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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

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  • For new accounts signed up on the $55 plan how long after signing up for the plan do I need to wait before cancelling?

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      You can cancel right away. They don't pro rate so you get charged whether you do it first or last day.

      • Thanks!

      • If I cancel it, will they say that the discount is not going to work and I need to pay retail price?

        • No. Complete the phone transaction. Pay for it. Then get on chat and cancel the plan.

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    Is there a way to buy this outright at the moment or is everyone getting the "error something went wrong" when try to checkout.

    note: I did not previously have a Telstra account

  • Hi,
    I purchased the S21 256GB Grey, and received the tax invoice in email.
    But I did not receive any SMS.
    How do I know if I am on back order? Purchased at 10:05am today.

    • Try checking the track my order in the confirmation email you should have received

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      Order tracker link in this comment - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10985945/redir

    • Try the MyTelstra app. I'm in the same situation as you and the app says expected delivery Sat while the online tracker says still in progress

      • MyTelstra app not showing my order. Maybe will wait a few hours before checking again.

    • I only can see Invoice number, and no order number. And no confirmation email or SMS too.
      And when I tried the Invoice number on the Order Tracker, it is say "Sorry, tracking is not currently available for this order."

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    Won't even let me process the order. I've gotten confirmation that my Telstra ID has been created.

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    Tried both an old account with no service attached and a new one, no luck with either and continue to get stuck after the identity verification step in checkout.

    Kinda feel dirty to have given my details and to have gained nothing from it.

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    Wow cant believe I had no issues at all. Just copped the 256gb S21 5G! Great price and wow its gonna be an insane upgrade from my ol trusty S8!!

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    Successfully matched at JB for the 256GB.

    First tried their official "ask for a deal" hotline which routed me to my nearest store. Got told no, it was "$500 under cost".
    Then tried my second nearest store, matched without any hassle. Should arrive next Tuesday.

    Big upgrade from my s8!

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      Woohoo another S8 user! Me too man, I think this upgrade is gonna blow my mind lol

      • I'm upgrading from an S7. I think I'm going to miss the sd card slot and 3.5mm jack, and tempted to re-sell it and wait and see what the S22 will have.

        • Yea Im in the same boat! Held off from getting the S20 FE in hopes the S21 FE would come with them, but at this price I can surely do what you are planning to do - resell it and upgrade to S22 or S21 FE if it gets the sd card slot which is what I really want :)

        • same here, s7, will miss the 3.5mm but i already ordered a cheapo usbc -3.5mm adapter

    • NSW? Which store? I called and they said they couldn't do it because it's a Telstra variant of the phone?

      • I called mine and best offer was $1212.00.
        Wish they were consistent!

      • Vic, my advice is to just try any store. You're going to get it with free delivery anyway

      • yeah they're just giving any excuse to not match telstra

      • Nvm bought a $2 telstra sim from woolies, activated, created new telstra acct and linked the new number to it and it worked!

    • Any chance you can share the receipt? JB are being a pain :(

      • PMd

        • Me too? Thank you

          • @Gurjot95: Have now had 2 people tell me the store isn't matching anymore sorry

        • Pm me as well please

          • @ShotzzXII: Have now had 2 people tell me the store isn't matching anymore sorry

  • Anyone got a JB price match?

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      Literally the comment before you.

      • Just missed it haha, thanks.
        Shame that stores are closed in my state

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      Tried to price match at JB Hifi.

      They said no because you have to get a plan to be able to purchase it at that price.

      • You do not need a plan. Everyone is just fooled by what the website said before the deal went live. A rep said you dont and my purchase confirmed you do not

        • Even telstra people think you need a plan.

          • @tman2020: I just selected the phone
            Scrolled past the options for plans and hit next and paid for it.

            • @GrizzlyG: Yeah I did the same, just need to have ID verified and enter cc details. Had some tech issues initially so jumped on telstra chat and the telstra customer service officer had no clue. She said deal not available outright and needed to go on plan even though I've been a customer for years. She wouldn't even believe me when I said I just bought it outright as I was chatting to her.

              • @tman2020: Sorry to hear. I had the luxury of having an account after leaving them a year ago for aldi after my contract ran out. Guess it doesn't help you guys me coming on here going "duhh guis it is so easy just buy it"

        • It's the people who have never had any Telstra services that can't buy this without a plan. Ive tried about 20 times before accepting the fate lol. If there's anyone that made a new account and managed to buy it without a plan, I would be surprised.

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    It's been 12 hours and still no word on fixing the issue for new customers?

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    Finally managed to put an order through after getting errors for one hour. Only way i could get it to work was by registering a new Telstra id by first linking it with my boost mobile(don't have any telstra services). Once this id was setup then i was able to order using this id and did not get an error after completing id details. Very painful process though,

    Edit- looks like they have screwed my delivery address by omitting my unit number even though i selected it again during delivery process…grrr

    • Same thing happened to me re address. It did my lot number and council temporary address rather than real address, despite changing it in the checkout process.

    • Chatted with support and they said once consignment number is raised with StarTrack we will be able to get onto chat and correct the delivery address. Hoping it'll go through fine.

  • Would this be worth it to upgrade from my haewei p30 anyone know?

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      Probably not if you can hold on for another year and don't care about Android updates. I have a p30 non pro too and upgraded because I wanted more updates.

  • Called Optus and they price matched :) Just make sure you call them on their sales number (1800 780 219).

    • I called, they don't offer to price-match when looking to purchase outright so you'd (probably) need to go on a plan.

      • Me too..

      • odd given on their website you can price match on outright

        When it comes to the latest 5G phones, we won’t be beaten for value. In fact, we will match any competitor’s upfront retail price on the same 5G mobile phone, if sold by Optus.

        The way it works is simple. If you see a better priced 5G phone, just tell us. We’ll match any competitor’s upfront retail price on the same 5G mobile phone provided it is in-stock and the upfront price is not tied to any other offer. "'The 5G Phone Price Match discount is available with upfront purchase"
        or can be split over 12, 24 or 36 months on a device payment plan. It’s part of our commitment to offering you the best value on the latest technology.

        • Can confirm this works. Picking mine up after work.

    • Outright, without a Optus plan???

      • Only going by the wording
        The 5G Phone Price Match discount is available with upfront purchase
        or can be split over 12, 24 or 36 months on a device payment plan

        • There is a difference between upfront and outright. Upfront is on a plan but outright can be with or without plan so they may say no based on this.

      • I called them. They wont match outright. They will only match on a plan.

    • I called that number and the guy on the other line said no go. Called a store and they said they can do it if it's with a plan.

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    I had to call up my telstra shop to buy it and needed to sign up for a sim only plan. Basically, the phone price plus $55 for a month of sim. This sucks because I'll have 2 sim cards but I have no friends to call :-(

    • Couldn't you just have the phones call each other for the full 30days of the plan? Best way to get your value from it.

  • +3

    Ordered at 6am AEST and just got an sms with shipping notification. ETA Sat 04 Sep and delivered by startrack so probably won't arrive until the 14th

    • thats a bit unfair on startrack….if exected delivery date is 04th then startrack will try to deliver it by 11th earliest and will deliver it by 13th latest

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      Or at all, if my experience with Startrack is anything to go by…

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        yes with star track there is always 50% chance of item not getting delivered lol

  • Ordered mine 1AM this morning, it said "backordered", but dispatch text received today just as I was wandering to the store to buy one in person.

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    Crap ordering system, wasted a lot of time but keep getting errors!

  • Went to the shop and they said you had to have been with them for 6m before you were eligible…I didn't even waste my time arguing!

    • I was told that I needed to be on a plan to get it outright. I told them that heaps of people on Ozbargain can get it outright without a plan. They gave in on the spot.

      Bought and out of the shop with phone in 15 minutes.

  • Has anyone sucessfully purchased a new boost or telstra sim, activated it, and purchased the deal?

    • Would like to know as well. Talkin to customer support is like hitting the brick wall as well. They don't even know that the deal is on lol. Can't image the incompetence of this place. :(

    • Got a $2 Telstra sim from Australia Post and successfully got a s21 256gb.

      • Thanks, worked.

        • Thanks worked as well. Much quicker than dealing with these smart geeks working for telstra chat support.

    • You can select a new service sim from telstra with a new number.

    • Yes I did. Bought a $2 sim yesterday and activated. Bought it from servo though as wasn't sure if onli would have to wait for the sim to be delivered

  • When is Pixel 6 coming out? Been waiting…if not for another year, I might get this one then.

    • i was waiting for 4a 5g sale again but this price was too good to pass up

    • According to some rumors online today end of October, preorder starting from mid October

    • october 28

      confirmed by google management somewhere on youtube.

  • Thank op, manage to order one without any plan selection after sign into the tesltra.. lets see if I get that or not.

  • Just wondering if I can pay using my own card but under someone else’s account that has an active service? It doesn’t ask for my name when I input my card details, worried it won’t go through properly.

    • Yes. My online order was done on my partner's account, using my card.

      • thank you! got it through :)

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    I had a chat with Telstra in relation to this promo.

    We are supposed to add a month to month plan to be able to get the 50%.

    If someone managed to overcome that 'obstacle' well done.

    I did add a plan as this deal is amazing. Thank you telstra.

    Telstra rep said that orders without a plan will be forfeited :-(

    Not the first time Telstra has terms and conditions but we still manage to overcome it ha ha ha…

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      Somewhere earlier in this thread people said you can get it outright.

      I got it outright by clicking next without choosing a plan. Few hours later got a text saying product had been dispatched. Will wait and see.

    • +1

      A bit of dodgeyness from Telstra to be honest. Bait and switch for sure.

      Baited with half price S21 without mentioning the condition that it has to be tacked onto a plan, switched to having to purchase with a plan for at least one month.

    • The promotion does not say that eligible plan need to be added. It seems to be only when you add it on 12/24 months. Source

      Telstra Day deals: September
      We’ve got some real bangers!

      We will be taking 50% off the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB and 256GB. Both models are down to $624 and $672 respectively.

      How about 40% off the RRP of an iPhone 12 mini? Was $1199, now it’s $720. Save $479! Or, maybe you’re a tablet fan. We’ve got the 20% off the RRP of an iPad Air: now $880, saving you $219. Only on Telstra Day!

      And there are plenty more where that came from!

      Update: Here’s the full list of deals.

      Telstra Day Price % Discount $ Discount
      Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $ 624.00

      $ 624.00
      Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB $ 672.00

      $ 672.00
      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB $ 1,293.60

      $ 554.40
      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 256GB $ 1,360.80

      $ 583.20
      Samsung Galaxy FE 5G $ 699.30

      $ 299.70
      Samsung Galaxy A32 $ 336.00

      $ 144.00
      iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $ 719.40

      $ 479.60
      iPhone 12 Mini 128GB $ 767.40

      $ 511.60
      iPad Air 64GB $ 879

      $ 220
      We also have a special for new Telstra Home Broadband customers, with $100 welcome credit on offer on selected home internet plans (for new customers only).

  • is Galaxy S21 equivalent to iphone 12?

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      Its a flagship phone, yes.