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ToolPRO Platform Trolley 200kg $39.99 + Shipping / Store Pickup @ Supercheap Auto


I was on the lookout for a trolley to move my aquarium supplies and came across this awesome deal at Super Cheap Auto. The trolley supports up to 200kg and has pretty good reviews on their website. Original price says $69.99.

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    Price in title?

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    3yr warranty.. handy

  • Thanks OP, ordered as have been wanting for a while. Price is good reason to.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

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    If you’re not a Club member, sign up online. It’s only $1 and will put $10 credit on your account instantly. Once you’ve done that, then purchase the trolley. At check out, a button to “Apply Credit” will show.

    $40.98 delivered is a bloody excellent deal. Thanks OP!

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      Thx OP and @Joshabroad for your advice. I just bought and pick up in store. Total cost $31.

    • Thanks for the tip, Using suncorp gc effectively paid only $28.59

      • But you had to buy a $50 gift card to save that additional ~$2.48.
        If you remembered to use cash back, you could have saved a little bit more.

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      I signed up with 1$ purchase, didn't see 10$ coming through.

      • Activate the account and you should see it in the payment page.

      • It sometimes takes a few minutes. Mine came through after about 15 minutes.

      • I signed up too and it took a bit of a time about 5 minutes but then it showed up in the "Check my credit" Section.

      • Same here

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        I signed up more than an hour ago but did not get the $10 credit

        • Same here. No credit on my account.

          • @Cardinal Copia: I paid $1 clubsca membership in January, activated the membership /email link. But never received the promised $10 loyalty credit until today. How about that?

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      Thanks for this! This is essentially free shipping.

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      Ha! I also just signed up with $1 but have not received my $10 credit yet! I feel duped Josh :D
      I am $1 poorer, in an attempt to buy a trolley, which I had no need for! lol

      • It shows in your account under “Check my credit”.

        • Looks like this credit may not be an instant thing, and might need some human intervention(maybe for some cases?).
          My order status is sitting under "Awaiting Processing"


          Order Placed 31/08/2021
          Delivery 1 #xxxxxxxxxxx
          1 Item
          Status: Awaiting Processing
          SCA Loyalty Club MembershipCLUB FOR A DOLLAR

    • this made me buying even thoufh dont know when to use this thing….

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    These are an essential for moving house or apartment living (if you're DIY)

  • Would 4 wheel swivel be better than 2?

    • Yes
      Like shopping trolley
      More manoeuvrable

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        Cheaper to pick up a shopping trolley from colesworth lol.

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          It is illegal to take a shopping trolley off retail premises. It is considered theft and could be fined ($200)

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            @bobz79: But what if the trolley was already off the retail premises? and you just pushed it a bit further down the road? lol

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              @bulldoges: What if someone was already dead? And you just stuck a firecracker in their bunghole?
              If you’re the one that’s caught you get all the trouble 🤡

          • @bobz79: Did you just make that up to impress us?

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      I find 2 wheel swivel and 2 wheel fixed is more predictable when moving heavy items.

      • I agree! Trolleys used to be like this back on the day! You could push against the fixed wheel to turn, with 4 swivel wheels, you have to pull harder and it tends to go sideways easier.

    • Depends on where and how it's being used, 4 wheel steering can be harder to control on slopes and with heavy weights, out of 4 wheel steering, front wheel steering and rear wheel steering trolleys I prefer trolleys with rear wheel steering.

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    Damn, I've no idea what I'm going to use it for, but bought anyway.

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      I've used one for single-handedly manoeuvering a fridge, and 2 days ago to move a 60KG+ fold-out couch down a long driveway for kerbside collection.

      Also for trundling around the self-serve car wreckers.

      • Out of curiosity, how did you get the fridge onto the trolley?

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          Tilt fridge forward, slide trolley under, tilt fridge back, one hand holds onto fridge.

          My particular trolley has a lock/brake on each back wheel, so I lock that first.

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    phenomenal just got for $30 c&c with the club plus and used the remainder of my 8% off suncorp gift card that i had extra of because my last sca purchase was <$50

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    "Not sure when I need one, but good to know I have one when I do need one" - OzBargain

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    Now I just need to get a ladder on a budget

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    Are you Deuce Bigalow?

    • Is this bloke know to carry a trolley such as this?

  • thank you, i ordered one.

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    Thanks Op! not sure why..
    SCAClub + Aami lucky club brings it down to $27.60. Can't ask for more.

    • How do you get that?

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        Just lucky he's with AAMI.

      • Gift card at 8% off and $10 sign up credit

  • Thanks OP great deal!

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    One of the reviews.
    "Only thing I wished it listed was the dimensions, its on the small size at around 75cm length 50cm wide. It's sturdy and good but if you need to carry a wider load then go for the next size up. All in all a solid product."

  • Thanks OP, good one.

  • One was in the process of ordering one, local SCA had stock, got to Checkout page, no stock in that store >:-/

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    This is cheaper than a castor set lol

  • This or hand trolley?

    • depends what you are using it for

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      Depends what for.

      This type is mostly for flat ground (like concrete, not dirt gravel or grass) and over short distances. I see a lot of people stack them up with boxes of fruit and vegetable at markets.

      If it's for moving house, I own the typical red trolley with two large inflated rubber tyres. I've moved house alone just using that, including the largest older style Simpson washing machine (7.5kg I think?) and a ~25 year old 420L Whirlpool fridge. And I was sick at the time with no strength or much energy. With a fridge and washing machine you'd prefer the two rubber tyres if you have to go up/down any stair/s or over things like sliding aluminium door frames because the small wheels on this are short. So you'd have to tug upwards on its handle to get the first wheel set over, then maybe scrape the bottom across the door frame until the other wheel pair reached the lip. Then if you don't have the strength to pull back on the top of the fridge to get the second set of wheels over, you'd have to go outside through another doorway that isn't blocked and lift or push and tilt it backwards to get the other pair over. The two rubber tyre type is just easier. You lean back a bit more and pull it over the lip in one go without any scraping thanks to the soft rubber tyres.

      A tri-wheeled type is even easier with stairs and entry lips. But they're quite a bit heavier, cost a lot more, and while they do go over grass better than the type in this deal, they still aren't ideal because the tyres are solid rubber (not inflated) and can sink/dig in where the dirt is moist which then tracks mud through the house.

      I've used all three types and if I had to choose only one for moving house, it would be the two inflated rubber tyre type. Not as good as a tri-wheel for many stairs and over door entry lips, but much lighter, much cheaper, and doesn't trench into any grass.

  • Thanks, will come in handy for something one day!

  • Thanks op.

  • I paid $25 on gift card. Then tried to pay $14.99 on debit card which failed a few times. Finally when the payment went through my debit card was charged $39.99 and my gift card balance is now showing $0. :(

    • Should have signed up for the $1 membership to receive a $10 welcome voucher.

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    These are hard to control on uneven pavement under load. In my old job we went through 1 of these a month before a wheel broke.
    Though to be honest a proper trolley would likely have cost at least $200 for just the wheels

  • Thanks, OP! Excellent deal!

  • Thanks OP. Been meaning to get a trolley.

  • +1

    Considering Bunnings is charging 40 bucks just to deliver this 2 wheel trolley I am going to go with this SCA platform trolley instead…

    • 150 vs 200kg and no club plus credit but yeah haha bunnings price beating an equivalent product

  • Awesome, thanks OP!

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    Now for a motor and a cheap bucket seat :P

  • -1

    Thanks OP. Bought 4.

  • Anyone got width dimensions?

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      One of the SCA reviews says it's around 75cm in length / 50cm wide.

  • Nice one OP. Moving soon,this will come in handy. Used with the $10 sign up as mentioned above.

  • Thanks OP. Great find and something handy that I needed. For any of those who are purchasing more than $50, you can buy a giftcard from Suncorp at 8% which stacks.

  • Bought 1 with delivery

  • How do you get stuff on it in the first place without hurting your back?

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      One must first hurt their back to achieve joy.

    • Car ramps

    • Bend your knees…

  • $10 postage, nice, must fit inside a small satchel.

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      Similar but not same and its 150 load cap vs 200kg

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    Signed up to the 1 dollar membership.. but didn't get any credit

    • +2


    • +1

      Any update? It's been 3 hours and still no credit

    • Have y'all signed up previously with the same name?

      If so try changing the name to your middle name, juggle things around or something a bit different Wayne Kerr, Lou Briccant, Kenny Dewitt you get the drift.

      • Thanks tried that already and i still nothing in loyality credit, I already checked out and paid for club membership - appreciate the help though

        • It's just that I recall it happened to me quite a while back. So after a couple of days of waiting I remember changing the name on there to my middle name and voilà! the $10 came through the next day I think.

    • Did you actually go through the checkout and pay for the membership or did you just add it to your cart? Mine came through withing a minute or two of paying for the $1 membership.

    • Finally got the credit after like 5 days…

  • I could see this handy in the bottle shop car park. Home schooling ughhhhh 😖

  • Still in stock after 5000+ clicks?!?

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    this + expired fire extinguishers. Friday arvo work drinks are gonna be fun this week i think :)

  • Got one Cheers. Going to give it my dad for moving heavy pot plants around

  • Thanks needed this.

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    Query: Why no love for this one? - agreed it's 50 kg less but same price at RRP.

  • +1

    Damn, who bought the one from QLD Stones Corner just now! 😟

  • I see the $10 credit under my account, but it doesn't apply at checkout automatically and I don't see the option to apply it to the order. Any ideas?

    • +1

      There is a button to apply the credit when selecting payment method, try it on a different browser / clear cache perhaps?

      • Thanks it finally showed up after a few refreshes. Somehow it still screwed up the total even though it shows the loyalty amount was applied under payment methods :(

        Amount: $10.00
        Pay Pal
        Amount: $39.98

        SubTotal $69.99
        Discount - $30.00
        Shipping Cost $9.99
        Order Total $49.98

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