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AeroPress Classic $55, GO $45 with Rhinowares Tall Grinder @ Barty Single Origin


Hello fellow OzBargainers.

First time posting, so apologies if it seems like I've never done this before. Was looking at getting an AeroPress and found zero deals on Ozbargain, so I had to be a bit more adventurous and ended up feeling pretty good on this deal.

They also have kits including coffee beans (I bought this one):

Free shipping on orders over $75, I just tagged on a 6 pack of their specialty coffee cans because I felt boujee.

Had a chat with the guy running the shop on their live chat, he was really helpful. Always happy to support local businesses, and a good deal makes it much easier =)

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    Decent deal. Good on ya Op

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the grinder? I've been waiting for the aeropress to go on sale to 40 from Amazon… Wondering if this grinder is worth the $15 (plus shipping)

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      At this price it is a steal if you need/want a portable hand grinder. This same combination is more than double through alternative brewing for instance. I personally have the Porlex so cant directly comment on user experience but seems a no brainier to me, if you want a portable grinding solution (or a quick workout to grind your own at home - this can be tedious especially if making more than one).

    • Yep, it's good. On the smaller side but a quality product.

    • +3

      I've got the rhinoware grinder, granted I got it quite a number of years ago so perhaps it may have changed.

      • Bottom section which holds the grinds can come loose over time but I've remedied this by moving the black grip band so it's covering the seam between the two sections as I grind

      • Dial for grind setting has lost its clickiness, the plastic notches have worn down over time (I can still feel them, it's just not as obvious)

      Worth it as part of this bundle imo. I paid $60-70 alone when I got mine.

    • I used to have the rhinoware grinder for like a year. It's worth it in this bundle deal but i had several issues with mine that I had to give it up after a year. The bottom section literally wasn't able to hold onto the top part when I just received it and I had to use the black rubber grip band to hold it while grinding. The grind handle broke after like 2 uses (maybe I just used too much force?) and the seller was happy to send me a replacement handle.

      Just don't get it by itself.

    • The price for the AeroPress there is $25 plus shipping.

      • damn, just bought one from Amazon for $45 a few days ago

    • I got a similar aeropress deal that came with the older rhinowares grinder (looks very similar to this model) about 3 years ago. With daily use the grinder is still going strong. I'd buy again if needed. Warning though, you'll get sick of hand grinding. I've said many times we need a electric gribder. It's great for camping and what not though.

      Edit: Reading the other comments on the grinder, mine doesn't seem to have the seal to keep the bottom on. Mine just slips on and is still holding.

    • I have the compact version which also came in a bundle. It was a great size because it fit inside the aeropress. It’s good value and I used it for a good year or two, but I found that over time, the burrs became misaligned/unstable and produced a very uneven grind. It also took a long time to grind. I eventually upgraded to a 1zpresso that is better in every way, but was also $200+. TL;DR if you start to delve further into the rabbit hole of making coffee, you may want to invest in a better grinder. Otherwise, it’s a great value entry-level product.

    • I've got this grinder. Had it for about 12-14mths use it most days. Can adjust the grind to sit the type of coffee maker being used.
      Very happy with it.

    • +4

      The grinder is good. It takes a fn age to grind a coffee.
      My solution: I removed the handle, and attached a cordless drill to it.
      Coffee in 15 seconds!

      • +1

        Mind blown!!!

  • +79

    Hey guys, thank you so much for the shout, we're a mental health coffee company, raising awareness, and there's no catch here, we're just to pay it forward, trying to keep everyone smiling during lockdown and covid. The deal isn't really a deal, you will receive the tall grinder, an amazing speciality coffee, a El Salvador Bourbon with your AeroPress and it's all on us. Also, if you're feeling a little funky, drop by the chat. Thanks again. Bart

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    Great deal with the grinder.

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    • +1

      This would be a bargain for the grinder alone

    • Price just got jacked

  • -3

    I definitely want to get this but already own Nespresso so on the fence whether to pull the trigger or not.

    • There's the potential it would make you more friendly?

      • +1

        You mean environmental friendly?

    • Nespresso, LOL.

    • +6

      dude, ok, from a speciality place, im going to put that aside. most coffee after the bag is opened, coffee goes off in less than 4 weeks. to keep those pods on the shelf, can you imagine the amount of rubbish they put in those pods. also, flavouring's and whatever else to make you believe a crema. here's a question, why do those Nespresso pods taste synthetic? also, the head rush is immense. generally, when you're tasting good, fresh coffee, degassed from day of roast for approx 7 days, there's not an anxiety attack or a bad taste after 30 mins. fresh coffee and brewed well should be a gentle high along with a balance of flavours, acidity and bitterness, sweetness = umami which you should notice distinctly. Ie. peaches, or dark chocolate. Go figure, anyways my 5cents : )

      • Thanks Bart, ordered Green AeroPress Coffee Kit. What is the difference between Green and Pink coffee?

        • +1

          oh the Green Barty El Salvador is like a spicy milkshake chocolate, when poured on milk as an espresso, and the Pink, a funky profile, better on a V60, or Aeropress, tastes like burnt figs, plums and has the traditional Ethiopian complexity, a little winey, like a good grenache, and our pink Barty is super strong. All-natural, both are single-origin's and very good.

    • Nespresso is such a waste of money once you start grinding your own beans. For one sleeve (about $10 for 10 serves) I can get 500 grams of beans which is like 50 serves of coffee? The initial outlay is always the issue but having the power to buy beans from ANYWHERE, often on special and ordered in from around the world is so freeing, better for the environment AND CHEAPER.

      Genuinely a no brainer.

      The only downside is speed but there's ways to reduce the time it takes to brew by asking your local shop to grind your beans for you (and storing them in an airtight jar).

  • How is it better than a normal French press when you are at home?
    Also, I can never understand how you take it with you on the road. Like "use 17g of coffee" and "x number of ml of water". Do you pre grind the coffee and put them in to 17g bags? Or there is a spoon with a pre measured amount?

    • dude, you need a aero go for the road, I've travelled all over the world with my go, here's the truth about the aero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgGJ1-AAL6w

    • +3

      Heaps easier to clean IMO

    • Quicker and makes a better coffee than a french press due to the pressure, especially if you like strong coffee.

      There are different brew methods and quantities you can use. Once you've figured out how you like it, you can just use approximate amounts. I have a scale at home but I don't bother with it for this I just do it by number of spoons. It does come with a scoop, might make it easier depending how much coffee you use. There are numbers printed on it to guide the water amount.

    • +1

      I have been using a aeropress for about 12 years and there is no comparison between a French press and Aero.

      The quality of the coffee from the Aero is lightyears better.

    • I've used a little scale at home or work for years on and off, but honestly now with working from home and the aeropress being my daily driver, I just use the scoop that comes with the aeropress. It's lazy but surprisingly consistent when your routine is so regular that you have a pretty good grip of all the other variables (grind size, water temp etc)

  • What’s the difference between the go and the green go out?

  • +1

    Damn, that's a steal with the grinder. Think I paid $85 for my porlex mini ii. Although, haven't yet had any complaints with it so far after using for 1 more than a year.

    • I'm about a year into my Porlex Mini, also. Box reads $75 and it's been great although it's due for a wash

      • It's kinda therapeutic washing it after a long time haha

        • But painful at the same time? I love letting the ceramic burs soak the oils of coffee haha, feels wasteful to remove them!

  • +2

    Great first post OP, grabbed a Go with the coffee.
    And props to Barty for the bargain and business ethos

  • +2

    Grabbed a Go kit + tip. Thanks OP and Barty.

    • +1

      My pref is the GO, at home or travelling, because the other stuff that comes with the Classic you never use …

      • +5

        I actually use the included funnel daily. I use it for dumping the ground coffee into the aeropress, without spilling all over the bench, sometimes for pouring the hot water into the press (esp if using a saucepan to boil water when camping. I also use it when pressing into a mug that isnt wide enough to accomodate the base of the aeropress. Super useful item for me.

        • +1

          The funnel is handy! I even use it for loading grounds into my moka pot. No messsy spills :)

        • +1

          nice! never thought of it like that. Hike or doing long overnighters, I seem to always forget to pack that funnel. i manage to always pack enough ground coffee and papers, and worry about where I'll find freshwater.

      • Personally I prefer the Delter; basically the same but Australian made.

  • Wow, amazing value and weirdly exactly what I was after - a V60 and a Rhinowares grinder now that my Hario is worn out. Went for the Black Hario V60 Coffee Kit + tip. Thank you, looking forward to trying the coffee!

    • +4

      Ah thanks buddy, fresh made to order coffee out ranks any cafe or coles … cant wait to hear what you think, honest.

  • Cheap as phk

  • I'm looking for something to make iced coffee with. Would I just use this then put it in the fridge?

    • +1

      You can actually just brew directly over ice. Brew with higher concentration to make up for watering it down as the ice melts, and give it a little time to stop being lukewarm (yes fridge will get there quicker).

      During summer I prefer to make big batches of cold brew just by grinding a large amount of course grind coffee into these cold brew draw string bags that are effectively big tea bags. Look up re-usable cotton cold brew bags. Fill a 10 litre container with water and chuck the bag of ground coffee in. Put in the fridge for 18+ hours until taking out the bag and disposing of the grounds. Instant cold brew straight out of the fridge and it will last for a couple of weeks. Just google the coffee to water ratio before you start.

      There are toddy drip systems that look like amazingly cool scientific instruments that I'd love to adorn my kitchen with some day, but honestly I've never had a coffee from one of these that has blown me away compared to what I make at home with the above method.

  • +2

    Looks like the Aeropress classic is also on special for $25


  • Difference between the GO & Classic is just the size, ie the Classic takes more water?

    • +1

      Someone on OzB posted this review before, I found it useful.


      Basically the Go is slightly smaller but it comes with a cup that everything packs neatly into.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got the go kit and decaf beans

    • +2

      the decaf is rockstar, we love this profile from peru, its a moka, dark chocolate in a cup, and taken zero chemicals to remove the caffeine … one of my fave super specality coffees — where no one rates decaf's, this one is insane 🤯

  • Bought two, but now thinking I should have paid an extra $10 and bought one of each.

    • +1

      hehehe, drop in to the chat, and I'll happily exchange it for you, on me.

      • Thanks, deopping in now
        Order #1618

  • Christmas sorted. I hope my brothers like coffee.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Got a Hario V60, AeroPress, hand grinder and some beans for $80 w/ free shipping

  • +1

    I only started using the aeropress last month and like it a lot for the convenience and low maintenance of making a nice cuppa. This is a great deal and I'd love to get a Go + portable grinder but what will I do with two aeropress.

    • I too started using one on load from a friend for about a month now. Have been using a Nespresso prior to that and the coffee the Aeropress makes with fresh grounds taste much nicer! Keep the second as a spare or gift it to someone for Christmas!

  • @bartjawien I emailed you to get items in my order changed. Hope you can accommodate the change. Order number #1583. Thanks in advance.

    • Just dropped you a note, thanks.

      • I replied to your email, thanks!

  • Have tried a few of the coffee making styles out there Nesspresso, French, Aeropress and Mokka (my favourite). I personally didn't like the Aeropress because it just tasted too watery and the Aero doesn't steep well because it leaks heat too quickly BUT this price is just insane.

    I'd buy it just for the grinder and sell on the Aeropress XD

    I do miss the little coffee disk the Aeropress ended up with for novelty though.

    • Hey mate, happy to shift up the kit for a v60 and grinder. Is that what am hearing? morning btw ✌️

  • Thanks OP and Bart. Got the GO version.

  • +7

    Hey guys, morning, again thanks for your support, we've now opened the Barty store to international peeps out there looking for amazing coffee & kits. We're keen to keep everyone smiling during #Covid and #lockdown. Drop by for a chat any time, Thanks, Bart 🙏 ✌️🚀

  • Yeah I just grabbed the GO version. Have a Aeropress classic for many years now, but this kit i'll probably take travelling with me……. whenever that becomes a thing we can do again. Plus I'm always happy to help a company helping others.

  • I've been using my aeropress classic in the caravan for years and love it. This has persuaded me to get the go and another hand grinder to leave in the van all the time, saves me having to remember it.

    Can I get the go kit with decaf. I can't see how to ask for that on the website.

    This really is a great deal. Thank you OP and Barty.

  • +2

    Has the prices gone up now? I had the kit with the coffee for $55 and its gone up during checkout.
    Looks like the prices for the kit without the coffee have also gone up

  • +2

    Yep prices have gone up now. Was literally mid purchase and they went up $20.

    • +1

      Same :(

      • Ha .. same … ah well. Hopefully they will do the same deal soon.

  • +2

    Hey guys, yeah sorry, we've had to increase prices, with a limited stock of the Classic, the Go is still red hot and my preference, again thanks for your support. Bart

    • +1

      Above, you said "The deal isn't really a deal" and now you've jacked prices by $30? Looks like you've jumped at the opportunity to make some $

    • can you reduce the price just for me please, I'll buy extra beans

      • +4

        haha sorry guys, limited stock and we don't want to piss off anyone out there, this was a one time limited offer, as keen to pay it forward, to be honest with you … we're paying for the stock at the full RRP.

        • -9

          takin the piss

    • +14

      Are you some of yall seriously negging this because he ran low on stock?

      They were offering the beans, grinder and aeropress at extremely discounted prices close to cost, they're hardly making anything, and on top of that they're offering free shipping.

      This isn't a huge corporate business like Amazon, just a smaller company trying to do some good. The sense of entitlement is crazy.

      • +8

        thanks mate, just trying to bring awareness that your not alone, you can always jump up and chat with one of our MH qualified professionals if you or anyone wants to de-funk

      • -4

        It's bit silly opening up orders to international right before the price rise if you are low on stock isn't it?

        • Not sure if you understand how limited time or limited stock deal works. If you miss the deal you miss the deal.

          1/2 price Tim Tam in Coles works the same way.. Coles did not jack up the price by 100% after the promotion ends on Tuesday night..

          Try checking ozbargain more often mate…. don't blame the seller.

          • @b0b0: How do you know it was a limited time deal? They even said the "deal wasn't a deal" and other things make me think the price was their normal price but then jacked it up after they saw the popularity of the deal.

            • +1

              @8azinga: All good, you could argue from that quote from the seller, I'm not quite sure what he meant by that.

              I know the price of an aeropress, along with a grinder the price at $45/$55 is a steal. Just trying to stand in Barty's shoes he could have had some marketing plan in mind (for example to sell down his stock there is only 20 in stock) and then revert to original price, now sitting at $85 which is a reasonable price elsewhere. I don't see this as 'jacking' the price up after he gains popularity.

              To me the offer lasted for a good number of hours I had the luxury to discuss with my wife during dinner about the deal, and managed to call at least 3 friends of mine to tell them about this.

              Anyway, you are free to think your way and make comments about seller 'jacking' price.

  • Damn I was just deciding between the Go and Classic and looks like they've both gone up now :(

  • +1

    The Rhinowares grinder is good with the bundle, but after owning one I would not recommend buying one on its own.

    The grinds container at the bottom is now loose that it will just fall off unless you make sure you hold it whilst grinding and the handle broke, however I managed to repair it with a new bolt.

    Highly recommend checking out the grinders on Aliexpress as you can get some very good grinders for around AUD50 on there.

  • The press is like 38 shipped from Amazon. Are the grinders particularly expensive or am I missing something??

  • +2

    Damn, just bought with the $65 price without knowing it.
    Man, I hate this

    • +2

      Hey mate, let me through in some cans for you, on me. Whats your order number?

      • +2

        Order #1825

        Aeropress go with Beans.
        Thanks mate, really appreciate it

        • done, enjoy : )

          • @bartjawien: Really appreciate it mate. Cheers

          • @bartjawien: Hey ya mate. Any update on the shipping? Running out beans at the moment. Hopefully can get the package in time for my beans . Thanks 🙏

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