Qantas FF Points Expiring on 31 Aug 21 (2 Days) ! HELP!

Hi Everyone,

PLEASE can someone advise on the quickest way to earn/spend/use anything to get some activity to my account ASAP (like in the next 48 hours)?

I am a FOOL and thought my husbands Woolworths card was linked to QFF points to keep his account active. Just logged in to account to to realize it's not and he has had no activity on his account for nearly 18 months. We used to have a QFF credit card linked, and when Covid hit, we cancelled it to try and cut cost (annual fee).

I have read on other threads of how to earn/spend points to create activity on your account, but these often take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to show up on your Qantas account.

I think I read that signing up for BP Rewards and filling up with fuel and buying Qantas wine will get you points credited fairly quickly? Do I redeem my points to buy Qantas Wine?

Is there anything I can do to get activity to the Qantas account before they expired on the 31st of August ( less than 2 days!)

I can't believe we let this happen!

Thanks for any advice in advanced

UPDATE: For anyone that comes across this issue in the future, I will update the outcome….
Thanks for the advice everyone. As my account was still active with points , I went ahead and used some points to purchase a bottle of Gin from the Qantas wine shop. Within 5 min of me checking out and getting the order confirmation, my points activity showed the transaction and it seems like I am all ok now! There was a warning at the top of the account that said points were expiring on the 31st of Aug 21 and that is now gone. PHEW!!

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    Easiest seems to be:

    Just create BP account, link it and fuel up or buy a muffin in-store.

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    can you open a new account in your name and just transfer them all?

    can transfer up to 600k points per year to a family member

    also remember its earn OR redeem to keep it active.

    buy some wine with points NOW and you should be ok

    • Unfortunately, transfers keep the same expire date as the original account holder.:(

      • see my updated comment

        • oh! there are plenty of points there (560,000) so if I use some points to buy wine from the Qantas store, they should count as activity straight away?

          • @Bikinikitty: having not tried it myself personally I cannot put my hand on my heart.


            if you read that article it sounds like that exactly the case. buy wine right now (like right now 2am 30th of august) and you should be ok


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              @MrThing: I went ahead and used some of my points to purchase a bottle of spirit from the Qantas wine store, and it did indeed work! Nearly straight away the points were deducted from the account and the warning that my account was about to expired disappeared. Crisis averted!

              • @Bikinikitty: For future reference you can also buy qantas wine/booze with cash, and the points for buying from qantas wine get deposited almost straight away. Even better if you buy something that gives you bonus qsntas points.
                Glad you solved your problem. 8 )

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    Qantas Wellbeing App. Do the "Check Ups' for points. Not sure if this is instant instant - however mine always updates pretty quick

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      Just did this, hopefully they will credit. Thanks!

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      It’s not instant if you need to keep your account active in a couple of days.

      I looked into this for a friend and I believe it takes a week or two to first acknowledge.

      But its a great easy and free way to keep anyone’s account active.

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    If spending some points is enough, why not just redeem a cheap easy e-gift card?

    • I guess ANY redemption of points will count as activity? I just don't know how long this will take to show up as activity on my account. That's my worry is that I will redeem points and it won't "apply" to the account for a week or so, and in that case, the points would have expired…

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    pour petrol at BP,
    link QF account to everyday rewards and just make the purchase.

    mine was expired about a few months ago…
    they sent out an email giving you a 6 month window to earn a selected amount of QFF points to reinstate the expired points. ( i think that was after i sent them an email )

    i have to earn 2500 points before December from 2 different sources, to get my 150K back.

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      do this

      everyday rewards > qantas is usually instant or within 24hrs

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    Use the Qantas Wellbeing app, that will give you some points, enough to keep the rest.

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    Or you can fill in surveys at The Portal - Red Planet and get rewarded with QFF points.

    I can't remember how quickly Qantas will credit those points though.

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    thats funny, the first time ive ever seen someone post an actual solution to a problem, not get a single "+" on any comment but everyone else "chime ins" getting heaps of "+".

    interesting - not that I care, just interesting

    • @MrThing Not quite sure what you mean about "not a single "+" on any comment? But yes, I noticed the "+" button is being used more like a facebook "Like".
      Including me, as I am so grateful for peoples help, I just had to up vote the chime ins!

  • Dirty words and recommendations for you. Load the Qantas plugin to Chrome. Log in, and then… buy something cheap from Kogan! 🤦‍♂️
    Otherwise, any other store/shop adds points - BP and Link to QFF, or just use your Qantas card.

    As others have said - just spend some…

  • Qantas Wellness app, walk 6000 steps in a day. just over 1 qantas point rewarded and it seems to happen within a day

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