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Gildan Men's Crew 12-Pack T-Shirts, White, Size M $35.33 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Less than $3 each.

  • Tape across back neck and shoulders for more stability
  • Tubular rib collar for better stretch and recovery
  • Lays flat
  • Feels soft to the touch
  • Tag free
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  • +9

    Lays flat

    What t-shirt doesn't?

    • +17

      one I had wayback when I was a teenager.

      • +8

        My socks were like that too

      • +3

        How come?

  • Not showing as Prime delivery I have prime & is is showing postage of
    $61.90 Priority International Delivery : get it by Tuesday, Sep 21
    $43.26 Expedited International Delivery : get it by Tuesday, Sep 21

    • +3

      Showing free delivery for Prime for me.
      FREE Delivery by Thursday, 9 Sep for Prime members

    • +1

      free delivery for size M only

    • Shipping charged for me as well (even though I have prime). I have selected size medium

  • +42

    I bought some Gildan t-shirts from Amazon (tag says made in Nicaragua) recently and they are pretty bad quality - stitching has uneven tension and heaps of loose threads that are unraveling.

    These $3.75 t-shirts from kmart (made in India) are far nicer:
    (kmart is 100% cotton - for plain colours at least, despite it saying "Viscose and cotton" on their website)

    • +2

      I can second the kmart shirts, great quality for the price. Also the cotton is sourced through BCI so we know a fair price was given to the cotton farmers so the child labourer's making the tshirts get to work with quality raw materials to upskill themselves.

    • +2

      Also experienced piss-poor stitching on some Gildan shirts I bought from Amazon - wouldn't buy again.

    • +2

      I've never had a problem with Gildan t-shirts, though I always get the ultra-cotton ones. I started buying them about ten years ago and get a few every year or two to replace the ones I trash on the garden or garage. The non-garden/garage ones have lasted really well. To be honest, so have the garden/garage ones, they've just got numerous stains.

    • I bought a couple of polos from their Amazon sale last year and they were good enough so I bought three more from their eBay sale/error this year. The eBay ones are quite poor quality despite being the same thing. The shoulders don't sit right and some came with marks/stains. Couldn't be bothered sending them back as the were like $3 each but now they're just wasting space on my closset. Might have to donate them to Lifeline or something.

    • I can attest to the Kmart (and Target) plain cotton t-shirts. I've probably got about 25 of them in different colours. Many of them are used as bed shirts, but even the plain white V's paired with a collared dress shirt is a cost-effective ensemble piece. I always get a laugh seeing people spend $70+ at G-Star (or even Myer) for a threadbare cotton t-shirt that's almost see through… smh

    • +1
  • I looked for a 6 pack for those who were unsure about sizing…
    but seems the 12pack is not much more…

  • Who wears Medium these days?

    • +20

      Not many on OzB, that’s for sure

      • +1

        This guy tell the truth

      • +3

        Too many good McDonald’s deals!

      • if it’s the same price you want to get as much cloth as possible to maximise the bargain value …..would you buy 100gm chocolate block if 200gm was same price or buy the 200gm block …..

        now where is my extra cheesy corn chip pizza.

      • Self burn, those are rare

    • My Asian boyfriend

  • +3

    I'm still waiting on my last Gilden shirt order I made in June. 😄

    • So am I. Will probably cancel after reading feedback

  • +1

    Would buy this if i had 12 sons

    • +2

      Start making them

  • +1

    Found a fun thing that although title show it's 12packs, but when you look photo carefully, only 10each in the photo.

    • +1

      means when it arrives, let amazon know and they will refund and you get to keep the 10 t shirts as ad said 12 …..

      • 12 arrived so this won't work sadly. Terrible quality; they're going straight back…
        Another day where Bezos cant fly to the moon, success.

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