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9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes NSW, VIC & SA) @ KFC (App Required)


Saw this promotion in store in Darwin, app order only, starts from 7 September and will be running every Tuesday for one month. Not sure if it’s nation wide. Update: Thanks ges18844 for confirming this deal will be available everywhere EXCEPT NSW

Update: Along with NSW, this deal also excludes VIC and SA. Source

FYI: The regular Tuesday 9 pieces for $10.95 deal will end in NT and QLD as this deal will replace the regular Tuesday deal.

Mod: Related Deal - 24 Chicken Nuggets & 4 Dipping Sauces for $10 @ KFC

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        Crunchier, portion sizes are bigger imho, and few times ive tried the chicken is a bit more juicier/moist than KFC imho (this coming from a big KFC fan)

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    About time! Don't care for drinks, sides or chips. Give me my buck buck!

    • Where does buck buck originate?

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        Seriously most onomatopoeia & buck buck searches fail (cluck cluck gets more responses - I think it's more a Buck noise - no lips but they seem to push out the start louder).

        Recent Quora answer link (dunno qualifications of poster) :-


        If you mean advertising mostly "buck" shows as American deer or maybe dollars - quite sure someone, somewhere & maybe in 🇦🇺 has used in ads (just the simple alliteration makes it a dead cert).

        • Homeschooling…onomatopoeia?

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            @Tite8z: Nah just love long words, English Was my favourite top 3 subject till I repeated a year - had Never had to do essays or even a proper structured book review - new teacher had her class from 7th grade up so They all knew what to do.
            So love words like Assonance, Alliteration etc.

            Onomatopoeia (did need G Nest to spell that last 4 letter bit And thought was ona… ) - so it's the word sounds like the noise - different countries have different words though French think ducks say "Coin-Coin".

            • @AbucklingNMS: My daughters writing task had the phrase in it for story write…'I was like what the " Shes in Grade 1…?

  • I dont want to get (profanity) like that domino post,DONT POST A DEAL THAT NOT COMFIRM YET

    • It’s confirmed, everywhere in aus except NSW

      • When is the start NSW is not a part of Australia.Also OP only mentioned Not sure if it’s nation wide.
        But fu/k it,thank you my friend at least I dont have to wait for whole week and disappointed myself

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    Bucket that's a good deal

  • This is awesome, the old deal hasn't been available in noosa for ages (replaced by tendies bullshit)

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    Why do they only run a 9 pieces chicken deal once a year in VIC?
    Last time in VIC was on 6 Oct 2020, that was nationwide
    But in QLD there were another twice, 15 Jun 2021, 1 Dec 2020
    So unfair :(

    • You're outta luck again. This deal excludes VIC as well

      • Does VIC get the 6 for $6.95?

      • Speechless.

  • So it'll be over after 1 month?

  • If it was anything like last year, I'm going to wait until the 2nd week.

    1st week was chockers and the chicken was so oily.

  • So since NSW is excluded, how much is it going to cost us for 9 pieces of chicken? Any similar deals?

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      6 for $6.95

  • Good deal. Interested to know if people prefer this or red rooster fried chicken?

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      I tried the Red Rooster fried chicken the other day and it was great.

      They only let me order 2 pieces at $2 each though

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    The app is a stinking pile of poo pooh.

  • i just wish we got hot and spicy this year :(

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      Join the migration to QLD

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    Never stopped in QLD, was $11 yesterday.

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      Was it on the app? I checked and it wasn't there.

    • Stopped at my local KFC. I may have to call them and ask if they reinstated though.

  • Who else is bummed that you can not get the crispy variant in Vic like you can in NT or QLD all the time (sorry I don't know about the other states)!

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    KFC getting rid of the streetwise box was a travesty.
    edit: the prior to 2020 box, not the rip off box with less items they replaced it with.

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    Drove past my KFC last week. It's quite a large one. There were cars waiting on the road. Maybe about 50 cars, around 1800hrs. Shocking. Must have had a deal that I didn't know about.

    • yeah its ridiculous they don't open some more outlets, my local is quite small, maybe spaces for 12 in the carpark, drive thru gets backed up along the main rd with these deals, i've given up.

  • NSW resident here, I'm compiling a nice list of businesses to actively avoid spending money at now & later :)

  • Yeah got an email maybe 1-2 weeks ago (North QLD) saying the now Tues 9 for $10.95 was not everywhere and leaving soon - thought "Yeah sure, might leave for a month or 2 then show up for increased sales like the Large Chips $2 - cap of 4 per person".

    So ignored, didn't click the order button, tried Monday thought Aaah only active Tuesday?

    Nah gone missing, tried ALL parts of App, Secret Menu, Leaving Soon, Chicken, Build-Your-Own-Bucket (last is Fricking expensive - may lose up to $8 off but only just before you pay) .

    I didn't try the website - may be still there somewhere?

    Notice stories on news of UK running out of Chicken and Macca's Milkshakes but we live in Aus guys - does Covid affect chicken deliveries?

    EDIT Just tried OP's link, put in local store - no Tuesday deal, BUT in Chicken has 10 Wicked Wings for $11.95 - this is almost as cheap as Build-Your-Own-Bucket 3 X 3 => 9 Wicked Wings and MUCH easier to do (Note If you choose $2 Chips it auto adds unless you click back, so don't click + or you'll get 2 instead of one).

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      The Tuesday 9 for $10.95 is gone for good, the Tuesday 9 for $9.95 will start from next week, for one month only.

  • Chicken Cheep Cheep! Gladys BJ how about pulling your weight for NSW?

  • My local KFC (craigieburn) is the worse franchise I've eaten from. Literally have given it many chances due to the convenience but their chicken is just awful compared to any others. Does anybody know a way in the app to change the branch it picks for delivery? I often just use menulog or other apps which let you pick the individual branch so all of my KFC comes from Roxburgh park or broadmeadows which are infinitely superior in quality. Unfortunately menulog never has these specials so I can't take advantage of them. If anybody has a way to change the default KFC location picked in the KFC app which seems to just be based off your address please let me know!

    • I'm in Tassie and I can choose KFC locations on the KFC app.

      • Whenever I try to pick another location, it says delivery out of range and defaults back to bloody craigieburn. But thanks though aeoz.

        • Craigieburn

          See, thats your problem right there.

    • i think it just goes on your gps, i get presented with a list of KFCs when i open the app, all the ones within a 10km radius by the looks of it, with the closest being at the top of the list. If that doesn't work you might just have drive to the one you want to buy from, it should come up then based on location in app, then place the order.

  • +2

    after eating 9 pieces every Tuesday , I gained 10kg weight.
    have to give up this deal to save my weight

    • +3

      Happened to me. Instead of giving it up, I ate like a rabbit every other day. Tuesday was the highlight of my week.

  • +6

    Fooking bullshit it's not available in Victoria.

  • -1

    hi i cant find it on my app, is it appearing for anyone in NSW? im in sydney

    • it's really not that hard to read the title

  • +4

    😡 not in vic

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    Red Rooster is doing fried chicken now. Not as cheap as this deal but its soooo much better.
    Crispy, instead of the soggy mess that you get with KFC. I tried some last week and I was very impressed.

    • +1

      Are you comparing to original recipe or hot n spicy

      It looked soggier than hot and spicy's crunchy goodness

    • granted its def crispier but lacks that distinctive KFC flavour

      • I thought it was nicer than the usual Original Recipe flavour I've experienced from KFC (I think their standards have dropped for it)

  • Located in Mel , just checked the app , assuming it's not available in Victoria.

    • Same here, can see 24 nuggets for $10 but not this 9 for $9.95 deal :(

      I have a message about it though, hopefully just a bug on app and will be added in later.

      • 9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes NSW, VIC & SA)

        Deal was updated 2 days ago.

        • Ah thanks, funny as it was in my messages this morning but gone now!

          Guess I'll be going to RR for chicken fix instead then :)

          • @Craze: Ah really, you had an actual notification from the app about the offer. That's interesting/weird.

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    Can't see it on the app.

  • +2

    Ahhhh, KFC… They may have a tasty chicken but their app, system, service is so awful.

    Very confusing combos, and pretty sure the staff confused also, since they always get my order wrong. The app seems to agree as they have menu hack item.

    Here comes the real KFC, Korean fried chicken. While it costs more, it taste better, better sauce, better ingredients too.

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    ah c'mon, not available in VIC… :(

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    First it's available in VIC, then it's not, then it is, then…. my stomach is confused and I'm struggling to manage expectations.

  • Not all stores in ACT have it. my local store doesn't have them.

    • +1

      OMG you're right. Gungahlin doesn't have it but Dickson does. 😒

  • derpin' to my local KFC.
    was about to order.
    could not find the deal in App.
    checked OzB again: "except NSW"


    ( that's my 4-panel F-U rage-comic story , haha )

    did not want to leave empty-handed,
    so picked up 9-piece chicken and 2-sides for $15

  • FML not in Noosa, QLD

    • Wait!!!! Good lordy it's there!!

      in the menu

      App Only > 9 for 9.95 AVAILABLE TUESDAYS ONLY

      Submitted overdue +1 thanks OP

      • +2

        Oh gaaahd…

        The hot and spicy was fresh, crunchy and wayyyy too much food for me.
        My wife didnt' want anything to do with it.. so I tried to eat most of it.

        .. This is the end my bargain hunting friends.

        This is hedonistic debauchery manifest.
        Till next decade mr sanders.

  • Dinner sorted.

  • So yes confirmed is working in FNQ but tried at 11am took maybe 10 mins till offer showed in the App - Only way to order (I think - didn't go thru Every menu to check again the 2nd time).

    And the $2 large chips was Still there - NOT working - just a un-removed offer.

    Probably best selection for months - had 2 Drumsticks, 3 Wings, 2 smallish Thighs & 2 meaty Rib pieces - thought wings now mostly used in Wicked Wings.

    Think is an App exclusive thing too.

    EDIT got the blurry pic email "Coming Soon" coupla days ago so Zinger Pizza burger & also Zingers as bun pizza ones too (might be in Secret Menu - pull down menus from near top and hold for maybe 8 seconds to see).

    • I got 3 legs, 1 wing, 3 breast, and 2 thighs. Was super hot and burnt the roof of my mouth too 😉

  • i've given up on getting these sort of mega deals as the closest store to me (Doncaster 5kms away) gets ridiculously busy & KFC are too scabby to build another store nearby to replace the Box Hill one that closed like 4 yrs ago. The next closest ones are about 7 to 10 kms away depending on which direction. They keep advertising so much yet they make customers go a long way to buy from them. What a shame i'm addicted to their secret herbs & spices & msg mix lol.

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