What AMA Do You Want to See?

Thought of this topic! What type of ask me anything do you want to see happen (in terms of jobs)? I think teachers would be interesting!


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    Garbage truck driver

    • What would you ask garbos?

      I'd ask why they don't collect my bins early morn anymore, now much later in the day, but that might be a Council question(?)

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        salary, craziest things found in bins

    • What a rubbish suggestion LOL

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    Forensic cleaner

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      Woooo…. I have a niece who works as a forensic scientist testerera person (whatever their job title is). She doesn’t do field work, only lab work, but she always has awesome stories to tell bout stuff that she has to deal with and test.

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        Does she do taste tests?

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          Don't know… I'll have to save it for the AMA :D

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      Biological weapons researcher.

    • AMA would be nice. Meanwhile check out this LADbible interview of a Crime Scene Cleaner.

      • Reminds me of this….

        It's a Catherine Tate sketch from a few years ago…

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    Pornstar photographer

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    how about a " I dont drive or own a car , BUT I like to call out others and their car collection.. AMA"

    • THIS sounds like a good idea :p

      • Do it!

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      I don't own a car but I keep asking people to drive me around…AMA.*

      • I do this all the time.
  • Glady .

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    McClown .

  • Security “officer”, or maybe someone who runs a markdown bargain website.

    Actually, someone who works in a correctional facility could make for interesting AMA…
    An actual bikie… (not a motorcycle owner, but a genuine outlaw club member.)
    Someone who runs an Amazon Flex delivery service.

    • I think you mean security guard. My dad was a security guard, he worked for a couple of companies including BHP, MSC, and another security company that's on the top of my tongue but just can't quite remember it? Maybe I could answer some questions?

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        Nah, I meant security “officer”. There was an AMA recently from a guy who was doing photography and it basically devolved into one user bullying the OP so hard after OP said they were an ex-security “officer” and "professional" photographer. So savage was the berating from this regular user that OP ended up just disabling their account.

        • Had a quick flick through, doesn't look pretty 😬

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          Just read that thread. Poor dude got abused for being proud of his job title. Damn, people are dicks.

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    Zeljko Ranogajec

    • Or even crungle

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    Data analyst involved with NSW Health COVID cases or hacker who can join databases. Show us some charts of where/how the cases are occurring - e.g. by houses vs apartments, occupation, income level, ethnicity, etc.

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      Ex-data analyst for the VIC outbreak last year here - basically, the data that you're looking for can't really be shown because it's either not collected or is classified and simply not available to us. Even if it were available to us, we would not be able to make public charts about it.

      More or less, data such as occupation, income (to an individual level), ethnicity…etc. do not appear on the data.

      • … do not appear on the data

        That's why we need someone who can access other datasets and join them to provide insights.

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          Just go to the ABS website and look at previous census data. Gives you an idea of the socioeconomic profile of particular suburbs.

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      e.g. by houses vs apartments, occupation, income level, ethnicity, etc.

      Apart from the fact that there is no way they would release this, what would it prove?

      • what would it prove?

        Could show nothing - that is, flat across the values of a variable or it could show a trend. We can then act on the trend (increased awareness, etc.) to improve outcomes, which will help the people that exhibit the worse values of a variable, and obviously the whole of the state. Obviously there could be negative impacts, but they could be desensitized or grouped.

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          We can then act on the trend

          Bring out the pitchforks for X group, super idea.

          • @brendanm:

            … pitchforks

            leaving the pitchforks aside, even the experts are looking for more info: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/premier-abandon-your-pla...

            the insight could be … certain groups are more at risk … and then the Government target them with more specific info, etc.

            • @ihbh:

              leaving the pitchforks aside, even the experts are looking for more info:

              So what would we on ozbargain need the info for? With so many "experts" everywhere, all with varying opinions, surely we're in safe hands.

              the insight could be … certain groups are more at risk … and then the Government target them with more specific info, etc.

              Again, what would this have to do with us here on ozbargain? I'm sure the government would love to "target" them.

              • @brendanm:

                what would we on ozbargain need the info for?

                Like the experts in the SMH article, some of us have sophisticated backgrounds (and we also happen to be on OZB) and are curious, but also can help to inform and drive some positive change if the info was available.

                The OP was what AMA do you want to see? For me, I'd like this, but realise that it's probably the most remote to get, but the question was asked.

                • @ihbh:

                  Like the experts in the SMH article, some of us have sophisticated backgrounds

                  Ooh, fancy! If there were people on here who needed to know, they would already have the information.

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      I'd like to see an AMA with a digital analist.

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        Got me excited for a while.

        Then I realized you meant digital analyst.

        Do hope you meant digital analyst, and not a proctologist.

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      This is me. I'll check with the governance and find out what I can and cannot say then start an AMA.

      • Thanks mate.

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    Professional Conspiracy Theorist

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      That was done yesterday twice; doesn't meet AMA guidelines

    • theres a few prime candidates already in the forum, so its possible.

  • Window cleaner

  • Prime Minister 😷

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    Current nsw premier

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      She wasn't on TV this morning talking to the press about the COVID situation in NSW, she's missed a number of press conferences. She screwed up by not going into lockdown, and now the situation is out of control and people are dying. I'm an atheist so I greatly value human life, you've only got one life to live, and there's no happy afterlife in the clouds.

      When Dan Andrews screwed up in Victoria he still gave daily press conferences, that is until he broke his back.

      NSW will probably be struggling for the rest of the year. Better to go hard early than wait it out with wishful thinking…… When there were COVID cases in SA we went into lockdown, and we're fine, economy is chugging along, and business is normal.

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          That is funny hehe lol :)

          Not sure how someone breaking their back is funny.

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        "I'm an atheist so I greatly value human life" Most people do.

  • The public health number 1 enemy in nsw

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      what do you want to know about Gladys?

  • Blacktown pastor

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    Misinformation influencer.

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    Prison guard

  • Volcanologist, park ranger, spy, general of an army, samurai, highway patrol officer.

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    A where are they now from past AMAs.

    • Wow… that list needs to be updated. There have been some epic AMA’s since then…

      • That's awsome. One of my favourites was the AMA of the HJ's guy. It was a funny read

      • Looks like you have some homework to do 😉

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      Need to know if Davo1111 is still Ozbargain's most eligible bachelor

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    It would be cool if Tim Cook could do an AMA on Ozbargain.

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    ICU nurse

    • I'm an emergency nurse if that's of interest to anyone.

      • Cool, I was just wondering how everyone was going with Covid working its way around?

        • I'm not in NSW or Vic so can't comment on how they're doing (though I would imagine not that great) but I did work as a manager for a COVID clinic for a while last year.

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    Teachers… how boring

  • David Benioff and D.B. Weiss so I can ask them why they wouldn't utilise a castle to their advantage if they had an army of undead coming to attack them.

    • Dragonfire

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    Hi OP. I'm a former high school teacher- you're most welcome to AMA ☺

    • Haha awesome, you should start a new topic!!

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    I’d love to see one from the NSW Premier that actually answers the questions.

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    contact tracer

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    I own a firepit and hate the neighbours ama

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