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Dyson Vacuum V8 Absolute $649 with Bonus Filter, V7 Absolute $399 with Bonus Filter, Pure Hot + Cool Link $599 Shipped @ Dyson


Dyson must be clearing old stock some Vacuums and fans are being discounted.

Other items include;

Dyson V8 Animal $499 with Bonus Filter,
Dyson Cool Tower Fan (White/ Silver) $449
Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifier fan $324

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    I've got a Dyson V7 and a Dreame V11.
    The Dreame is WAY better and cheaper

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      V7 is basically a V6 with some improvements

      V8 is more powerful and larger battery, works amazing on carpet with the carpet head

      My understanding is dreame isn't as good on carpet, but i don't own one, just going off what people have been saying here

      Can't see the absolute V8 for $499, looks like a typo

      • Yep I went from a (relatively worn out) Dyson V6 to Dreame V11 and it's absolutely no comparison. Dreame comes with a good head for wood floors, there's a Xiaomi equivalent that has a more regular dyson style all-surface head. Carpet head for thick carpet afaik still is a pain to get.

    • Got a Dyson V6 and Dreame T20. Same, Dreame is better and heaps cheaper. A littler harder to empty but not that difficult.

      • I'll get a dreame when/if my Dyson dies. Apparently most just need a battery change after a few years.

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        Yeah but v6 IS crap.
        V8 ok.
        V10 first properly good one.

        I say that having owned v8 & v10 but not xiaomi. My parents had a v6.

        Carpet head is more important than air watts though.

        • When I was researching years ago, the marginal difference in V10 over V8 wasn't worth it. I'll have to revisit reviews though, as was a while ago.

          • @TEER3X: My partner used to want to use the v8 on max for carpet (overkill.. Medium was fine). Now with the v10 we use low. So the battery lasts much better.

            It's just enough extra power to get it over that threshold, for us.

            Our carpet is old, falling apart and makes dust en masse.

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    V8 absolute $499 with Bonus Filter,

    Think you mean V8 Animal

    Many of these listed are slightly cheaper on TGGC if you have access

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    Apparently V10 was $660 recently so I think I'll wait til a sale like that happens again

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    I recently got Dyson V8 Animal. I can't get used to cleaning with its "Direct drive cleaner head" - feels like you can only go forward, and doing the usual forward-backward cleaning moves causes small rubbish to be projected away on the backward move. That's on hard floors at least. I guess it's because of how the head's brush moves. I can't wait to buy a simpler head, if such thing exists.

    Also I can't get used to its sound. It's not just the typical steady loud vacuuming sound - that "Direct drive cleaner head" has its own loud motor. And given that whoever operates the whole thing tends to switch it on and off constantly (eg. when you move around furniture, you don't hold the trigger, so all the time you keep switching off, then on again after 1-2 seconds), it's exactly like if somebody's drilling in walls on a weekend morning.

    Having said the above, telling by how the dust container fills up, V8 picks up incredible amount of rubbish.

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      The fluffy cleaner head included on the v8 absolute is much better for hard floors and would address all the issues your having with the direct drive cleaner head which is better suited to carpets.

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        Thanks. I can see the "FluffyTM cleaner head" would be another $90 or so. Or $30-40 for a knock-off.

        • Hi mate, where did you see those prices? It's more like 150 for genuine and 60-80 for knocking fluffyhead.

          • @herrod: My bad, was a hasty research - I can't find a genuine one for the $90 I said.

            • @pizzaguy: Thanks man, I thought you were onto something! I found 90 bucks on Amazon but of course it was usd.

  • hot and cool oldrr models have altrady bern didcountrd to 649 at jb etc biut 699 is better.

    note they hsvnt discounted the 2021 models.
    sellers often dont hive the modtl number or year which can b confusing

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      Are you ok?

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      Should've gone to SpecSavers

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