
            It would be treated the same as dividends right?

            • +1

              @pauly85: Its all income at the end of the day. Whatever capital gain/dividend/bonus you get gets added to your total annual income.

              The only thing is that if you hold your asset (shares, cryptos) for more than a year, and you sell or convert them after a year, your capital gain liability becomes half, so you effectively add half of all of those gains to your income, which you pay your marginal rates of taxes on.

              I doubt these Celsius bonuses are counted for that, and are probably just treated same as dividends.

      • +2

        I've seen mixed reports on this. Because Celsius technically owns the crypto in your account when you transfer it in (read their ToS) it could be considered "selling to Celsius in exchange for an IOU" - a taxable event.
        You need to consider the possibility that you might be resetting the 12 month CGT discount and be forced to declare a CG for this FY.

        That being said, it seems pretty crazy that exchanging like-for-like could be an event. Seems like a low risk way to do a wash sale (which are otherwise illegal).

        I haven't seen any official stance from the ATO on this, so it's untested. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • +2

          The ATO barely understand crypto and make rules on the run. Have a look at their community section. Their advisors cant even get the answers right there. Either way if you were taxed, you wouldn't be making a loss on this promo

        • +2

          Tx digital assets to a different wallet isn't a taxable event.

          The user isn't exchanging asset to fiat, fiat to asset nor asset to asset. What they're technically doing is tx assets from a non-custodial wallet to a custodial wallet.

    • +2

      It's $400 worth from the time it's deposited.
      If the crypto value drop below $400 you still get the bonus.

  • +2

    This deal seems popular and Celsius are reputable.
    What I don't understand is how you are all finding these deals worthwhile. You are either 1) ignoring the tax implications or 2) have software to calculate your crypto holdings for your tax return. These small trades and bonuses make the tax side very complex to manage.

    • Yeah, will cost you $50 more on Koinly each year to get the high number of transactions report just from all the Celsius rewards each week…

  • +2

    When do these expire? My ADA is currently in a locked staking contract.

    Also - note do your own research - 4% seems a bit low for staking contracts. You can find staking pools average 5-6% with no locking period. Plus you gotta lose a whole ADA to transfer it in and back out.

    • I just put $400 worth into Celsius costing me 0.18ADA in fees and Celsius don't charge withdrawal fees.

      • Just read your comment now…how did you score that fee, who did you use?

      • hornbill which exchange did you use? TIA

    • +1

      Normally staking ADA doesnt lock.

      • It does on Binance as my ADA is also locked.

  • Celsius is great. I'll be adding $25250 of USDC to trigger the $660 BTC bonus - 10.45% interest rate for 3 months. Add that to the almost 8.88% interest rate on USDC and it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING. Enjoy!

    Keep in mind that the final parabolic run is coming up, so I'm not going to lock up so much USDC for 3 months.

    This is what I think will play out, September is historically a red month for crypto. So I think we will end the month of August strong, with Bitcoin over $50k, then in Sept, we will stagnant abit and end the month red, then its blast off from Oct till Dec for the final euphoric parabolic run which will see Bitcoin well over $100k USD.

    Not financial advice, I, of course and very often can be and are wrong. This could be the ramblings of a mad person.

    • +4

      The value of USDC will still be ~1 USD in 3 months, regardless of crypto movement. Whether BTC is 10k or 100k by then is irrelevant. He just want to play safe earning interest for fiat, nothing wrong with that. If u think u can earn better with ur money, then don’t lock it

      • +1

        You need to also consider FX risk as well. Yes, the value of 1 USDC will be larger 1USD in 3 months, but it will not be the same amount in AUD as the AUD/USD rate will most likely have moved in 3 months. That's another thing to consider.

        • Yeah, a 10% move to the down side would cost you a loss of $3400 AUD, the interest and bonus would only offset this by about half. One wrong number, wrong address type etc. could cost you $34k AUD. The company is not guaranteed like a bank, looks like the SEC will be after them next, lots of risk here.

          For example, from March 2020 to June 2020, the AUD lost 25% of it's value to the USD. It seems to have stabilised off now but a 5% move to the down side is very realistic and would completely remove all your bonuses & interest.

  • +1

    Can you get the HODL50 ($50 BTC bonus for new users for any $400 asset transferred) + the ADA40 ($40 ADA bonus for $400 ADA transfered for all users) together?
    edit: if a new user obviously
    edit2: found the answer: https://support.celsius.network/hc/en-us/articles/3600186579...
    TLDR: No. You can trigger multiple existing user promos with one transfer, but not at same time is initial/new user promo

    • +1

      just sent some ada and it activated both the ADA and 1st deposit bonus from referral

      • Just by sending $400usd worth can trigger both? I can’t see the referral promo anywhere on the account once I’ve signed up with a referral code, I hope that’s normal.

        • I sent over a thousands but I only did 1 transaction

          And yeah that's normal, I didn't see mine either

          • @ln28909: Okay thank you. So sending $400 might not activate both I’m guessing? Might have to transfer $800 to activate both?

  • So the locked amount. Is that based on current market rates for the referral bonus? Cause BNB is killing it at the moment and $40 worth of BNB now is a lot more than when I transferred the BNB over.

    So it looks like I will earn $49 then?

    $396 to $490

    • +1

      You get $40 worth at the time the bonus is unlocked.

  • do these work with the purchase from within the Celcius app? manual bank transfer is a 0.5% fee using Coinify, on the smaller amounts isn't that going to be a better rate than a transfer from Binance/Kraken/etc if you didn't already have USDC sitting there on the exchange doing nothing - or am I (quite likely) misunderstanding what Celcius does with the fees?

    • Also interested in this or alternatively, the cheapest way to buy and transfer ADA into Celsius wallet

      • this is my pet peeve with crypto - seems like someone out there alway has a cheaper/better way to buy and sell; and I find out only after the fact.
        but for my teeny tiny investments - i am happy to pay a whopping 1% to coinspot just to keep things easy.

        Cash in bank -> binance (took me a week to verify) -> FTX -> Celsius seems the recommendation above.
        in my experience -cash in bank -> coinspot (lose 1%) -> Celsius (lose another 1%) would be the way to go for a newbie.

        • +1

          I have the same pet peeve. I did Bank -> Binance -> bought LTC, Binance LTC -> BlockFi, swap LTC to USDC, BlockFI USDC -> Celsius

          Using the BlockFi one free stablecoin transfer per calendar month.

          I don't have anything staked in FTX, and it seemed like you needed to stake to get the free transfer. Something for me to look into for the future.

          • @quick-dry: why didnt you buy USDC in Binance and then transfer?

            just curious as i cant see there being an extra fee

            • +2

              @pandaman: from what i could see, the fee for the LTC -> BlockFi transfer was in cents, whereas USDC transfer fee from Binance->BlockFi was measured in dollars. Celsius wanted it on ERC-20, and the fees are high.

  • Are the dollar trigger amounts AUD or USD?

    • +1

      already been asked.. USD

      • I guess I missed it. Thank you sir

  • -1

    What's the best wallet for staking SOLANA ?

    • +2

      Is this a real question?

      You can stake SOL on FTX for 6% pa return at the moment. Or you can use Atomic Wallet which is giving 7% pa return. You control your own private keys for Atomic Wallet while you don't for FTX.

      • Thank you very much.

        • SOL has been going crazy lately.

      • +1

        Binanace does 11% if you are willing to lock it in for 30 days.

  • Made a 200+ deposit for STABLE50 and the promo code still says pending. Last time the locked BTC appreared basically instantly.

    Has it appeared for anyone else?

    • Yep I'm seeing the same thing. Usually the btc amount shows as pending in the btc wallet, but nothing this time around.

    • I’ve done STABLE50 and STABLE10. Both said pending and then when the deposit of USDT came through both changed to Locked.

      Maybe you didn’t transfer enough? From bad experiences I make sure I do at least $5 more than the minimum.

  • +1

    Does it disqualify you from the ADA offer if you transferred say USDT or another token out of Celsius during the lockout period?

  • +5

    Ada codes are not working

    • ADA, the two STABLE and referral worked for me yesterday but not BNB today.

  • Exisiting customers or new only?

    • works for existing users, which is quite rare.

  • +1

    Can you not enter the promo codes via the website? I seem to have clicked on everything and there does not seem to be an option. Damn annoying that you can only enter promo codes through the app.

    • I couldn’t find it on the website either.

  • USDT is great deal. the ADA offer looks good. Anyone know the price movement of ADA after 90 days frozen period?

    • +5

      Lmao, if someone know the price movement of ADA after 90 days, they'd be very rich.

      Celsius is making you hold it for 90 days, they ain't freezing the price of ADA for 90 days haha.

  • +2

    It's good to see that more and more people are finding their way to the light side.

    Here are a few links for those that are still waiting on the sideline looking at other people making passive income.

    James from InvestAnswers + Alex Mashinsk

    Alex Mashinsky, Celsius CEO, interview: Is Crypto Lending & Borrowing a good idea? Find out!

    CTO Larsson + Alex Mashinsk

    Celsius - The TRUTH about Alex Mashinsky | CTO Larsson Interview

    Scott Melker interviewing Alex Mashinsky on how banks pay 0% interest to customers while making 10% to ~17% on the money market.

    How crypto yields work

    Alex Mashinsky has $200m of his own money on this lending platform and is doing what banks aren't.

    Most banks typically have between 14–25% return on their capital, so by paying customers 1% in interest, they’re keeping over 80% of the profits and distributing these earnings to their shareholders, usually in the form of dividends and share buyback.

    The Celsius business model is structured to do the exact opposite of what banks do — by giving 80% of total revenue back to our community each week in the form of earned interest. We earn profits by lending coins to hedge funds, exchanges, and institutional traders, and by issuing asset-backed loans at an average of 9% interest. We’re taking the exact same 80% profit margin that banks have kept for themselves for centuries and returning it to our community of depositors.

    • I love Celsius, have a big chunk of my portfolio there.

      I'm considering getting their 25% LVR loan to fund the deposit of a house. Looks like its the way to go. Next challenge is to find a house to buy lmao, there's no supply atm.

      • Just keep in mind you don't earn interest on any crypto that's been pledged as collateral for the loan, so the interest rate is much higher than 1% once you do the maths on it.

        • Yea, true, but you'd avoid CGT which even with the 50% discount would be way higher than any interest foregone.

  • so how does this work?
    if i open a new account(newbee) and add $400+ worth ADA, will i get $90 BTC as $50 frm new account and $40 from ADA promo code?

    • there are differnet conditions for the rewards.

  • So Apply;
    Random referral +US$50
    HODL10 +US$10
    HODL50 +US$50
    STABLE10 +US$10
    STABLE50 +US$50

    Then transfer US$400 USDC = US$170 worth of BTC after 30 days

    • Referral + Hold10/50 doesn't work…

      • Bummer

      • The way to do it is first transfer 0$400 USDC. The referral code worth $50 will now be locked. Next, transfer $250 USDC which then locks the HODL10 & HODL50 promo codes. In total, you get $110 for first-time users. Pretty neat.

        • @Scorp32 What about the HODL10 +US$10 and HODL50 +US$50 codes? Can't they be stacked with STABLE codes? So put in $750 to get all the bonuses?

          • +2

            @JHoliday: Sorry I meant STABLE10 + STABLE50. Didn't use the HODL10 or 50 codes.

            For first time users, you should do the following to obtain $110:

            1. Sign up using a referral code, then transfer $400 worth of crypto to your Celsius account.
            2. After step 1, enter the promo codes (STABLE10+STABLE50) on your app.
            3. Transfer $250 USDT or USDC to your Celsius account.

            After this, you'll have $110 worth of BTC pending in your account. Just hold the $650 worth of crypto in your account for 30 days and you'll get the promo codes paid out.

            Haven't tried ADA as it's too risky. Currently on its ATH.


            • @Scorp32: Why is transferring ADA risky? Isn’t ADA kept as ADA and you can always transfer back afterwards? Sorry I’m new to this. Edit: I already hold Ada

              • @magwri: ADA is in price discovery. Spinach hands think that ADA will dump because it's ATH.

    • It doesn't work that way in Celsius, even if the codes work. U need to fulfill each required amount for each code separately, $400 for the referral, than $200/$50 for the USDC, etc.

  • +4

    What's the cheapest way to get USDC to celsius?

  • So does the deposit have to be in one transaction? For example for the $20K ADA deposit, can I make 2 deposits for $10k each and meet the criteria?

    Also do codes for the same crypto stack? Eg: Can I get the bonus for both ADA40 and ADA500 if i deposit 20k worth and hold for 90 days?

    • Multiple codes for same coin stack (except multiple "first-transfer" codes).

      T&Cs - ADA500
      Transfer $20k or more in ADA \to your Celsius account and receive $500 in ADA .
      - Funds must be transferred within 30 days of activating your promo code.
      - You must maintain an account balance equal to or greater than your balance after completing your transfer of $20k or more.
      - Withdrawing from your account within 90 days of completing your transfer will disqualify you from receiving your reward.
      - Rewards are distributed after 90 days of maintaining a qualifying account balance.
      - This promo code is valid for new and existing users.
      - This promo is limited - Only one promo code per user. Multiple transfers will be aggregated to one in calculating your qualification to the reward.
      - This promo may not be available to users in some jurisdictions where Cardano is not supported by Celsius.

  • AFAIK Celsius doesn't have fixed term interest rate. So I don't get this part "10.45% interest rate for 3 months"
    For $25250 of USDC, you get 660$ of BTC and about 560$ for 8.88% interest rate for 3 months holding.
    Not bad at all but not sure how this possible: "it's just over 19% on USD for 3 months of HODLING".
    Am I missing something?

    • +1

      Yeah I don't get this either.. where's 10.45% coming from?

  • 3 month is a long long time in crypto………i wouldn't risk it as BTC can easily fall 50% next week.

    Good offer but I will give it a miss instead

    • Well you can take it out if you do need as no fees to transfer it back to other exchanges. 8.88% on stablecoins is quite decent.

    • +2

      -50% next week sounds good. Hundreds of thousands are waiting for a discount to buy the hardest and best-performing asset.

      The alts will also be on special. -80% would be great.

  • I'm trying to send ADA from Yoroi and when I put in the address I get "Please enter a valid address". I thought I'd try from SwyftX and I get "Address is not a valid ADA wallet address"
    Anyone else having this problem?

    • +1

      Worked for me, but I transferred from CoinSpot by copy and pasting the address from Celsius app though

      • All good now. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

  • Anyone know which exchange is cheapest to send USDT/USDC? From my research BTC Markets is $20 USDT fee and Swyftyx is $15 USDT/C. Any other exchanges people would recommend that are cheaper?

    • +1

      I followed Doge420 suggestion. Binance USDT to FTX, 1 USDT fee, then FTX to Celsius and there was no fee.

      • I just bought $200 USDT on FTX (was Blockfolio) and transferred to Celsius Network which was free.

        • -2

          Its actually FTX pro. FTX (formerly Blockfolio) tracks your portfolio, its not an exchange. :)

        • +1

          Do u need to stake 25 FTT for that?

          • @hny3: No, you don't need to stake 25FTT to do that.

      • +2

        Actually if you withdraw BUSD from Binance to FTX via BSC (BEP20) there is no fee, FTX can automatically change it to USDC 1:1. Also it is only free to withdraw from FTX if you have FTT staked.

        • +1

          I don't have an option to deposit busd in ftx

          • +1

            @eddybaha: Sorry! Forgot to mention the bucket USD deposits require level 2 identity verification.

    • I think the cheapest is FTX, especially if you stake at least 25FTT. You get one ERC20 withdrawal free a day. I've been withdrawing USDT via the tron network to various locations for free and its quite quick.

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